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#olpc-admin, 2009-02-24

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Time Nick Message
16:00 hhardy Here's the posted agenda
16:01 #TOPIC agenda
16:01    *  Status of forum.laptop.org
16:01    * Status of new Pootle translation
16:01    * Status of new RT ticket system
16:01    * Status of new test environment
16:01    * Migration to W91 and cleaning the Serverroom at 1cc
16:01          o awk is ready
16:01          o weka: VMs to move bevor moving weka to W91: firmware, kino, proxy2
16:01 lol still doing that flood control
16:01 adric meeting: botsnack!
16:01 hhardy glares at bad bot
16:02 I was out of town till Monday so I don't really have any updates on these
16:02 can you say anything about RT Adric?
16:04 adric Well, dogi, adam and I had a good call about it this past week..
16:04 and my first attempt to backup the live DB yesterday ... filled the disk and made RT sop working briefly.
16:05 dogi hui
16:05 adric So,we reverted that. Still looking for a pleasnt way to get the 3 GB of postgres data off of the rt vm on solar without,w ell doing that.
16:06 hhardy do it from solar itself?
16:06 adric I dont' have the privs from solar, but that's a good idea.
16:06 dogi hhardy: sorry for the kick .. still not fixed ... does someone want ticket 31604
16:07 #31604: fix meeting bot flood control
16:07 adric We can netcat the data files from solar to rt.mogidi .. I just don't want to do that to the live db files it is using if it can be helped
16:07 hhardy #IDEA backup rt db from solar--adric needs privs on solar to do
16:07 adric If the backup/clone of the vm is working, we cn also get the data from there. grinch?
16:07 hhardy no I'd stop the db first
16:07 dogi hi adric
16:08 adric hi dogi :) Good weekend?
16:08 dogi bad news for you
16:08 hhardy is solar backup up to grinch, I don't remember
16:08 dogi 1)
16:08 adric hhardy: For the real migration yes, well stop it. For the test run, I would rather not deprive the users .. if it can be helped.
16:09 dogi Message 1Lc4TA-0008Tk-Cj has been frozen (message created with -f <>).
16:09 The sender is <>.
16:09 The following address(es) have yet to be delivered:
16:09 rt.service@laptop.org: SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<rt.service@laptop.org>: host spam.laptop.org []: 550 cuda_nsu 5.1.1 <rt.service@laptop.org>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table
16:09 fromMail Delivery System <Mailer-Daemon@rt.laptop.org>
16:09 topostmaster@rt.laptop.org
16:09 dateTue, Feb 24, 2009 at 4:05 PM
16:09 subjectMessage frozen
16:09 mailed-byrelay1-v.mail.gandi.net
16:09 what is that?
16:09 hhardy heh
16:10 dogi :)
16:10 adric heh. Looks like spam? I don't know that rt.service is legit.
16:10 hhardy rt.service doesn't correspond to anything far as I know
16:11 and I dont know gandi.net, thats not even how to spell gandhi
16:11 dogi gandi my provider :)
16:12 hhardy what were you sending to?
16:12 dogi but this is new since today
16:12 ....
16:12 then
16:12 2)
16:13 had to move the table and the computer which was used by kuku
16:13 so i had to reboot rt2
16:13 ur system adric
16:13 hhardy making room for Microsoft peoples? :)
16:13 adric Oh, sure. I can get in now, so no worries.
16:13 dogi have u look if all rebooted fine
16:14 adric Nothing running yet , so yes :)
16:14 dogi no for learing team
16:14 hhardy ah IC
16:14 dogi tech team is move to learing office
16:14 hhardy hmmm
16:16 dogi loves that place
16:16 hhardy nice view
16:16 dogi but back to the meeting
16:16 adric
16:17 go on with ur report
16:18 or why is http://rt.mogidi.net being refused?
16:20 cjl wanders in bleary eyed, looks around
16:20 dogi adric ping?
16:20 hhardy mornin' cjl lol
16:20 dogi hi cjl
16:20 cjl hurro
16:21 dogi pootle?
16:21 cjl I can speak to that, or perhaps unmadindu is around
16:21 hhardy #topic Status of new Pootle translation
16:22 dogi :)
16:22 cjl The awk.mogidi.net Pootle instance was established (unmadindu) , a migration of existing data (for test purposes) was completed (unmadindu)
16:22 _bernie: slightly jumped the gun and pointed pootle.sugarlabs.org at it (but we haven't publicized it).
16:23 so no real harm done.
16:23 unmadindu: Thinks he has figured out hte last big glitch (Scratch didn't migrate properly).
