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#olpc-admin, 2009-02-17

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16:07 dogi #topic Agenda
16:08 Status of forum.laptop.org
16:08 Status of new Pootle translation
16:08 Status of new RT ticket system
16:08 Status of new test environment
16:08 Migration to W91 and cleaning the Serverroom at 1cc
16:08 * awk is ready
16:09 * weka: VMs to move bevor moving weka to W91: firmware, kino, proxy2
16:09 Migration to VIG wiki
16:09 List of machine
16:09 New business
16:09 * two facing email-list ???
16:09 hi cjl
16:09 hi Culseg
16:10 hi mburns_class
16:10 cjl Clseg first item on the agenda was status of forum.laptop.org
16:10 dogi ping bjordan CanoeBerry edmcnierney  gregdek  Ian_Daniher|XO  isforinsects  JasonWoof  lfaraone m_stone reubencaron_ unmadindu
16:11 cjl I think unmadindu has gone to bed.  He is getting up early to help 60 Khmer tranlators get registered and going.
16:11 Culseg actually the issue was the issue of spam and porn in all wiki, rt, and forum
16:11 cjl So status is not good.
16:11 dogi backlog http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090217_1607.html
16:11 #topic forum.laptop.org
16:13 mburns_class, ?
16:13 Culseg news of dealing with spam in rt and the wiki and the forum may be connected
16:14 dogi i dont think so
16:14 hi manu
16:14 manu hi
16:14 cjl Culseg: The problem of spam is universal, the tools for addressing it unique to each tool
16:14 dogi manu, backlog http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090217_1607.html
16:15 +1
16:15 Culseg OK but spammers are drawn to places they can succeed
16:15 cjl lets start with fourums and touch on wiki and RT
16:15 mburns_class I've mostly finished the new phpbb3 install, with reCaptcha use, but ran into a bug that held up the switch over.
16:16 Culseg we have shut down automatic signups at the Forum,,,,80 or so since last night, all likely spammers
16:16 cjl mburns_class: you have gotten the cooperation you needed from OSL?
16:17 mburns_class cjl: Yup. Had the phpbb3 bug not risen up and stuck me for a couple hours, we would be in a much rosier place.
16:17 they've been helpful, but the holdup isn't on their hands. Believing I know the solution, I just need a couple hours tonight to finish it with a fresh mind.
16:18 cjl It is good to hear that they are being cooperative. Forums are quite visible and taking care of them reflects well on OLPC (and vice versa).
16:18 mburns_class the beta site is at https://olpc.osuosl.org/ which as you can see has a single db bug that makes it puke. Switching over once that bug is resolved will be trivial, and something I'm well practiced at.
16:18 dogi mburns_class, cool ... then that problem is solved by tomorrow?
16:19 CanoeBerry ciao
16:19 cjl mburns_class: Do you beleive that the steps you will take are sure to be sufficient?  Are you looking at mollum or other tools in addition?
16:19 dogi hi CanoeBerry
16:19 mburns_class barring unforeseen world catastrophe, that sounds right to me.
16:20 reCaptcha is, for the time being, not broken by the bots. It is ran by the Internet Archive (I believe?) and they have a good record of keeping it tough. With that in place, automated signups should be approximately 0.
16:20 we can also get some better mod tools as part of the upgrade, witch will spread the workload a bit better.
16:20 CanoeBerry Culseg: thanks for your work here: http://rt.laptop.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=33705
16:21 i'm just listening, waiting for RT-upgrade discussion
16:21 cjl mburns_class: It sounds like that you have things pretty well in hand.  Is there anything thta the VIG or OLPC could have / should have done to make this easier or happen sooner?
16:21 mburns_class the spam became a problem in the first place because the captcha used by phpbb3 isn't particularly difficult. Upgrading to one that is (And one that actually is improved, without our intervention) will go a long way.
16:22 Nope. I'll get this finished and polished tonight. Once we're back up and running, some positived PR is always helpful to get a fresh round of visitors looking at unanswered questions.
16:22 Culseg mburns_class: do you want any tests by others at your beta site?
16:24 cjl ok, so should we move from spam-forum to spam-RT or vandal-wiki points that Culseg wanted to see raised in this context?
