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#olpc-admin, 2009-04-07

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Time Nick Message
16:07 dogi #topic Agenda
16:09 * vig.laptop.org
16:10 * status of migration to W91
16:10 * maps of service / dns / VM and pysical machines
16:11 * migration of weka
16:13 * new rt status
16:13 * new poolte status
16:13 * meeting upgrade status
16:14 anything else
16:14 _bernie dogi: pong
16:14 dogi hi _bernie
16:14 * VM for sl.o?
16:15 #topic VM for sl.o
16:15 _bernie ur turn
16:18 _bernie dogi: well, we could use some backup space somewhere
16:19 we do not really need a whole VM for that, just some 100GB of disk space accessible over ssh/rsync
16:19 dogi jupp
16:19 100GB
16:19 fine
16:19 dns name?
16:19 _bernie we could also use some additional VMs for builds, but I'd have to check with our current build master for the specifics
16:20 dogi ok
16:20 _bernie ideally, it would be great if we could create those VMs on a machine where we have root, such as awk
16:20 dogi this week backup
16:20 next week respeak about build?
16:21 #action create a VM for backup for sl
16:21 _bernie regarding pootle, it's been already running for a while on translate.sugarlabs.org
16:21 dogi mom pootle is next topic
16:22 _bernie ah ok, I'm done with this topic anyway
16:22 dogi 256 mb of ram for the backup VM is that fine?
16:22 _bernie sure
16:22 dogi cool
16:23 _bernie a VM is even too much for a backup
16:23 dogi dns name for that?
16:23 _bernie an unprivileged user account on an existing machine would work for us too
16:23 dogi lol
16:23 _bernie I'll do backup.sugarlabs.org once you give me the IP
16:23 cjb yes, that seems like a waste of 256M
16:23 _bernie but really, I don't need a VM
16:23 dogi ok
16:24 for me now that is a good kind of solution .... i create a 4GB VM file and mount there a 100GB lvm ...
16:25 the best is u can have root there
16:25 cjb he doesn't need root
16:25 please just give him an account on one of our machines
16:26 dogi hi cjb
16:26 _bernie I've already been doing backups on awk for a while, but if you want to use the space for anything else...
16:27 crank would also work fine for us (there are over 600GB free in /home)
16:27 cjb _bernie: are your backups encrypted?
16:27 (we don't want dev users seeing database passwords)
16:27 dogi which one ... every other machine i thinking of it is a mess to add backups
16:28 _bernie: not crank please ...
16:28 cjb dogi: /home on dev has 630G free.  how would that be a mess?
16:29 dogi my plan was to free certian machines instead of having more things on this machines
16:30 personally i was thinking on a space on owl ...
16:31 _bernie cjb: yes, I use duplicity
16:31 cjb oh, great, owl has 1T free
16:31 dogi :)
16:31 cjb dogi: let's do a user account on owl, good idea
16:32 _bernie dogi: owl is fine too
16:33 dogi no user accounts on owl .. but a little vm there ...
16:33 cjb huh?
16:33 bernie already *has* a user account on owl
16:33 _bernie dogi loves VMs ;-)
16:33 dogi :P
16:33 _bernie right
16:33 cjb dogi: please let bernie use his owl user account for backup space.
16:34 dogi it will be an lvm partion on owl anyway ...
16:34 cjb owl's /home has 895G free
16:34 we can use that
16:34 _bernie ok thanks
16:34 cjb k.  shall we move on?
16:34 dogi ok
16:35 _bernie next topic is pootle?
16:35 dogi #topic pootle.sl.o
16:36 and pootle.l.o
16:36 so _bernie now pootle
16:37 _bernie so, we have an instance running on sunjammer
16:37 dogi _bernie> regarding pootle, it's been already running for a while on translate.sugarlabs.org
16:37 _bernie and the plan to share it with olpc for www.laptop.org is still ok with us
16:37 dogi jupp
16:37 thx
16:37 _bernie cjl and sayamindu already have access
16:37 dogi ???
16:37 _bernie I'd like them to take it over from me and manage it
16:38 if that's fine with olpc of course
16:38 dogi and dogi has no access?
16:38 _bernie sure, you can have access in no time
16:38 can I fetch your ssh key from awk?
16:39 dogi sure
16:39 cjb that all sounds sensible
16:39 dogi cjb, ??
16:40 cjb hm?
16:40 just saying I agree with the plan
16:41 dogi :)
16:43 #topic vig.laptop.org
16:43 _bernie dogi: you should have received the welcome email from sunjammr
16:43 sunjammer
16:44 cjb: you also don't have an account yet
16:44 cjb yeah, that might be a good idea
16:44 _bernie not that I really think you need more accounts than you currently have, but you're welcome to get one of course
16:44 cjb: where are your ssh key(s)?
