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#olpc-admin, 2009-01-27

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16:11 dogi #topic teach status
16:11 hhardy can I add links if you startmeeting?
16:11 lfaraone hhardy: no
16:11 hhardy ok look slike you have iut
16:11 dogi ok
16:11 lfaraone #  Status of teach.laptop.org (lfaraone)
16:11 # Identify owners for critical existing services
16:11    * Status of RT ticket handling
16:11          o adric rt spam issue
16:11    * Mission-critical EXISTING services requiring care
16:11 #
16:11 # Migration to W91 and cleaning the Serverroom at 1cc
16:11 * awk: upgrade to 16 GB ram for pootle VM * weka: VMs to move bevor moving weka to W91: firmware, kino, proxy2 * pictures of 1cc server room and W91: http://kuku.laptop.org/1ccw91/
16:11 #
16:11    *
16:11    o
16:12 adric Um.
16:12 lfaraone # update the to monitored systems in bigsister on thinker and in the VM on owl (W91)
16:12 #
16:12 # http://www.ubuntu.com/products[…]tion/features/ec2
16:12 # New business
16:12 (so that it's in the meeting log)
16:12 dogi thanks
16:13 anybody something to add?
16:13 no?
16:13 hhardy none here
16:13 dogi then let s have teach.laptop.org upgrade status
16:14 lfaraone ...
16:14 lfaraone Ok.
16:14 teach is currently on fedora 9.
16:14 It is fully updated, and afaict fully functional.
16:14 dogi nice :)
16:14 lfaraone Fedora 9 is EOL in June, so we have until then to upgrade to Fedora 10.
16:14 hhardy anything new instlaled or just update?
16:14 lfaraone Assumine we still have teach by that point.
16:15 hhardy: only a 1.2GB yum update.
16:15 hhardy great gj lfaraone
16:15 lfaraone hhardy: Thanks.
16:15 dogi and teach is save in the serverroom ... table rails construction ,,,
16:16 lfaraone hhardy: The only thing we don't have is reliable backups.
16:16 dogi: we have a UPS right?
16:16 dogi documentation of what u did?
16:16 hhardy the tower of babel dogi is constructing in there
16:16 lfaraone hhardy: or any backups as far as I know.
16:16 dogi lfaraone, no ... they are not attached to that ...
16:16 hhardy theres a ups in the rock in 1cc server room not sure whats actually plugged into it needs to be checked
16:16 *rack
16:17 lfaraone dogi: well, I tar'd /home /etc and /var/www and piped the output to ssh on dev.l.o where it was written to a private file in my home DIR. I since removed the backup.
16:17 dogi #action dogi: investigate UPS for desktopserver ...
16:17 lfaraone dogi: all in all teach had about 25GB of data-worth-saving.
16:18 dogi lfaraone, cool
16:18 further plans? for teach?
16:18 lfaraone dogi: Currently, none as of now.
16:18 dogi: it's an "open machine" for any tasks people need.
16:19 hhardy lfaraone, right now you cannot access the machine:teach page on internalwiki right?
16:19 lfaraone hhardy: correct.
16:19 We _could_ offer it to SL as a fedora shell server for their development.
16:19 hhardy so thats an issue to address
16:19 lfaraone (just one idea)
16:19 hhardy: mhm.
16:19 dogi save the documentation in the file /root/install on teach.l.o
16:20 hhardy where can/should we put the VIG machine: pages and where should we mirror them
16:20 lfaraone hhardy: IMHO, we should have all the documentation _on_the_machines_themselves in /root/ and rsynced to some master server.
16:21 hhardy: pure text.
16:21 dogi lfaraone, +1
16:21 hhardy the nice thing about wiki is 1 versioned and 2 semantic
16:21 dogi hmm that a point hhardy
16:21 hhardy I was talking to ed about making a service: category to associate services with server documentation
16:22 so he could go to service:mail when mail down etc
16:22 lfaraone hhardy: maybe.
16:22 hhardy my suggestion is that we move the wiki apges to main wiki and mirror them however people want to do it
16:22 lfaraone hhardy: Main wiki? wiki.l.o?