16:24 dogi jupp
16:25 cjl Both of those are sore points for me, as I can pretty safely say that I do a lot more of the manual correction of those than just about anyone else.
16:25 Culseg I can watch for common emails and instances that might show spam coming to RT and forum from same person
16:25 how's upgrading RT going?
16:26 cjl However, I am not convinced that we will get much of anywhere on these in this meeting, so maybe we should just carry them forward for next time.
16:27 Agenda says Pootle, then RT, but we can reverse those.
16:27 As for RT upgrade, dogi have you been in contact with adric?
16:28 CanoeBerry Culseg: not going unfort; i'd like to change that if we have consensus; upgrading to Jan 7th's RT 3.8.2
16:28 dogi cjl, no not seen since ,,,
16:28 CanoeBerry I have not contacted Adric.
16:28 dogi long time
16:28 CanoeBerry I can right now, if we agree on a plan.
16:28 cjl Last I recall, he was blocked by a nasty security issue and looking for that to get resoved so he could take advantage of the sandbox you had made.
16:28 CanoeBerry Keeping the current DB, yes?
16:29 I don't want to lose our knowledge base.
16:29 cjl CanoeBerry: It was an issue with migrating the DB to the samdbox tha held him up (IIRC)
16:29 CanoeBerry OK, I'll talk to Adric, and see how he feels :)
16:30 cjl adric would be the one t odetail that, I do know there is a sysadmin ticket on the gpg sedcurity upgrade thta was somehow the linchpin holding everything jammed up.
16:30 At least I think that was the issue.
16:31 Culseg if adriccan't help, should BestPractical be contacted for some help?
16:31 CanoeBerry Or in-house: Dogi or others might be able to do the upgrade.
16:31 cjl We need adric to make RT upgrade happen, so let's have Canoeberry reach out ot him and if dogi could be prepared to take up things for clearing a path forwar on RT, we could get into motion again from a stalled state.
16:32 If adricis not avail, hten alternatives should be looked at.
16:32 dogi CanoeBerry, maybe
16:33 still hopes for adric
16:33 cjl I have some faith that Adxric will step up, however he has been frustrated by the uncleared roadblocks. Let's commit to supporting him and I bet he will jump back in.
16:33 CanoeBerry Just left a friendly voicemail w/ Adric.
16:33 Hope to talk to him soon.
16:34 dogi :)
16:34 cjl speak of the devil
16:34 CanoeBerry Ciao Adric..just left you VM :)
16:34 dogi adric, hi
16:35 cjl Adric, what can we do to clear the way for you to move forward with an RT upgrade?
16:35 adric Whoops. Left my phone at home, seems..
16:35 dogi http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090217_1607.html
16:35 cjl Are there still roadblocks in you way?
16:35 CanoeBerry in short: we all looking at 3.8.2 more seriously now, to facilitate volunteerism, security etc.
16:35 adric Oh, right. Last I heard we wanted to go with HH's plan: to leave the private stuff in place and pull the public out into a new RT install on the new code.
16:36 gregdek :w
16:36 Heh, sorry.  :)
16:36 adric it's all about the data and migration of it .. getting a new RT up on the new code is not so hard :)
16:36 CanoeBerry adric: How to we make the leap without losing our current RT knowledge base?
16:36 adric: i'm not concerned with 24hrs of downtime, if we have advance warning etc :)
16:36 adric Well, HH's plan is more complicate than original thinking because there is privileged data in the esixting RT
16:37 CanoeBerry What's the plan, in brief?
16:37 adric So, we need to get that sifted out someway .. unless that's not a requirement anymore.
16:37 CanoeBerry RT 3.8.2 allows deletion...
16:37 I hear...
16:37 adric HH's plan is to dump/pull all public data out of the live RT and migrate that into a new VM running the new code
16:38 This will require some RT expertise and some Postgres expertise.
16:38 cjl adric does that sound like a workable path or do you have another preference?
16:38 adric RT 3.8 doeshave a deleter/shredder thing, yes
16:38 CanoeBerry let us consider using the shredder in this case.
16:38 adric It seems workable, I would just need lots of help with that data sort/sift
16:39 CanoeBerry i will help.
16:39 adric Okay, in that case we just need to pick a VM, and dump the data in it's entirity, copy to the new VM and try and get the new code running on it.
