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#olpc-admin, 2009-04-14

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16:14 hhardy #topic agenda
16:14    *  Guest Speaker: Seth Woodworth OLPC's web/media guy
16:14          o Upcoming changes to laptop.org
16:14          o what's going on with blog.laptop.org?
16:14          o What happened to olpcusers.org and olpc.tv
16:14    * Updates on Social Media stats
16:14          o 2k followers on twitter
16:14          o 28k group memebers on Facebook
16:15 new business
16:15 #topic
16:15 #Upcoming changes to laptop.org
16:15 #topic Upcoming changes to laptop.org
16:15 isforinsects Excellent
16:15 blows into mic
16:15 is this on now?
16:15 unmadindu needed to coordinate pootle migration with dogi as well, but since he's not around, he will coordinate offline
16:16 isforinsects unmadindu: I have a couple q's for you if you're sticking around
16:16 hhardy isforinsects: yes :)
16:16 isforinsects ping bjordan_ edmcnierney etc
16:16 unmadindu isforinsects: I'm around (just poke vigorously if I don't respond ;-)
16:17 isforinsects alright, I'll get started then
16:17 edmcnierney Yes, we've been here.....
16:17 isforinsects Laptop.org, we're in the process of making the site more interactive and integrating some new features into the site
16:18 mostly around the topics of distributing information, and of focused awareness campaigns
16:19 The current plan is to try to rebase the current site onto the drupal CMS platform
16:19 Right now the site is vanila html with css
16:20 We have a version of the site framework done in PHP from our web-dev's, but haven't implemented this version of the site.
16:20 Over the next week-or-so Dogi and I are going to roll out a PHP'ified version of laptop.org to a test server
16:21 once we're satisfied with the smarty templating system, we will port all of the last 2+ months of changes on laptop.org to the new system.
16:21 Around the same time we will be installing drupal to a sub-directory of the site, and slowly through PHP includes let drupal take over some of the interactive portions of the site
16:22 First the news columns of the four main index pages.
16:22 they should be generated by drupal, not edited by hand as they are now
16:22 once this starts happening we can produce some basic features like RSS, etc
16:23 as part of this process, blog.laptop.org is going to be folded inside of the drupal install of laptop.org
16:24 There was a site around a year ago called olpcusers.org that was a pretty nice drupal based blog about OLPC
16:25 The editor is still interested in getting involved in OLPC and would like to assist in the drupal migration
16:25 (at one time olpcusers also had forums, but merged their forums with forum.laptop.org)
16:25 olpc.tv is administered by the wonderful long-term volunteer Charbax
16:26 this is a blog that has been tracking videos related to OLPC for the couple years.
16:26 Charbax is actively updating his site again, and together we are going to slowly move towards this becoming a curated videos section on laptop.org
16:27 hhardy isforinsects: let me know when to change topic pls thx
16:27 are we one What happened to olpcusers.org and olpc.tv ?
16:27 *on
16:27 isforinsects There are some specifics about the drupal install and new features of the site that aren't quite clear yet, but I hope to be updating the VIG about them in the upcoming weeks.
16:27 Yes, I'm skipping the sub-headers
16:27 hhardy ok
16:27 isforinsects I'm now done with the l.o updates
16:27 we can go on to the social media updates if anyone is interested?
16:27 hhardy #topic What happened to olpcusers.org and olpc.tv
16:28 #topic Updates on Social Media stats
16:28 twitter is a Good Thing
16:29 isforinsects This isn't really under the VIG's purvue, but I thought you might be interested
16:29 we now have ~2200 followers on twitter
16:29 hhardy awesome
16:29 isforinsects each time we tweet a link ~0.5% of our follower click on any given link
16:29 which is a pretty high click rate
16:30 reubencaron who creates the tweets?
16:30 isforinsects We have 28,000+ members of our group on Facebook
16:30 I have been
16:30 but anyone at OLPC is welcome to the account
16:30 and eventually I would like to recruit a small number of volunteers to continue the updates.
16:31 Or to feed updates to olpc staff who would control the account or some mechanism.
16:31 hhardy #action Volunteers to help w/ OLPC twitter acct
16:32 isforinsects So to this end, it's on my task list to organize a short list of volunteers who are experienced with twitter and online social marketing that would be interested in finding tweetable material.
16:33 but that's well beyond the purvue of the VIG, so I can address that once I have a plan of how to organize this group.
16:33 I can have better and more concrete data for those who are interested as time goes on.
16:33 but that's all that I have to talk about today
16:33 hhardy #new business
16:34 #topic new business
16:34 isforinsects (except for some general localization conversation with unmadindu)
16:34 hhardy anything further?
16:34 isforinsects: thanks for updates
16:34 going once, twice, three...
16:35 #endmeeting

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