16:22 hhardy aye
16:22 dogi but for now since have no wiki where all VIG can access let s save the docu on the servers ...
16:22 lfaraone hhardy: how do we deal with security?
16:23 hhardy or to teamwiki if we want to pseudo-restrict access
16:23 lfaraone hhardy: personally, I'm dissatisfied with all mediawiki-based security systems.
16:23 dogi hhardy, please not teamwiki
16:23 hhardy lol
16:23 dogi :)
16:23 lfaraone hhardy: I highly doubt that any of them would stand up to proper scruteny.
16:24 hhardy we need ed and dogi to go through the existing pages and edit out anything we don't want public
16:24 lfaraone hhardy: the simplest way is to use a standalone, open wiki on a HTTPS only server and require HTTP auth/client-side-certs for all who try ti view.
16:24 dogi #topic Status of RT ticket handling
16:24 hhardy thats possible
16:24 dogi sorry
16:25 let s discuss that later ...
16:25 hhardy look slike meeting wants to talk rt
16:25 dogi adric
16:25 lfaraone hhardy: that way we are using tested and resonably secure systems, rather than immature plugins that have big flashing boxes of "WARNING: THIS IS NOT VERY SECURE" above them.
16:26 hhardy he hes back
16:26 lfaraone wb, edmcnierney
16:26 hhardy +1 lfaraone
16:26 discussing how to make the sysadmin docs accessible to VIG but maybe not to whole world
16:26 also on the subject of rt
16:27 how to set RT_SiteConfig.pm:Set($OwnerEmail , 'adric@laptop.org');
16:27 adric Squeak.
16:27 dogi hi adric
16:27 hhardy I don't want it anymore ed not and adric not anyone want to receive and read those?
16:27 dogi tell us about ur spam problems ...
16:28 adric I'm getting RT errors in my mail. qed.
16:28 hhardy rt sends a lot of loggish reports via email
16:28 it wants someone to talk to
16:28 is that too much to ask?
16:28 lol
16:28 lfaraone hhardy, adric, if I were you, I'd set it to adric+rt@l.o to easilly filter.
16:29 hhardy it might actually want to say somethng like help I am broken one day
16:29 lfaraone hhardy: or, let's spread the joy and set up a rt-is-sad@lists.laptop.org :)
16:29 hhardy lol
16:30 dogi :P
16:30 hhardy another mailing list, somehow if the discussion is long enough, that always becomes that standard olpc answer
16:30 dogi or use gmail.laptop.org stuff
16:30 hhardy who will set up a garbage email to send those to?
16:31 lfaraone hhardy: make it a private no-subscriber list. that way nobody reads them but it's still archived.
16:31 adric I can but I don't promise to pay much attention to it...
16:32 lfaraone: ++
16:32 dogi will set up the mail and then send that to hhardy or adric , ok?
16:32 hhardy adric you see where that line is now? you can fix it approriately
16:32 I am not owning rt I am adric's rt minion
16:32 adric Er, let me scroll up ..
16:32 hhardy how to set RT_SiteConfig.pm:Set($OwnerEmail , 'adric@laptop.org');
16:33 adric Um, yeah, except I foget my blessed sudo paswd again, *sigh*
16:33 is a bad user.
16:33 hhardy in /etc/rt3 on rt instance on solar
16:33 emailling you a temp one
16:33 adric what is Prof N's home email again? Surely thats in the scrollback...
16:34 dogi lol
16:34 hhardy done
16:34 adric Grr, "passwd: Authentication token manipulation error"
16:34 hhardy sorry try again
16:34 adric right, got it now..
16:35 dogi adric, what is the status on rt-new?
16:35 hhardy any idea on when to upgrade rt?
16:35 adric No status really. I haven't had a second to work on OLPC stuff since before the staff cuts.. and those affected my motivation to make time.
16:36 But the plan stands.
16:36 Need someone with Postgresql skills to help us extract all of the public-ok data from existing RT and try and get a new RT3.8 runing on that in sandbox
16:36 dogi adam is asking me nearly every day ...