16:39 cjl adric Could CanoeBerry do hte deletes after the fact on the new instance?
16:39 CanoeBerry i think we should consider that.
16:40 adric The Postgres install on the live RT is passworded, but that can be popped with a brief downtime (<30 min)
16:40 cjl CanoeBerry: I can teach you some bulk-ticket handling tricks
16:40 CanoeBerry cjl: perfect
16:40 adric Dleteing tickets / queues on the new system would be a start. That's totally a duedillegence,NDA thing for your org thatI'm not qualified to answer.
16:40 Culseg shucks, I even learned to do bulk tickets
16:41 CanoeBerry Culseg: if you can help doing bulk tkts updating, great
16:42 cjl So CanoeBerry you will need to define some parameters for what you want deleted in hte new copy (on upgraded version).
16:42 adric With that plan it's just popping the lock on postgres and dumping the data, or just copying the raw data files over to the new vm
16:42 CanoeBerry adric: my (uneducated) concern is that we might bungle a lot of the email during the transition. i won't cry if we lose an hour's worth of email, but i will if we lose a day's worth. what is your feeling here?
16:43 adric I'm more knowledgable of MySQL than PG, unfortunately
16:43 cjl And if you want Culseg and/or I to help, we may need elevated privs to do so (see currently hidden)
16:43 adric if we down'd the system that's answering mail for rt.laptop.org , then the mail will folat around the internet for a couple days
16:43 As long as some MX is back up with a day or two almost all of that mail will arrive, late.
16:44 cjl after 4 hours some folks might get NDR's (non-deliverable receipts), but the pony express will eventually get through.
16:44 adric but there shouldn't be any loss of service, since we won't switch dns to rtnew until it works, right?
16:44 CanoeBerry there are so many hair-brained/customized email hacks in the background (eg. help@rt.laptop.org etc) it concerns me
16:45 not that i expect a clean solution, just a path towards (slightly improved) sanity ;)
16:45 adric cjl: Yes, agree. There will be some grumbling from those mail systems, but the mail will come in.
16:45 dogi hmm
16:45 adric The mail stuff I saw wasn't particularly odd .. it's done in exim rather than postfix, which .. is that anyone preference?
16:46 dogi lets maybe first install new rt?
16:46 cjl CanoeBerry: The hacks seem to mostly do with mapping addresses to queues or are you talking about something else?
16:46 adric the exim4 config just has lots of little files which will need to be correct for each added queue. Alittle manual but okay
16:46 dogi and then think about spam
16:46 #topic new rt
16:46 cjl dogi yes, spam solution is outside of RT anyway.
16:46 CanoeBerry RT headers have been a mess, i'm not expected sanity, just improvement.
16:47 HH did a fair bit of hacking here.
16:47 cjl hmm, well I bet that was the stuff adric is talking about it is really on the mail-system side and not as much within RT itself.
16:47 adric Do y'all have a vm on a production server to set this up on?
16:47 CanoeBerry On a similar note, RT now emails 2 copies to the ticket owner for some help@laptop.org tickets, which is fine in the interim.
16:47 adric cjl: Yes.
16:47 CanoeBerry We can fine-tune later.
16:47 As long as we don't lose more than a few emails..
16:48 lfaraone dogi: pong
16:48 cjl CanoeBerry: The pony express wil lget through, that is jsut the way SMTP works
16:48 CanoeBerry In theory.
16:48 dogi hi lfaraone
16:48 CanoeBerry I've had SMTP arrive a year late ;)
16:48 dogi http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090217_1607.html
16:49 CanoeBerry adric: summary of what you need?
16:49 adric target vm, pref debian/ubuntu .. copy /var/lib/postgres to it ...
16:50 cjl CanoeBerry: Awareness/approval by Ed that this is going to be going on
16:50 adric then we can start getting the perl installed to get RT 3.8 x up. Lots of cpan
16:50 cjl adric What about that sysadmin queue ticket that used to be a blocker?
16:51 CanoeBerry adric: when can you do a quick call w/ me & dogi?
16:51 adric The SSH bug that's unpatched on production? There are workaround to transfer fles, particularly for you local types
16:51 CanoeBerry: Uh, dont' have phone with me and I've a meeting starting at 5 ..
