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#olpc-admin, 2008-12-02

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:05 hhardy hi gary
16:06 garycmartin Hi hhardy, was on wrong irc server :-)
16:06 hhardy nod
16:06 dogi hi
16:07 hi gary
16:07 hhardy #agenda
16:07    *  bernie wiki updates/openid
16:07    * (nobody) research nice free backup management tools
16:07    * dogi servers of VIG
16:07          o adric rt (old/private/public backup)
16:07          o jason/erik maps
16:07          o dogi idea
16:07          o seth blog
16:07 garycmartin dogi: hi!
16:07 hhardy          o henry bigsister
16:07          o (nobody) pootle
16:07    * documentation of VIG-Server
16:07    * new laptop.org site
16:07          o XO and the new laptop.org site
16:07    * other ideas :P
16:08 ping: bernie
16:08 ok moving to next item then
16:08 #TOPIC research nice free backup management tools
16:09 we had a member who was going to look into nice front-ends for backups
16:09 but he has real life situations
16:09 so is anyone interested to look into this question?
16:10 particularly it would be nice to be able to manage the database backup and restores from one place
16:10 hmmm ok open issue then
16:10 #topic dogi servers of VIG
16:10 dogi hi all
16:11 like I introduced in the last meeting
16:11 we now are able to have Servers run by VIG
16:13 _bernie ciao
16:13 dogi for everybody who has an interesting service proposual
16:13 send a email to ur mailinglist or
16:13 say it here in this meetings
16:14 hhardy olpc-sysadmin@laptop.org
16:14 dogi thx henry
16:14 _bernie can we add an item to the schedule please?  sugar@l.o -> sugar-devel@sl.o
16:14 hhardy dogi: do you want to say something about the servers which VIG helps to admin?
16:15 bernie: you can send a ticket to sysadmin@laptop.org to request this it should not be a problem
16:15 dogi at first we have the new RT server which adric wants to set up
16:16 then there is maps which is a replacement for the actual community map
16:16 hhardy we are splitting the current rt between "public" and "private"
16:16 private=NDA stuff, finance, HR and administration stuff
16:17 dogi owned by nobody we have pootle and idea
16:17 hhardy also dogi is setting up an rt sandbox for testing
16:17 dogi ... http://idea.mogidi.net/ideatorrent/
16:19 hhardy as far as pootle this should be referred to sayamindu but perhaps some people are interested in helping him
16:19 ideatorrent... dogi could you explain a bit on how we might be using this?
16:20 dogi basically we want to have a service where non programmers can help us with ideas
16:21 so we a have feedback and we know what is the thing we should improve ...
16:21 hhardy how will these ideas turn into actionable trac items?
16:21 _bernie hhardy: ok
16:21 hhardy bernie: we have an agenda item to talk about wiki and openid we will come back to
16:21 dogi if u look at brainstorm.ubuntu.com
16:22 there are 4 step form the idea to the trac/git :)
16:22 garycmartin dogi: (slight feeling that we have too many ideas and not enough implementers, but I guess filtering for ideas, is a good idea)
16:22 hhardy garycmartin: +1
16:22 dogi :) thx
16:23 but what i need there is 2 things
16:24 a redesign of the page ... olpc logo and ... maybe green color
16:24 and moderator for this platform ....
16:24 +s
16:24 hhardy anyone interested in making look nice and/or admining an ideatorrent?
16:25 right now I am between 0 and -1 on ideatorrent
16:25 feel it is a solution looking for a problem
16:25 which we already have sufficient of those for 5 sysadmins
16:26 dogi will ask ideatorrent people for help ...
16:26 _bernie what's an ideatorrent? :)
16:26 dogi _bernie: brainstorm.ubuntu.com
16:27 and ideatorrent.org
16:28 it is a service based on drupal
16:28 edmcnierney Hi there - sorry to be late.  I got booted from all irc.oftc.net channels and didn't notice :(
16:28 dogi hi ed
16:28 hhardy this is how we end up supporting vserver, xen, kvm,
16:28 etc.