16:36 adric Poor Adam...
16:37 dogi :P
16:37 adric No sarcasm. He works really really hard for the Mission, and the Organization keeps pulling the ship out from under him.
16:37 hhardy adric I suggest bernie
16:38 adric Can we just hand it to SL? f they want it they have it, given the events..
16:38 hhardy we need an orderly transition
16:38 lfaraone adric: give what?
16:38 adric: RT?
16:38 hhardy we can't give rt to them I dont think
16:38 we can maybe give trac I think tho
16:38 adric Not unti the non-public stuff is out of there?
16:39 lfaraone adric: there still is a support-gang...
16:39 hhardy dogi can you #IDEA trac to Sugar Labs? pls
16:39 adric lfaraone: I know and I don't know where it fits .. not that it/we ever fit all that well.
16:39 lfaraone hhardy: Lemme get this straight, I thought OLPC is still doing _development_
16:39 dogi #IDEA trac to Sugar Labs
16:40 lfaraone hhardy: albiet non-sugar devel, but they still need trac.
16:40 hhardy lfaraone you have to ask ed about that
16:40 lfaraone: you have to ask ed about that
16:40 adric I was going to nominate Ed, but he's been nice so far..
16:40 lfaraone edmcnierney: I'm pretty sure you want trac still, right?
16:40 hhardy I don't know what the current plans are going forward
16:40 edmcnierney: ping?
16:40 dogi #topic
16:40 cjb Hi.
16:41 dogi #topic Migration to W91 and cleaning the Serverroom at 1cc
16:41 hhardy wave cjb
16:41 cjb SL are migrating Sugar bugs over to SL's Trac
16:41 they'll leave notes on the OLPC bugs saying what the new address for the bug is
16:41 dogi http://kuku.laptop.org/1ccw91/
16:41 cjb no change other than that, so nothing for VIG
16:41 hhardy we still have need for olpc trac also?
16:41 cjb yes
16:41 dogi yes
16:41 hhardy ok
16:41 lfaraone That's what I thought...
16:43 hhardy what about w91 etc?
16:43 dogi http://kuku.laptop.org/1ccw91/1CC W91 027.JPG
16:43 first download.l.o
16:44 i don t have access there ...
16:44 hhardy have to talk to cscott I think
16:44 cjb I do
16:44 (got it yesterday)
16:44 dogi a that XO (laptop) server needs to be moved ,,,
16:45 cjb: cool
16:45 cjb which server would you like to move it to?
16:46 dogi jabber.laptop.org is the next serverdesktop which has to be moved
16:46 cjb, download is not in a ideal place there on top of the rack ...
16:47 http://kuku.laptop.org/1ccw91/1CC W91 008.JPG
16:47 i want to move it to the tables ...
16:48 hhardy the best place for download might be at w-91
16:48 lfaraone Vis-a-vis teach, if it isn't used and is hosted at W91, would we be able to donate its services to SL?
16:48 dogi in all now we have 12 desktop/laptop server which needs ur love
16:48 hhardy teach is a desktop its not really suitable for w-91
16:48 cjb dogi: right, but tell me what machine you want to serve as its replacement
16:48 lfaraone hhardy: ah, not familiar with the center.
16:48 cjb the reason we used an XO is that there weren't any spare servers
16:49 (oh, same machine, different place, okay)
16:49 hhardy these pictures we are seeing are of the OLPC server room in 1cc
16:49 dogi +1
16:49 adric hhardy: Would it be really bad to aim RT at the VIG mailing list?
16:49 cjb adric: yes
16:49 lfaraone adric: I'd unsubscribe.
16:49 adric: in less than 30 seconds
16:49 dogi me too
16:49 _bernie urgh I was out for dinner
16:49 lfaraone adric: or your money back
16:50 hey _bernie
16:50 hhardy -2 adric
16:50 adric I'm about to unsubscribe from .l.o over this myself . so I understand
16:50 cjl wakes up and looks around. . .
