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#olpc-admin, 2009-03-03

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Time Nick Message
15:27 dogi #topic agenda
15:28 hi adric
15:28 * fix meeting bot :P
15:29 * finish 2 facing service at meeting.l.o and meeting.sl.o
15:29 * adric rt VM update
15:29 hi adric
15:29 adric hi dogi
15:29 dogi do have something to add?
15:30 is creating agenda
15:30 adric did someone want to discuss project management soft? It hit the list..
15:30 dogi jupp thx
15:30 * pia mel project management :P
15:31 * ideatorrent and laptop.org
15:31 and sl.o
15:33 * Ian_Daniher|XO wymypy update :P
15:33 * ravidgemole community.l.o update
15:33 hi ravidgemole
15:34 ups ping ravidgemole
15:34 ping _bernie
15:34 ping isforinsects
15:41 * vig.test.laptop.org wiki for VIG
15:44 egz hello
15:45 dogi * update of W91/migration (dogi) and kvm related stuff (egz)
15:45 hi egz
15:47 egz hi dogi
15:48 i have some ssh scripts that i can gpl
15:48 dogi * cjl poolte update
15:48 egz, cool
15:49 cjl hey dogi
15:49 Has awk moved to W91?
15:50 hey adric are you there?
15:50 adric cjl: As much as ever ;)
15:51 cjl Did you every see my "Country Focus" propsal on teamwiki?
15:51 http://laptop.org/team/index.php/RT/Country_Focus
15:51 adric cjl: Country tag for support tickets in RT? Yes, we've talked about it before. I support it.
15:51 cjl Basic idea is to add a Custom Field to RT tickets based on ISO-3166
15:51 dogi cjl: no cause of snowstorm
15:51 cjl dogi :-(
15:51 dogi sorry
15:52 but i have other good news ...
15:52 cjl adric, It would be nice to implement (along with RT migration)
15:52 adric cjl: ++
15:52 cji: It would all be very nice.
15:52 dogi * upgrade awk to 4GB
15:53 cjl I've raised it again with CanoeBerry__ and I'd be willing ot do a bunch of back-filling of codes on older tickeets (to improve data-mining results).
15:53 dogi, 4GB is nice.
15:53 dogi it s not done right now only a plan ... :P
15:54 today i ordered 16gb ...
15:54 cjl dogi when do you see awk landing at W91?
15:54 dogi cjl, when that service is finished ...
15:55 cjl Which service?
15:55 That adding RAM?
15:55 dogi by the way can we use pootle for translating laptop.org ...
15:56 jupp and weka is still a mess
15:56 cjl dogi, It could certainly be done, although it would help if the POT files existed, the old ones are around somewhere.
15:56 dogi or in other words lets move 3 machines at once ...
15:56 hmm nice
15:57 cjl dogi I'm agnostic on when other machines move, I jsut want to be sure we coordinate carefully on the Pootle instance.
15:57 dogi lol
15:57 thx
15:58 cjl dogi do you have a tentative timeline for the move?
15:59 dogi i still need to know when it s the best for u and sayamindu
16:00 cjl dogi d.l.o/translate is still carrying the production load.  awk can move anytime, the sooner the better.
16:00 dogi * rueben spam/barracuda ...
16:03 will wait until 16:10 for having other people add points to agenda ...
16:04 ping ravidgemole
16:06 * new rt spam on postmaster .... new or old rt?
16:11 #topic fix meeting bot
16:13 sets a half XO for this and the topic :P
16:14 ping _bernie adric bjordan CanoeBerry__ cjl edmcnierney egz  gregdek Ian_Daniher|XO Ian_Daniher|XO lfaraone ravidgemole
16:14 gregdek dogi: yes?
16:14 cjl pong
16:14 dogi #topic finish 2 facing service at meeting.l.o and meeting.sl.o
16:15 adric Is it a meeting? I have to get on the road soon...
16:15 dogi there is http://meeting.laptop.org and http://meeting.sugarlabs.org
16:15 yes
16:16 adric Ja, aber hier. Gibts meeting hier, jezt, heute ?
16:16 Schoen.
16:16 dogi #topic adric rt VM update
16:16 adric, go
16:16 hi gregdek
16:16 adric We need a way to get 3 GB of live data off the production server without interfering with service.
16:16 gregdek Ah, meeting!
16:16 adric Are there active backups of RT or of solar?
16:17 gregdek lurks.
16:17 dogi hmm so do u need rt to be done for a while?
16:17 adric Shouldn't yet, but if we have to..
16:17 dogi ok
16:17 adric Is there no backup of rt or solar to tivoli or grinch?
16:18 dogi hmm
16:18 i have acces to grink since henry left ...
16:18 adric (trick question. if the answer to that is no, it's a higher priority than the upgrade)
16:18 dogi +s
16:19 #idea backup rt .... copy vm ....
16:19 cjl I would give backup RT an #action tag not an #idea tag
16:19 dogi why http://rt.mogidi.net/ is not populated
16:20 or were is the new rt without data?
16:20 +h
16:20 where
16:20 adric It's pretty boring without data.
16:20 dogi jupp
16:20 #action boring new rt without data ... :)
16:21 ok?
16:21 adric Runs much aster that way, I'd bet.
16:21 dogi i do backup ...
16:21 lol
16:21 is there something to add to rt?
16:21 CanoeBerry__, ???
16:22 adric Need to get the data off of prod without breaking service (hopefully). Backups would be a good source.
16:22 dogi but right now i want u to have that boring new rt so that i can have a copy of this VM ...
16:23 ok adric ?
16:23 adric There is not enough space to duplicate the data on the prod image..
16:23 huh? the new rt is installed but has no database configured.
16:23 dogi dont think about data right now ...
