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#olpc-admin, 2008-11-25

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Time Nick Message
16:04 garycmartin Hi joef, just a volunteer working on some XO qa scripts.
16:04 dogi can everybody short present himself?
16:04 is Stefan Unterhauser
16:04 joef hi garycmartin
16:05 i lead QA at OLPC
16:05 adric adric is Ben S. Knowles, olpc volunteer
16:05 joef is Joe Feinstein
16:06 dogi #topic agenda
16:06 #  bernie wiki updates/openid
16:06 # dogi to setup google spreadsheet for website usability test matrix
16:07 #  henry backups
16:07    * swan needs backup
16:07    * databases need backups
16:07    * TSM backups for all
16:07 # cjl research nice free backup management tools
16:07 #  KVM update for VIG
16:07 # dogi servers of VIG
16:07    * adric updates rt-new.laptop.org/rt.mogidi.net
16:07    * jason updates maps.laptop.org/maps.mogidi.net
16:07 #  joe XO on the new laptop.org test
16:07 # webteam CMS for website www.laptop.org
16:07    * i18n/pootle
16:07    * git
16:07 #  google search laptop: laptop.org is only on the last place on the first site
16:07 # other ideas :P
16:08 sorry ... bad bot :P
16:08 garycmartin2 (sorry problems with irc here, just trying a different client)
16:08 dogi #topic openid
16:08 _bernie ping ?
16:08 garycmartin2 damn, still broken :-(
16:09 dogi since left a notice that he is little late ..
16:09 #topic VIG servers
16:10 ups garycmartin2 what is broken?
16:10 hi ian
16:10 hmmm
16:10 ok back to VIG servers
16:11 since in olpc we now have 2 ubuntu/kvm machines
16:11 adric ooooh, yay!
16:11 dogi I m able to give every VIG Member his sandbox
16:12 yes adric uyou was one of the first :)
16:12 -u
16:13 do u have updates ... on rt-new.laptop.org front ?
16:13 #topic rt-new.laptop.org
16:13 adric?
16:14 adric Yep. I'm going to be using it to try out rt3.8 on a copy of the prod DB to see how that goes.
16:14 dogi can u docment what u change on ur sandbox?
16:14 adric dogi: Right, once I figure out where to put things.
16:15 dogi i m fine with that ... but maybe write down what u wnated to do ...
16:16 so later we now what was your plan :P
16:16 upsa know
16:16 adric Right :)
16:16 dogi thx
16:16 adric Seine Englisch is sehr gut :)
16:17 dogi :)
16:17 #topic maps.laptop.org
16:17 adric I'll mail the list one I have something to share. Holiday week here in the states, so pretty crzy.
16:17 _bernie here!
16:17 sorry for being late
16:17 dogi cause jason is already in his thanksgiving holiday i will speak for him
16:18 http://g1g1maps.unterhauser.name/jason/
16:18 _bernie dogi: let me know when you want to rehash the wiki/openid session.
16:18 dogi is a new prototyp
16:18 hi bernie
16:18 ok
16:18 new prototyp
16:20 ... it is repalcement for the http://maps.google.com/maps/ms[…]01132ad0d5f3d14f8
16:20 which we have problem with vandalism
16:20 adric Oh, spammers?
16:21 is4 No, people just deleting stuff
16:21 dogi is there anybody interrestet to help jason?
16:22 #topic openid
16:22 bernie ... ur turn
16:23 _bernie dogi: shall I go on?
16:23 dogi yah
16:24 i know u was able openiding sugarlabs wikipage?
16:24 how difficult is that?
16:27 _bernie sorry, I got dropped off irc
16:27 dogi #topic VIG members sandbox requests?
16:27 _bernie not too difficult, I can install it on all wikis or help whoever will do it
16:27 dogi #topic opneid
16:27 ups
16:27 _bernie the implementation is actually not very conforming/flexible
16:28 dogi #topic openid
16:28 _bernie dogi: who is in charge for the wikis? I could come over tomorrow and we'll do it together
16:28 dogi: we should also do it for trac
16:29 dogi for me that is fine ...
16:29 maybe first wiki
16:29 and later trac ...
16:29 but want i wanted to know
16:30 is had u problems during that passwd.login migration
16:30 ???
16:31 or does now all works fine?
16:31 _bernie err... actually if you ever use openid to login once, then you can't use your wiki user as an openid _server_ to authenticate against other wikis
16:32 maybe I should rephrase that
16:32 you can either:
16:32 1) use your existing openid to access the wiki
16:32 2) use your wiki user to access other openid-enabled sites
16:32 dogi ok
16:32 _bernie but if you do (1) at least once, you can't do (2) ever again
16:33 it's so by design, apparently, I've looked at the code
16:33 plus, the openid engine does not support redirects, etc.
16:33 dogi hmmm there is no way back ???
16:33 ok
16:33 _bernie I had to delete the record in the db to make it work
16:33 or we could patch the php code to remove that chack
16:33 *check
16:33 anyway, I think we want to do (1) mainly
16:34 I also know a generic openid provider called phpopenid
16:34 dogi yes and no
16:34 _bernie but it's not multiuser
16:34 dogi i wanted to have only 2
16:34 _bernie when is hhardy back from vacation btw?