16:50 adric but I have this vi window opena nd I'me not closing it until I aim it something other than my primary mailbox (which gets enough mail, thanks)
16:50 dogi adric, https://www.google.com/a/lapto[…]ault&ltmplcache=2
16:50 lfaraone adric: point it at a filter
16:50 adric seconds cjl's self-nomination
16:51 lfaraone adric: or, as dogi said, to gmail. :)
16:51 dogi we need only define a new email box there
16:51 adric what is the gmail box from that mess?
16:51 lfaraone adric: gmail.l.o
16:51 adric oh. Lol
16:51 lfaraone adric: anyemailyouwant@gmail.l.o
16:52 adric rt@ ? Can someone add that please?
16:52 dogi lfaraone, no but nearly
16:52 yes
16:52 lfaraone dogi: I smell an #ACTIONITEM
16:52 hhardy don't call it rt
16:52 rt knows itself as that
16:52 lfaraone hhardy: why not?
16:52 adric rt-solar ?
16:52 hhardy call it rt-admin or something
16:52 lfaraone hhardy: rt-debug?
16:52 hhardy yea
16:52 dogi please not rt@l.o
16:52 adric solar-rt ?
16:52 dogi bingo
16:54 so then to W91
16:54 http://kuku.laptop.org/1ccw91/1CC W91 041.JPG
16:55 i m upgrading awk.laptop.org to 16GB
16:55 so that that machine is kvm capable
16:55 hhardy is a 64 bit system?
16:56 dogi it is no an amd
16:56 adric dogi: please, which address did you create for rt ?
16:56 dogi but still
16:56 rt.mogidi.net
16:56 adric lfaraone: Remind me to ask later how you made IRC do bold.
16:56 hhardy [this week's minutes are now posted at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC[…]_Minutes_and_Logs ]
16:57 lfaraone adric: sure.
16:57 hhardy 7 minutes to 5
16:57 adric dogi: email address ?
16:57 cjl adric: http://chatzilla.hacksrus.com/faq/#colors covers tah tpretty well
16:58 dogi #topic DNS
16:58 adric cjl,lfaraone : hmm,k
16:59 dogi hhardy: am I right that u are able to run a DNS server?
16:59 hhardy that I know how?
16:59 adric dogi: Please, did you create a mailbox, or should I aim this at you?
16:59 dogi or 2 :P
16:59 hhardy adric give him till after the meeting
17:00 trying to do too much during meeting leads to chaos
17:00 dogi adric, yes ask me after the meeting
17:00 adric Fine.
17:00 dogi cause we dont have direct DNS access for now
17:00 lfaraone hhardy: is awk in use?
17:01 hhardy I know named very well, and gated, these days suggest using tinydns tho
17:01 dogi and i want to ask if we are able do run DNS by ur self
17:01 what do we need for that ... DNS system?
17:01 hhardy anyone with a routable address can act as source of authority for a domain
17:02 generally speaking
17:02 dogi yes
17:02 cjb dogi: what are you proposing be run?
17:03 (and where?)
17:03 confused
17:03 hhardy right now medai.mit.edu is the source of authority for the laptop.org domain
17:03 dogi cjb, for now my plan is to ask medialab if we can access their dns, but if that don t works
17:04 hhardy and it is owned by mbletsas
17:04 dogi i only wanted to know if we could/would do
17:04 dns by ur own systems
17:04 hhardy we could host it but I am not volunteering to set it up or run it
17:04 I will advise
17:04 dogi lol
17:05 _bernie dogi: for the DNS, I'm very experienced.  I can handle that.
17:05 dogi: I have a dozen of domains already
17:05 dogi _bernie, thx
17:05 _bernie with several slaves
17:05 lfaraone _bernie: /me organizes a slave rebellion.
17:05 dogi #topic kvm on thinker
17:05 cjl 5
17:07 hhardy I'm Spartacus!
17:07 dogi lol
17:08 today I started to install all kvm related packages on thinker
17:08 hhardy actionitem Bernie to assist with DNS?
17:08 dogi ups
17:08 #action  Bernie to assist with DNS
17:09 i hope by tomorrow it is a kvm server ...