16:28 edmcnierney: no worries, transcript will be posted
16:29 dogi edmcnierney: http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0081202_1605.html
16:29 hhardy and how we end up with 3 wikis, drupal, 6+ websites, and wordpress
16:30 I just want to use Occam's razor a bit
16:30 dogi ???
16:30 edmcnierney dogi: Danke.
16:30 hhardy entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem
16:30 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occam%27s_Razor
16:30 edmcnierney dogi: hhardy thinks he needs a shave.
16:30 dogi lol
16:31 hhardy so does chuck he said I resemble santa today lol
16:31 edmcnierney dogi: You're looking a bit rough yourself.
16:31 hhardy maybe he needs a present I will have to figure out if he is naughty or nice :)
16:32 let's identify needs and find the right tools, not set up cool tools then try to figure out how to integrate them
16:32 however I have no objection to ideatorrent as a VIG community led project
16:32 dogi +1
16:33 adric +1
16:34 garycmartin dogi: More ideas are great, but I do feel so guilty when I can't do anything about solving them. +1
16:34 hhardy garycmartin: example?
16:35 garycmartin: hopefully VIG is a place where you can help with solving the problems
16:35 _bernie garycmartin: yeah, more than a process to elect new ideas, we need something to get ideas done ;)
16:35 hhardy we have a lot of "thinkers" so more "doers" are also needed
16:35 garycmartin hhardy: I have lot's of sub projects, and my time is too thin spread between them all.
16:35 hhardy Dogi and I are laughing at our desks on this gary, we relate
16:36 garycmartin hhardy: Glad it's not just me then :-) (or perhaps not, hmmm)
16:37 adric nods quicy while catching up on chores.
16:37 hhardy #TOPIC adric rt (old/private/public backup)
16:37 adric It's a big topic :)
16:37 Any more of those email errors come in?
16:37 hhardy Dogi is setting up the sandbox
16:38 those come occasionally
16:38 havent seen since I posted
16:38 I think we will leave "private" wiki on solar and make the "public" wiki on swan
16:39 so we would migrate a copy of the existing database to swan, then edit both rt's to have only the desired content
16:39 accessible
16:39 using sandbox as the staging/testing environment
16:39 adric: that in accord with your thinking?
16:40 it was the gist of my meeting with Kim this morning WRT RT
16:40 dogi adric: how big u want the harddrive on new RT system? I will add a second harddrive ...
16:40 hhardy new RT system=sandbox RT
16:41 swan has 4.5 TB so plenty space there
16:41 adric That's the part i'm not sure about.. the sandbox I'm using is helpful but not big enough for prod .. and what platform are we deploying the new prdo system on?
16:41 hhardy it might be easier to put both the staging environment and the live environment on swan
16:41 similar to crank and pedal
16:41 AMD 64 ubuntu
16:41 dogi but for now the sandbox runs on kuku (dogi desktop)
16:42 adric: yes
16:42 adric Sounds it. I'd like them to have the same OS and VM setup, please :)
16:43 I've got RT installed in the sandbox and will be transferring in data (db) for test upgrade this week sometime
16:44 hhardy adric: what are the top 2 or 3 "hot issues" for RT?
16:44 adric Hmm. Spam and missed emails, I think .. let me look
16:45 oh and db backup system, that's hot
16:45 hhardy yeah
16:45 dogi backup +1
16:45 hhardy +1
16:45 adric Anybody i sthe room who is comfortable in Postgres ?
16:45 dogi :)
16:46 adric It's a open question if we should think about switching to mysql...
16:46 garycmartin adric: no, mysql was my poison.
16:47 adric Oh, hhardy your clone and pare down plan sounds okay to divide public and private, bt we should boune it off the rt list/channel to see if there are any huge surprises.
16:47 hhardy we have more mysql than postgres in service currently
16:47 yes
16:47 garycmartin: what was mysql issue
16:48 adric I think he means that what he knows better.Me too.