16:44 dogi cool thx
16:46 cjb _bernie: everywhere :-)
16:46 http://dev.laptop.org/~cjb/authorized_keys
16:46 dogi http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/index.php/Machine:awk
16:47 _bernie, where u document the pootle.sl.o stuff
16:48 ups
16:48 or translate.sl.o
16:50 unmadindu wanders in, hopelessly late :P
16:50 dogi hi unmadindu
16:51 unmadindu hoy
16:51 _bernie dogi: there's no documentation yet
16:51 dogi: I guess the same documentation that existed for awk can be easily adapted to translate.sl.o
16:52 it's pretty much the same version of pootle with a similar configuration
16:52 dogi u can read back http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090407_1606.html
16:52 _bernie (it's actually a slightly newer version)
16:54 cjb: you should have received a welcome email
16:54 dogi unmadindu, what do you think about _bernie s plan for pootle?
16:54 cjb _bernie: I have two
16:54 dogi :)
16:54 unmadindu dogi: sounds fine
16:54 cjb 1 cjb@sunjammer:~$
16:54 unmadindu dogi: we need to formulate a migration plan
16:54 dogi: so that we don't lose any translation work
16:55 dogi hmm
16:55 how difficult is that?
16:55 unmadindu dogi: coordinate shutdown of d.l.o/translate and then possibly redirect d.l.o/translate to translate.sl.o
16:56 dogi for me is even interresting the 2 facing service and the l.o translation
16:56 _bernie cjb: yeah, one directly to you. the other one throuh your forwarding address.  it's a test ;-)
16:56 cjb yup
16:57 unmadindu dogi: two facing service needs to be set up on sunjammer in that case. I think SL is OK with hosting l.o translations
16:57 _bernie dogi: I can configure sunjammer so that when you redirect translate.laptop.org there, it will show pootle
16:57 dogi: I don't know how easy or hard it will be to make it say OLPC rather than Sugar Labs
16:57 I think unmadindu already had a plan to do that for awk
16:58 cjb doesn't mind what it says :)
16:58 dogi jupp _bernie
16:58 _bernie clever patching of the php code of course would get us anywhere, but perhaps there are easier ways
16:58 cjb let's call a spade a spade
16:58 _bernie a rose is a rose is a rose
16:58 cjb unless it's a spade
16:58 unmadindu _bernie: yeah - but not tested. I can do the testing and report
16:58 _bernie haha
16:58 dogi but now we are all here ... unmadindu ?
16:59 unmadindu hmm ?
16:59 dogi unmadindu, u can use awk for test?
16:59 unmadindu dogi: sure
16:59 dogi: and also probably for testing the next major Pootle release as well
16:59 dogi fine
17:00 is that ok _bernie ?
17:00 _bernie unmadindu: btw the VMM of pootle does not seem to grow over time on sunjammer
17:01 unmadindu _bernie: that is good news :D
17:01 _bernie it might still happen once it start being used heavily, but at least we know it doesn't leak on its own
17:01 unmadindu is working on Python bindings for libgettext to speed up Pootle
17:02 _bernie so it doesn't have to run gettext as an external command?
17:02 is loading a small C program really that time consuming?
17:02 unmadindu _bernie: no - the current code is a pure python based PO parser :P
17:02 _bernie: libgettext is a C based parser
17:03 libgettextpo, to be exact
17:03 _bernie oh, that's wise :-)
17:04 I had in mind a perlish "design" of forking off /usr/bin/gettext with I/O piped into the applicaiton
17:05 unmadindu _bernie: no standalone in the current gettext suite can extract individual messages, etc
17:07 _bernie unmadindu: oh mine wasn't a suggestion, just the reason why I didn't get it initially
17:07 unmadindu :)
17:07 that would have been the easiest solution though - if possible
17:07 _bernie you guys let me know if there's any support task I should do on sunjammer
17:07 dogi _bernie, can u cname  vig.sl.o to vig.l.o?
17:10 unmadindu, what is the steps we should do until next week?
17:10 ups are
17:11 unmadindu dogi: I think one more rsync of Pootle with the latest data (I'm still a bit nervous about Scratch)
17:11 dogi: and I need to do a bit of testing with the git<-->pootle part
17:11 dogi why scratch?
17:12 ok
17:12 #topic unmadindu testing  with the git<-->pootle part
17:12 ups
17:12 #action unmadindu testing  with the git<-->pootle part
17:13 unmadindu dogi: scratch caused the Pootle PO parser to choke, and we found some problems which were promptly upstreamed with patches. But I need to doubly sure - since it can cause data loss
17:13 losing volunteer work == bad
17:13 dogi #topic maps of service / dns / VM and pysical machines
17:14 i will paint/write many vig server stuff on vig for the next week ...
17:14 #action maps of service / dns / VM and pysical machines on vig.l.o
17:15 #action configure vig only accessable by members (login/password)
17:16 #topic new business
17:24 hi gregdek
17:24 gregdek Hi dogi.  :)
17:25 dogi is that true that fedora-xo channel wanna have meeting bot service?
17:25 :)
17:25 gregdek I would think!
17:26 dogi #action meeting bot for fedora-xo channel
17:26 #endmeeting

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