17:09 i will upgrade the docs on internalwiki
17:10 questions?
17:10 #topic update the to monitored systems in bigsister on thinker and in the VM on owl (W91)
17:11 hhardy I would like to hand over maintaining bigsister to VIG also I will help whoever wants to take it to understand
17:12 dogi hmm
17:12 hhardy theres essentially only one configuration file you need to worry about unless you want to get fancy
17:13 cjb dogi: cool.  thinker's just doing big sister at the moment, and you want to offer kvm hosting on it?
17:13 dogi bingo
17:13 _bernie hhardy: I have exactly 0 experience with bigsister, but I was looking for something like that for sugarlabs
17:14 hhardy didn't sl set up munin recently?
17:14 _bernie hhardy: indeed, but it has a slightly different usecase
17:15 hhardy: munin has nice detailed graphs, but lacks a high level summary of all servers
17:15 and alarms
17:15 hhardy sure if you want to assist with maintaining bs for olpc the configuration is easily transportable to another setup once you understand it
17:16 _bernie if nobody else commits to take over bigsister, I'll give it a shot
17:16 hhardy: the "once you understand it" part scares me :-)
17:16 hhardy dogi bernie would need root to maintain bs on thinker do you want to put it on a vm?
17:17 if you mess up you probably get all purples
17:17 _bernie hhardy: lol
17:17 dogi hhardy: yes and :P
17:18 hhardy I dont know maybe secret stuff is going there lol
17:18 _bernie the thing monitoring all VMs running in yet another VM is a bit funny, but ok
17:18 hhardy bernie are you in italy now?
17:18 dogi #topic link of the week: #  http://www.ubuntu.com/products[…]tion/features/ec2
17:18 _bernie hhardy: yep
17:19 dogi #topic new business
17:19 _bernie and looking for ways to come back to the US with a better visa next time
17:19 hhardy my 50th birthday party tomorrow is my only new business 7-9 pm at charlies kitchen in harvard square
17:20 dogi :P
17:20 i will be there
17:20 adric congrads on your escape _bernie
17:20 cjb oh, I had something
17:20 SL was hoping we could donate a server to them
17:20 hhardy awesome see if wife wants to invite friends :)
17:21 that was to dogi not cjb lol
17:21 _bernie adric: from the US? actually I was forced to leave by immigration law :-)
17:21 cjb but Ed said he wanted a catalog of our servers first
17:21 and which ones are not in use
17:21 hhardy dogi is there a box that would be possible to donate to sl?
17:22 cjb dogi was working on that catalog, I think?
17:22 hhardy: we already know there's at least one spare box
17:22 dogi jupp
17:22 hhardy there's the invetory on google docs
17:22 that has most of the server room equipment
17:22 _bernie dogi: did we find some more ram for it?
17:22 hhardy incl serial numbers and the like
17:22 cjb dogi: so, which machines are spare?
17:23 dogi <dogi> http://kuku.laptop.org/1ccw91/1CC W91 041.JPG
17:23 <dogi> i m upgrading awk.laptop.org to 16GB
17:23 cjb hhardy: yeah, the problem isn't that we don't think we have a spare, but that Ed wants to knoe about _every_ spare before accepting that we're going to donate one
17:23 dogi but for that i need to flash the bios ...
17:23 cjb so, we need a current catalog of exactly which machines are free.
17:23 dogi: do we have this now?
17:23 dogi the ram
17:23 yes
17:24 cjb no.
17:24 the catalog of which machines are free.
17:24 dogi axo
17:24 no ... not finished ...
17:24 cjb since the blocker is getting Ed's permission, not having more RAM
17:25 okay, fine.  so for next time we should add to the agenda that we're still waiting on a list of machine status.
17:25 _bernie thanks
17:25 a physical machine would be very appreciated.
17:25 hhardy cjb: added to proposed agenda
17:25 cjb thanks
17:25 dogi #action catalog of which machines are free
17:26 cjb _bernie: that's the plan, yeah
17:26 dogi #endmeeting

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