16:48 garycmartin hhardy: no mysql issue, adric, yea it's what I know best vs Postgres.
16:48 hhardy ah IC as in choose your poison
16:48 adric So if we wanted to attempt that as we build the new RTs .. that could be a big deal itself.
16:49 hhardy remember there are people here for whom english is not their 1st or 2nd language
16:49 adric more 'fun' to think about. I should have preliminary upgrade test for next meeting, and we can plot from there
16:49 hhardy after the meeting remind me to tell the story of the "Foh-Wah-Eh-Vah"
16:50 is4: ping
16:50 bernie: ping
16:50 edmcnierney sorry - got interrupted for a bit - I can chime in on Postgres assistance if needed.
16:50 hhardy edmcnierney: ty
16:50 adric edmcnierney: Ah great, may need to bend your ear after the meeeting then.
16:51 hhardy #TOPIC Bigsister
16:51 _bernie hhardy: hey
16:51 pong
16:51 hhardy aha
16:51 _bernie I was slow
16:51 hhardy #TOPIC bernie wiki updates/openid
16:52 you recently updated sugar wiki and added openid support?
16:52 bernie: you recently updated sugar wiki and added openid support?
16:54 hmmmm
16:54 time
16:54 _sj_ hiya
16:54 hhardy hi
16:55 dogi hi sj
16:55 hhardy regarding big sister, the only changes we are discussing is setting up monitors and clients on more amchines, and adding paging and notification
16:55 #TOPIC big sister
16:55 _bernie hhardy: oh you did not say my name
16:55 hhardy ok stay here pls
16:56 _bernie hhardy: oh yes you did... so pidgin is broken today
16:56 hhardy #TOPIC bernie wiki updates/openid
16:56 sorry missed the underscore
16:56 _bernie ok. so, it's an easy extension to install.  I can do it for the olpc wikis, or help anyone who wants to do it
16:56 hhardy you will help us upgrade wiki and add openid?
16:56 _bernie sure... I can come over tomorrow
16:57 hhardy ok
16:57 _bernie 3PM is ok?
16:57 hhardy fine
16:57 thx bernie
16:57 or I should say
16:57 _bernie one is glad to be of service
16:57 hhardy _bernie: thanks
16:57 one is appreciative of such service
16:57 _bernie oh, that's the catch! pidgin does not highlight "bernie"
16:58 I got it configured only in xchat
16:58 hhardy #TOPIC documentation of VIG-Server
16:58 dogi hi ian
16:59 yes lets discuss where to docment this new sandboxes ...
16:59 +u
16:59 hhardy on internal for now
16:59 dogi it s not good to document on internal
16:59 hhardy ACTION ITEM: move/copy non-confidential sysamdin docs to git
17:00 dogi: agree but there is sensitivity about security and proprietary information so we need some management feedback before we go live with "public" docs
17:00 having stuff on iternal is especially useless when internal is down
17:00 adric mumbles "Ugh, git."
17:00 hhardy with git everyone can have the tree checked out
17:01 dogi hhardy: a new section in the teamwiki?
17:01 hhardy possible
17:01 let's take this for more discussion next week
17:01 is4: ping
17:02 seth blog and new laptop.org site tabled to next week also then
17:02 anything further?
17:02 adric One little thing ..
17:02 is4 hhardy, sorry guys, I'm in another meeting.
17:02 If you have general comments or questions on l.o or  blog.l.o?
17:03 hhardy is4: can come next week?
17:03 is4 Uh, maybe?
17:03 hhardy dogi wanted to talk about the sandboxes I think
17:03 adric I just tripped an ssh key blacklist with a key generated on the prod rt server (in solar). Are we not up to ate on ssl/ssh packages?
17:03 hhardy dogi: let seth know what are the issues and he can respond in email perhaps
17:03 dogi ok :) mail ...
17:04 hhardy adric: don't know should be followed up, ticket to sysadmin please
17:04 adric hhardy: roger
17:04 hhardy any further?
17:04 #endmeeting

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