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#olpc-admin, 2009-02-10

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Time Nick Message
16:06 dogi #topic Agenda
16:06    *  list of machine status (cjb)
16:06    * Identify owners for critical existing services
16:06          o Status of new Pootle translation
16:06          o Status of new RT ticket system
16:06          o Migration to W91 and cleaning the Serverroom at 1cc
16:06                + awk: upgrade to 16 GB ram for pootle VM
16:06                + weka: VMs to move bevor moving weka to W91: firmware, kino, proxy2
16:06    * DNS
16:07 :P
16:07 has anybody something to add?
16:08 #topic list of machines
16:09 i have identified like 20 servers
16:10 of them only the half are rackable machines
16:10 and like 30 virtual machines ...
16:11 i think this list is now 80% completed
16:11 more next week ...
16:11 ping unmadindu
16:11 unmadindu PONG
16:12 oops
16:12 sorry
16:12 dogi #topic new pootle
16:12 unmadindu regarding Pootle - I think we have got pootle.sugarlabs.org into a state where it has all the functionality of d.l.o Pootle
16:12 dogi is the virtual machine i gave u and bernie big enough?
16:12 unmadindu the last feature that I was worried about was git integration
16:12 and it seems to work fine (I tested it today)
16:13 dogi :)
16:13 me too
16:13 unmadindu dogi: well - it may be useful if the RAM can be increased
16:14 I expect this Pootle installation to be faster since I'm using Xapian for search, but memory consumption remains a concern (going by the behaviour of our existing setup)
16:15 dogi what do u think to about redo this work on a 2GB ibm rack machine ... a  machine only for pootle?
16:15 it is a dual processor machine
16:15 unmadindu dogi: that would be the ideal solution
16:15 dogi: dual processor is fine
16:16 dogi: now since I know about the gotchas about the new Pootle version, I can redo the thing fairly quickly
16:16 dogi ok then i will send u the login data by tomorrow
16:16 fine
16:16 unmadindu dogi: thanks :)
16:16 I plan to start moving the translation data for testing tomorrow
16:16 dogi what i wanted to add can pootle by a two facing service
16:17 so that pootle.sugarlabs.org and pootle.laptop.org are different looking but same database?
16:17 unmadindu dogi: two facing ?
16:18 ah ok
16:18 dogi and same user-base
16:18 cool :)
16:18 unmadindu will be a bit difficult to do - but I can try something with Apache
16:18 dogi thx
16:18 unmadindu may be doable, but no promises ;-)
16:19 dogi: any particular reason why you want this setup ?
16:19 dogi have u other wishes?
16:19 or anything to add?
16:19 ahh yes
16:19 unmadindu dogi: not really
16:20 (no other wishes right now)
16:20 dogi i wanted to have one strong translation service and not 2 little ...
16:20 unmadindu dogi: ah ok. I understand that
16:20 dogi #topic new rt
16:21 no adric here
16:21 no adric on last on rt ...
16:21 #action ask adam ...
16:22 #action send unmadindu and _bernie new awk logins ...
16:23 let us move this to a later point
16:23 #topic migration to W91
16:24 two machine have to go there both are not finished enough ...
16:25 ... hope i can give better news next week
16:25 #topic DNS
16:26 the only good thing about ur last outage was that i had to go to Necsys
16:27 and by that i spoke with the director about laptop.org dns management
16:28 #link http://www.media.mit.edu/necsys/
16:30 by doing that i found out that when we want changes in the zone file we have to send to help@media.mit.edu ...
16:30 but because of securty reason we dont have direct access to the webinterface
16:31 hi Yamaplos
16:31 Yamaplos hi
16:32 dogi for Yamaplos: backlog at http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090210_1605.html
16:32 CanoeBerry hi
16:32 Yamaplos thanks!
16:32 dogi hi adam
16:33 CanoeBerry: do u know anything about adric?
16:33 CanoeBerry Nope: but I can get in touch with him anytime if nec.
16:35 dogi ok then ask him please about new rt
16:35 #topic new test environment
16:36 that is the machine i am working on ...
16:36 http://laptop.org/internalwiki[…]tle=Machine:whale
16:36 is the host for the new test ...
16:37 http://laptop.org/internalwiki[…].php/Machine:test
16:37 http://laptop.org/internalwiki[…]p/Machine:vm_test
16:38 basically this new test environment is the follower of this both ...
16:39 right now i am in the middle of installation and documentation ...
16:39 more next week
16:39 #topic new business
16:40 unmadindu: where do u put the documentation of pootle?
16:41 unmadindu dogi: I think I'm supposed to put it in Internalwiki (but haven't done anything yet)
16:41 dogi ohhh please by redoing can u do that too?
16:42 unmadindu dogi: sure, will do that
16:44 dogi thx :)
16:44 if there is nothing new ...
16:44 #endmeeting

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