16:51 cjl adric, that was the one I was thinking of
16:52 adric CanoeBerry: Crap, sorry but tomorrow daytime, anytime after 10 should work.
16:52 cjl dogi as it is a ssh security thing, that should get attention anyway
16:52 dogi CanoeBerry, +1
16:53 cjl action item dogi, canoeberry and adric to plot path forward?
16:53 dogi hmm
16:53 cjl and RT spam for be carried forward as a separate item for future discussion
16:54 dogi #action phone meeting adric CanoeBerry dogi for rt
16:54 cjl CanoeBerry: Will you schedule the call with adric now?
16:55 So should we move on to update new Pootle?
16:56 dogi adric, ?
16:56 ok
16:56 adric Anytime y'all can get together tomorrow, just call me ?
16:56 cjl I sent message to VIG lsit.  dogi got awk all set up, unmadindu has worked his magic, more owrk to be done, so far so good.
16:58 CanoeBerry adric: when is best for you?
16:58 we can't do 2pm.
16:58 morning?
16:59 cjl he said after 10
16:59 [16:45]<adric>CanoeBerry: Crap, sorry but tomorrow daytime, anytime after 10 should work.
16:59 dogi #topic pootle
16:59 adric I expect to be hacking on my Moocash ode during the day tomorrow, no firm meetings that I know of.
17:00 CanoeBerry adric: 12noon Wedn?
17:00 adric Ok, yes noon
17:00 CanoeBerry Done.
17:00 dogi pl
17:00 ok
17:00 CanoeBerry We'll call you.
17:00 dogi <cjl> I sent message to VIG lsit.  dogi got awk all set up, unmadindu has worked his magic, more owrk to be done, so far so good.
17:00 cjl so pootle, see message that went ot VIG lsit (also to L10n)
17:01 It is looking pretty good, ther is jsut too much going on all at once (and only one Sayamindu)
17:01 dogi #link http://pootle.mogidi.net/
17:01 cjl He migrated a copy of existing pootle strings and users, for some reason Scratch project didn't work out well.  He'll revisit
17:02 BTW, We don't want the localizers working on that link just yet.
17:02 dogi fine
17:02 cjl The game plan is to spend this week working out hte kinks, then just repoint dev.l.o/trnalsate and pootle.sl.o at the new instance.
17:03 dogi cjl, +1 it is only for bernie unmadindu cjl and the vig for testing
17:03 and pootle.l.o
17:03 cjl dogi yexactly
17:03 dogi -> 2 facing service
17:04 do u know if that will work? ...
17:04 cjl So status is lots of progress, maybe end of week early next week, Sayamindu says we're ready and away we go.
17:04 dogi but maybe i have to ask unmadindu directly :)
17:05 next topic?
17:05 cjl yeah
17:05 dogi good work unmadindu and cjl
17:05 Status of new test environment
17:06 #topic new test environment
17:06 #link http://laptop.org/internalwiki[…]dex.php/User:Dogi
17:07 has everybody access there?
17:07 who not?
17:08 the new test environment is on the new kvm machine http://laptop.org/internalwiki[…]php/Machine:whale
17:08 it is only half finished
17:09 but the first step should be finished by next week
17:10 #action dogi: finish new test part1
17:10 #topic awk
17:10 cjl, thats maybe from interrest for you
17:10 and unmadindu
17:11 awk is ready to move to our colocation center
17:11 cjl cool
17:11 dogi when do u think we should do that?
17:12 the dns is already there
17:12 cjl brb, new boss looking over shoulder :-)
17:12 dogi :)
17:12 i wanted to do that during this week
17:13 #action sync with unmadindu and cjl for awk migration to colocation W91
17:14 cjl dogi coordinate with unmadindu
17:14 dogi #topic weka
17:14 nothing changed since last week
17:15 but now since whale is there i am able to migrate 2 of the 3 VM for weka to whale
17:15 and proxy has to be moved to swan ....
17:16 more next week
17:16 #topic new business
17:18 anybody something to add?
17:18 CanoeBerry aside/FYI: Ed McNierney reconfirms he is happy we are moving forward with upgrading RT from 3.6.5 to 3.8.2
17:19 dogi :P
17:19 then
17:19 #endmeeting

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