16:34 dogi on monday
16:34 adric Hmm, seems like we nee to clarify ..
16:34 _bernie you probably already have plenty of openid's
16:34 adric If we're doing this whole hog, I would think oid.l.o would be better for 2
16:35 dogi so I think that is the best day to change something
16:35 _bernie dogi: http://openid.net/get/
16:35 adric: you can have both... openid lets you delegate
16:35 adric: I mean, you can say "www.bernie-is-such-a-hacker.com/" is my openid...
16:36 adric _bernie: True, mroe for nomenclature and support. Dont' want to confuse the suers
16:36 _bernie ...when in fact that page is just static html with <meta ...> tags pointing at a real openid provider
16:36 adric oooh, right.
16:36 dogi ok _bernie
16:36 _bernie adric: I prefer my openid to be "http://codewiz.org/", for example.
16:37 dogi #action bernie at 1cc on monday?
16:37 garycmartin dogi: (any google or yahoo account works as openid these days)
16:37 _bernie the point of openid is _exactly_ that every user gets to choose where to keep it for _all_ the internet sites out there
16:37 dogi: approved.
16:37 dogi thx
16:37 _bernie ;-)
16:37 dogi what I wanted to ask befor
16:37 _bernie we can decide to work on openid all afternoon
16:38 dogi is there a VIG member who wants a sandbox...
16:39 #topic www.laptop.org
16:39 most person here know that ... but we have a new front page
16:40 and there we have a lot of little problems
16:41 #topic XO for testing the web page -- joef
16:42 for now I did the most testing on normal machiens
16:42 ups
16:42 machines
16:42 joef dogi showed me that something doesn't work well on XO
16:43 dogi and today I ask joef to look laptop.org from the persective of his XO
16:43 the browse acitvity
16:43 joef dogi - please provide details
16:43 dogi XO/opera XO/firefox
16:43 garycmartin dogi: wow that banner fade sure is slow on an XO.
16:44 adric must be javascript
16:44 joef garycmartin: it's not just that
16:44 dogi we have 3 different thing that need to be tested
16:44 flash from flickr
16:44 flash form youtube
16:44 and map from google
16:45 the rest for now is a static webpage
16:45 garycmartin: I know
16:46 garycmartin dogi: I can see the map is going to be touch on the XO for sure, its even quite painful on my full sized machine.
16:46 (touch==tough)
16:46 dogi and what we need is maybe is4 fallbackplans to ogg videos
16:46 ping is4
16:46 is4 If someone is good at ogg  encoding I would be happy to send sources to them
16:47 I don't know right now.  It's still very fluid as to the video hosting
16:48 Right now I think that it's safe to assume that none of the flash works and wont for a little while.
16:48 I am going to look into how archive.org does flash/ogg
16:48 dogi #action seth ogg/archive.org
16:49 garycmartin is4: yea, just testing some of the flash flicker streams, none working here (just get blank white).
16:50 which page is the map on again?
16:50 dogi children / countries
16:53 garycmartin-6cc6 sorry, my XOborked out trying to view the rotating XO flash.
16:53 dogi #topic CMS for the new page
16:54 adric Whoops, I'm almost out of battery here. Going to duck out early, sorry.
16:54 dogi for now www.laptop.org is a static webpage
16:55 is looking for a cms system which has i18n abilties
16:56 adric Uh, sure. From a sysad perspetive you really want that root page to be static, to survive traffic flux.
16:57 dogi but for now that high traffic is over ...
16:57 I tell u what i have in mind
16:57 since in olpc/laptop.org the python knowledge is required ... django
16:58 what do you think about that?
16:59 http://www.djangoproject.com
16:59 garycmartin-6cc6 dogi: read good things about it, but never used it myself in anger.
16:59 adric is popular with th linuxchix, but I haven't poked it myself
16:59 poofs.
17:00 dogi http://docs.djangoproject.com/[…]18n/?from=olddocs
17:02 #topic other
17:02 ideas?
17:02 did I forget something?
17:02 garycmartin-6cc6 dogi: Is this the place to ping joef about multi-xo testbed script?
17:03 dogi: or is that wrong infrastructure :-)
17:04 dogi maybe try
17:04 joef garycmartin-6cc6: what do you want from me?
17:04 garycmartin-6cc6 joef: Just want to make sure I make the script work for you.
17:05 joef garycmartin-6cc6: ok, is it ready?
17:05 garycmartin-6cc6 joef: it's running fine on the 3 xos here, but I have a design choice to make...
17:05 joef garycmartin-6cc6: which one?
17:06 garycmartin-6cc6 joef: ...I can store logs based on IP or based on XO serial number...
17:06 joef garycmartin-6cc6: actually, on both!
17:07 garycmartin-6cc6 joef: ... IP is the easy one, but if XOs get new DHCP IP addresses, each log ends up (over time) with data from different XOs in.
17:07 joef garycmartin-6cc6: but serial # is certainly critical
17:07 garycmartin-6cc6: right
17:07 dogi #endmeeting

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