16:23 adric ... and I don't know what impact a netork transfer of the data from solar to othermachine will have on service.
16:24 dogi ah ok then i will copy that and send u a mail ...
16:24 adric Okay.
16:24 dogi when it sdone
16:24 ok
16:24 adric Right, thanks,
16:25 dogi and docus on the VM and on vig.test.laptop.org
16:25 ok?
16:25 # vig.test.laptop.org wiki for VIG
16:25 #topic vig.test.laptop.org wiki for VIG
16:25 adric Oh, is that wiki live? Yes.
16:28 dogi
16:30 #link
16:30 <- list of machines
16:31 adric,[…]on=edit&redlink=1 is ur page ...
16:31 ok?
16:32 adric Um, for docs for the new VM? Okay.
16:32 dogi :)
16:32 thx for all ur help :P
16:32 #topic update of W91/migration (dogi) and kvm related stuff (egz)
16:33 is now on the maximum of ram ... 8gb
16:34 dextra is at 5gb and needs to be update to 16g
16:34 b
16:34 awk wants to have 4gb instead of 2gb
16:35 weka wants 16gb too
16:35 cjl when do they get it? and when do they move?
16:35 dogi the proxy of the wiki is still on weka
16:36 we could move awk right now but then it would be a 2gb system ...
16:36 cjl willing to wait for more RAM
16:36 dogi 2gb or 4gb?
16:36 +1
16:36 cjl +2 I think
16:36 dogi :)
16:36 egz ???
16:37 since dextra is my private machine i can do with this machine what i want ...
16:37 and olpc-it right now has a VM there
16:37 meeting will go there
16:37 ..
16:38 so yesterday i did a lot kvm related experminet ss
16:38 CanoeBerry__ oops i'm wicked late. Blame Mike Lee here next to me.
16:38 Who's looking 4 u Dogi :)
16:39 dogi and egz has python scripts to remote control kvm based machines
16:39 CanoeBerry__, ???
16:39 lfaraone dogi: pong
16:39 dogi hi CanoeBerry__
16:39 hi lfaraone
16:39 lfaraone CanoeBerry__: wave to mike for me.
16:39 CanoeBerry__ Should Mike call u Dogi?
16:39 dogi :)
16:39 CanoeBerry__ Mike says hi to all!
16:39 dogi thats fine
16:40 hi mike
16:40 CanoeBerry__ RT Conclusions for the week?
16:40 cjl but mlee should call later, middle of VIG meeting now
16:40 CanoeBerry__: adric needs back up of RT to do data migration.
16:41 dogi ... read back http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090303_1527.html
16:41 lfaraone, upgrades?
16:42 #topic cjl poolte update
16:43 cjl Prodcution L10n continues on d.l.o/translate.  Waiting for awk movew to W91 before cutover.
16:43 Just about everything is ready for cutover (except that awk is still at 1CC).
16:43 dogi when is the actuall build finished/?
16:43 cjl Can't afford to cutover and then have downtime for move.
16:44 dogi, the pootle instance on awk has everything but hte last rsync (to be done jsut at time of cutover).
16:44 dogi fine :)
16:44 lfaraone dogi: I think we're set on upgrades for another month or so.
16:44 cjl dogi the 0.84 release is March 3
16:45 lfaraone cjl: which is... today?
16:45 4~
16:45 cjl: I thought tarballs are due on the 6th?
16:45 dogi hmm then sould have time or we want to do that earlier?
16:45 3.3.2009
16:45 cjl lfaraone: Well I guess so, but I was reading off of sl roadmap page, haven't tracked latest on lists
16:46 dogi lol
16:46 cjl awk can move anytime (sooner the better), d.l.o/translate is still carrying production Pootle build duties.
16:46 dogi what is that "Country Focus" propsal ...
16:47 is that a new topic?
16:47 i didnt read  it
16:47 cjl dogi, it is to add a Custon Field to RT tickets based on iso-3066 country list
16:47 dogi ahhh
16:47 hmmm
16:47 CanoeBerry__, ???
16:47 cjl Allow each ticket to be coded with "the country it is talking about"
16:48 idea is to enable improved data mining of RT tickets, say for "Sierra Leone" or "Cambodia" related tickets.
16:48 dogi for that proposal looks good
16:48 but i m nt thr rt master ...
16:48 +o
16:48 cjl CanoeBerry__: and SJ and (back when, kimquirk) all liked the idea.  Then kim left, so getting ed t osign off would be good.
16:49 dogi then it s fine with me
16:49 cjl adric is on board, but it makes sense to jsut do it on the new RT instance
16:49 dogi do u want to help in the new rt?
16:49 cjl pity ed isn't around to run it past him,
16:50 dogi, I will be helping with RT stuff through the RT interface (e..g back-filling country codes), but I'll leave RT infrastructure to adric
16:51 dogi :)
16:51 ok
16:51 #topic new business
16:52 ping _bernie bjordan CanoeBerry__ cjl edmcnierney_away egz Ian_Daniher|XO isforinsects lfaraone ravidgemole
16:53 cjl no new biz from me
16:53 lfaraone dogi: pong
16:53 dogi #action invite rueben next meeting for spam/barracuda
16:53 cjl dogi, do you have a delivery date on RAM and a proposed date for awk move?
16:53 So I can run it by unmadindu?
16:54 dogi today i order the ram ....
16:54 cjl ok, how long does it usually take that supplier to ship?
16:54 dogi 3days?
16:54 more?
16:55 we will find out ...
16:55 cjl ok, please let me know by e-mail if you get a better idea of when the move can happen
16:55 dogi ok
16:56 cjl call it a day?
16:56 dogi hopes that on friday ... i can move awk dextra and weka ...
16:56 cjl hopes too
16:56 dogi i = he
16:56 #endmeeting

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