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#olpc-admin, 2009-03-17

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Time Nick Message
16:07 dogi ping hhardy _bernie bjordan CanoeBerry cjl edmcnierney isforinsects lfaraone m_stone reubencaron unmadindu
16:07 edmcnierney dogi: Hi there!  I need to leave early today (in about 15 minutes) so I won't really be participating here.  You may assign jobs to me, however!  :)
16:08 dogi last meeting notes
16:08 http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090310_1611.html
16:08 unmadindu hello
16:09 dogi ups
16:09 * cjl/unmadindu poolte update / l.o translation
16:10 * vig.test.laptop.org wiki for VIG
16:10 cjl waiting on w91 co-lo
16:10 dogi * status of migration w91
16:10 CanoeBerry Hiya, I won't be very attentive here, so PM me if needed!
16:10 dogi * new rt CanoeBerry/adric
16:11 * 2 facing meeting service improvements
16:11 * reuben spam/barracuda
16:12 * bjordan learning.l.o update
16:12 anything i forgot?
16:12 new business
16:12 ???
16:14 * bernie OLPC hosting server or VM for Sugarlabs?
16:14 ping _bernie
16:14 hmmm
16:14 cjl, unmadindu ur turn
16:15 unmadindu what's the status of W91 migration ?
16:15 has been trying to figure out how to instruct Pootle to use two different "themes" for the two way service
16:16 dogi right now i m working on a emergency ... but proxy has not move down from weka so i still blocked
16:16 i = I am :)
16:17 unmadindu, what did u found out with the themes ?
16:17 unmadindu hmm - sounds fine
16:17 dogi: needs some sort of hack - but should be doable
16:18 dogi cool
16:18 :)
16:19 translation of laptop.org?
16:20 unmadindu dogi: did you figure out how the files are kept (are they plain HTML files ?)
16:21 dogi: I vaguely remember some talk about a CMS being used
16:21 dogi yes they are
16:21 unmadindu ok
16:21 on pedal ?
16:21 dogi no cms right now
16:21 no on a virtual machine called www
16:21 mom
16:23 unmadindu in that case (if they are plain html files) - we can use http://translate.sourceforge.n[…]i/toolkit/html2po to convert the files to PO (and back again when they are translated)
16:25 dogi
16:26 moved www to vig wiki
16:26 i hope that all pw are delete ....
16:27 now they are oll in google docs ...
16:27 cool unmadindu so it look that this will word nearly out of the box
16:28 unmadindu yeah (theoretically) ;-)
16:28 dogi i will give u an account on test so that we can try that ???
16:28 ok?
16:28 unmadindu ok
16:29 dogi account on test for unmadindu
16:29 #action account on test for unmadindu
16:29 ups lol
16:29 /action account on test for unmadindu
16:30 #topic new rt CanoeBerry/adric
16:30 ping CanoeBerry
16:33 CanoeBerry Hiya, RT upgrading from 3.6.5 to 3.8.2 is critical, but I regret this week I missed Adric and will need to focus on other urgent things.  Dogi & I will call Adric within the coming days/weeks.
16:33 dogi ok
16:33 CanoeBerry (Of course anybody else with strong RT/IT/sysadmin skills, please email holt AT laptop.org, dogi & adric!)
16:34 dogi #action CanoeBerry/dogi call adric
16:37 #topic status of migration to w91
16:38 like told befor there was something had bigger urgency
16:39 so my new plan is to be able to migrate on friday awk dextra and weka to w91
16:41 if i have to change this plan next day is monday ... so that i can work on that issue over weekend
16:41 :(
16:41 ping reubencaron
16:42 hmm not in the office ... not on irc
16:42 #topic 2 facing meeting service improvements
16:43 no improvement this week
16:44 #topic vig.test.laptop.org wiki for VIG
16:45 slowly slowly more machine appear in the new wiki
16:45 +s
16:46 dont has time for beeing a wiki artist ....
16:46 #idea vig.test.laptop.org needs a wikiartist ...
16:47 ping CanoeBerry
16:48 is there somebody in the support gang which want to do this ... :P
16:48 hi adric
16:49 #topic new business
16:49 CanoeBerry Solicit artists on Support Gang's irc channel & mailing list if you need one!
16:49 dogi thx CanoeBerry
16:49 CanoeBerry Motivate this by describing the need in all its glory :)
16:50 dogi :)
16:50 CanoeBerry CC DianeS if nec: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC:Design_gang
16:51 dogi #endmeeting

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