16:25 unmadindu will do a re-synch from dev.laptop.org/translate at the last minute and in one swell foop, dogi will, hopefully) repoint the d.l.o/translate DNS to the new a.m.n Pootle and no one will even notice the difference (other than change from green to blue theme.
16:25 dogi forgot ... adric i have many of that rt spam and they are incriesing fast 30 an hour ago and now 52 .... so we have to investigate...
16:26 cjl dogi don't do anything to Pootle until unmadindu says "Go" (please)
16:26 Aziz Hi, is there any one in the house
16:26 hhardy wave
16:26 Aziz what
16:26 cjl L10n lsit has been warned about pending switchover, but it will largey be transparent to them.
16:26 dogi cjl, cool good job and naturally to unmadindu too :)
16:26 hi Aziz
16:27 adric sorry, was phone.
16:27 dogi we have a meeting right now ... but who are u?
16:27 Aziz you guys are volunteer for support gang
16:27 dogi hhardy, topic Aziz?
16:27 cjl dogi: unmadindu is of course doing the heavy lifting (thanks to your setting up a.m.n) I have been doing administrivia (that can be handled through Pootle Admin interface), like updating PO files, etc.
16:27 adric dogi; Hmm.. Are any of the addresses in the spam legit looking?
16:27 hhardy #topic Aziz
16:28 dogi adric, the question is old or new rt?
16:28 cjl aziz are you looking for hte Support Gang?
16:28 Aziz Allow me to intereduce myself.
16:28 dogi :) Aziz
16:28 hhardy Aziz: sort of the Volunteer Infrastrucutre group helps with sysadmin tasks for OLPC
16:28 #LINK http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC:VIG
16:28 cjl This is hte Volunteer Infrastructure Group which has overlap with Support Gang, but is more focused on server admin stuff and
16:28 Aziz help for what.
16:29 hhardy please read the page we are in the middle of a meeting right now
16:29 dogi we are the best of all support gang :P ..........
16:29 cjl so dogi, getting back to Pootle stuff
16:29 hhardy #topic Status of new Pootle translation
16:30 Aziz I was woundering if I can join your team.
16:30 cjl unmadindu: is envisioning a switchover in the next day or two (last we chatted).  He was going to reach out to you and _bernie about hte repointing of the DNS entries.
16:31 dogi Aziz, jupp and we will add u now to ur agenda, ok?
16:31 cjl Aziz: That seems distinctly possible, if you can hang out and watch the meeting, maybe we can add that as an agenda item
16:31 hhardy aziz sure, you can sign up for the mailing list at lists.laptop.orglists.laptop.org
16:31 lists.laptop.org
16:32 #LINK http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc-sysadmin
16:32 sorry cut and paste issues there
16:32 Aziz One last question. Do you have meetings in person or chat only.
16:32 hhardy generally chat only we are all over the place
16:32 CanoeBerry Sorry I'm late.
16:32 hhardy bernie: italy, unmanindu: india, etc
16:32 Aziz ok.
16:32 cjl So dogi, I would ask you to be on hte lookout for a mail from sayamindu about repointing, other than that, I think the Pootle plan is moving along very well.
16:33 dogi did you complete the move of awk to W91?
16:33 dogi +1
16:33 and no
16:33 cjl excellent.  Any more questions about status of Pootle?
16:33 dogi i was ill and in my bed on friday
16:34 as u see awk.laptop.org is not responding
16:34 hhardy #topic Status of forum.laptop.org
16:34 returning to top of agenda now that more people are here
16:34 anything new on this?
16:34 cjl oh, that is too bad, if you jsut coordiante timing with unmadindu I'm sure it won't be too much of an issue, but it wold be really nice for it to happen before the cutover, so we don't show users any downtime.
16:35 dogi that was last week burning issue ...
16:35 news on that?
16:35 hhardy #topic Status of new test environment
16:36 cjl from what I heard mburns got cooperation from OSUOSL and got some stuff done to improve the situation on forums
16:36 dogi jupp that s me
16:37 hhardy anything on test envt status?
16:37 dogi i cloned old-test environment so now i have 2 ...
16:37 so plans are slowly moving
16:38 and other good news i have a new kvm machine ...
16:39 #link http://laptop.org/internalwiki[…]hp/Machine:dextra
16:39 hhardy most vig can't read that which brings us to
16:39 cant yet
16:39 #topic Migration to VIG wiki
16:40 how is that going?
16:40 dogi topic wiki for vig?
16:40 hhardy topic is up
16:41 dogi
16:42 and ask for dns by necsys
16:42 what to u think about that and ...
16:43 vig.laptop.org?
16:43 hhardy dextra looks fine that is the former dauzat machine?
16:44 dogi no thats whale
16:44 hhardy ah
16:44 whale, thats a funny kind of bird... :)
16:45 if dextra is amd 64 why is it only 3 gb?
16:45 dogi
16:46 is out of ram ..........
16:46 hhardy #LINK
16:46 dogi i think i am finished
16:46 hhardy #topic Migration to W91 and cleaning the Serverroom at 1cc
16:46 dogi somebody something to add?
16:47 cjl on W91?
16:47 hhardy anything on migration?
16:47 dogi was ill
16:47 cjl I'd very much like ot know if awk move could happen before Pootle cutover.
16:47 dogi planed next monday?
16:47 cjl feels sorry dogi was ill, wishes him well
16:48 dogi #action dogi has to move proxy form weka to owl ...
16:49 and dextra will be there too ...
16:49 cjl Well since unmadindu isn't around, I'd just like ot make sure he can take that into account.  We really don't want to have a lot of Pootle downtime now tha we are so close to release.  aLots of strings rolling in at the moment.
16:49 I see no reason tha the switchover couldn't wait, except we have been having odd registration erros tha it should fix.
16:50 dogi ok when is release finished?
16:50 cause i have to do weka too
16:51 so i can upgrade weka to 16 ram
16:51 hhardy minutes from this week are posted now
16:51 dogi :)
16:52 hhardy #topic List of machine
16:52 dogi #action mail with unmadindu cjl and dogi for time
16:52 hhardy #action mail with unmadindu cjl and dogi for time
16:52 dogi next
16:52 ... new vig.laptop.org
16:53 hhardy #topic new vig.laptop.org
16:53 _bernie hhardy: lol
16:54 dogi
16:54 cjl dogi I can't advise on weka, I'm not sure what is running on it.
16:54 hhardy hi bernie!
16:54 cjl hey _bernie
16:54 hhardy #LINK
16:55 dogi cjl, weka is like whale and dextra a kvm machine ....
16:56 cjl wonders if dogi realizes despite my interest in L10n, I still don't speak gibberish. . .  :-)
16:57 dogi, circular reference, I don't know what whale does either.
16:57 hhardy so he says :)
16:57 when you are a PhD it isn't called gibberish anymore :)
16:57 cjl but tha is not really important., I'm obviously not the right person to discuss it with :-)
16:58 dogi
16:58 hhardy I think Dogi's point is there are several virtual servers on weka whihc need to be ported
16:59 cjl points dogi to recent e-mail from unmadindu re: Poolte
16:59 hhardy #LINK
16:59 dogi <- that is my own map which i slowly copy to the new vig.laptop.org
17:00 hhardy there's two more things on agenda we havent touched should I go to them now?
17:00 dogi jupp
17:00 hhardy #topic List of machines
17:00 dogi
17:01 hhardy #LINK
17:01 dogi more will come soon
17:02 hhardy I suggested to ed we make a service: category so that when something is down he can look for service: mail or service:rt and find the docs easily
17:02 dogi https://spreadsheets.google.co[…]z75FfdCeODA&hl=en
17:02 hhardy #IDEA service: category on vig wiki
17:02 dogi for them which have access ..
17:02 hhardy #LINK https://spreadsheets.google.co[…]z75FfdCeODA&hl=en
17:03 dogi there is the actual zone file included
17:03 next?
17:04 hhardy #topic two facing email-list ???
17:05 dogi same list 2 or more email addresses for ...
17:05 hhardy you mean one subscriber wanting to get the list at two different addr?
17:06 I don't understand what is needed here
17:07 dogi no two addresses for having the same content
17:07 hhardy you could put the aliases in aliases file on pedal
17:07 several aliases pointing to one list
17:08 dogi no hhardy for that i need bernie
17:08 hhardy well he was here a few minutes ago...
17:08 _bernie: ping?
17:09 dogi _bernie, ping
17:09 adric Okay, folks, I gotta get in traffic. I'll ttys.
17:09 hhardy bye adric
17:09 cjl adric: Thanks for the RT work
17:09 dogi action dogi _bernie meeting
17:10 and aziz
17:10 hhardy well I cant think of another reasonable way to do it atm
17:10 #action dogi _bernie meeting
17:10 dogi has he left :(
17:10 hhardy #action and aziz
17:10 dogi new biz?
17:11 or end
17:11 hhardy anything further for this meeting?
17:11 #endmeeting

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