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#olpc-admin, 2008-11-18

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Time Nick Message
15:59 hhardy who is here?
16:03 dogi hi all
16:03 hhardy there is no all just me lol
16:03 dogi :)
16:04 hhardy I discussed a few things to do about rt with adric
16:04 backups
16:04 dogi to u saw the last point I added
16:04 ups
16:04 do u
16:04 is4 Hello
16:04 dogi hi is4
16:05 hhardy hi is4
16:05 ed, bernie, adric said they cant make it today
16:05 dogi #topic VIG kvm server?
16:05 cjl hey is4
16:05 is4 hey cjl
16:05 hhardy ok
16:06 #topic G1G1 issues
16:06 the way the web sie was implmented on swan can use some improvements
16:06 namely everything on one 10 GB partition when there is 4.5 TB free
16:06 and it needs backups
16:07 what else nbeeds doing infrastructure wise as a priority for g1g1?
16:08 mchua I'm here for a bit, though I'm probably not too useful this week
16:08 hhardy mchua what you busy with? testing?
16:09 dogi the 3 virtual machines are backuped with git?
16:10 hhardy the website content is
16:10 not logfiles and settings
16:10 dogi and the documentation in the wikis
16:10 hmm
16:11 hhardy ah thats a good point we should think about migrating our documentation off of internal into git
16:11 dogi we need to test the laptop.org site ...
16:11 hhardy #ACTION ITEM put documtnation from itnernal to git
16:11 dogi :)
16:11 hhardy test it how
16:12 dogi with all different browsers and OSes look if all works ....
16:13 and then send website@laptop.org
16:13 hhardy ok who is going to do that?
16:13 dogi we all ...?
16:14 cjl I've got IE6 and IE7 available, also FF3, but you guys probably have plenty of those.
16:14 dogi everybody has maybe a diffenerent setup ...
16:14 hhardy there are stats for the new site at laptop.org/awstats/awstats.html
16:14 cjl Must check with Browse too.
16:15 dogi ok then u do IE6 and IE7
16:15 hhardy you need to be logged into a machine in the subnet tho
16:15 cjl sure, write results to website@laptop.org
16:15 hhardy not sure if VIG people have such accounts
16:15 adric does
16:15 dogi thx hardy that was the next thing i wanted to say
16:15 cjl nope
16:15 hhardy on rt
16:15 dogi it working only in the medialab network
16:16 +s
16:16 hhardy email a ticket to sysadmin and I will put up user accounts on thinker.l.o which is my workstation at work
16:16 cjl so you are not talking www.l.o ?
16:16 hhardy the one at home is called cow
16:16 but its not in dns
16:16 yes is www.l.o
16:16 dogi jupp
16:16 the site is new
16:17 cjl But not the currently public content?  I'm a little confused by talk of special accts.
16:17 hhardy to see the stats
16:17 cjl oh
16:17 hhardy you need to be looking from a machine in 18.85.x.x
16:17 not crank or pedla
16:17 pedal
16:17 cjl doesn't need to see stats to do www.l.o testing
16:17 dogi use XForwarding ...
16:18 hhardy you can see what browsers people are using and what pages are error
16:18 or lynx
16:19 dogi who wants to test lynx , w3, links?
16:19 ups w3m
16:20 hhardy flock,
16:20 dogi lol
16:20 flock ... me :)
16:20 cjl still has netscape on a Win2k machine somewhere.
16:20 dogi nice
16:20 hhardy let's invite testing gang and support gang to help with website usability testing
16:21 #ACTION ITEM let's invite testing gang and support gang to help with website usability testing
16:21 dogi ok
16:21 sandbox?
16:21 cjl hhardy: If an e-m,ail to sg list qualifies as a report, that would be really easy.
16:22 hhardy copy email to web-team@l.o?
16:22 dogi website@l.o
16:23 next item ...
16:23 :P
16:23 sandbox?
16:23 hhardy #topic let's invite testing gang and support gang to help with website usability testing
16:23 oops
16:23 #topic wiki updates/openid
16:24 dogi hui
16:24 _bernie is not here ...
16:24 hhardy we should think about when to upgrade sematic wiki and also what it takes to add openid support to public wiki
16:24 cjl uh, just a second.  Need to know all versions to test e.g. www.l.o and http://www-static.laptop.org/es//
16:24 hhardy can someone make a website testing matrix on wiki?
16:25 cjl No point in ignoring other langs, usability test doesn't imply comprehension :-)
16:25 hhardy maybe pick the top 10 browsers from awstats?
16:25 mchua sees the word "testing"
16:25 dogi cjl: mom i setup a google docs ...
16:25 hhardy ok a google doc would do fine
16:26 I'm not sure what mom is doing in that sentence lol
16:26 cjl quiets down and allows progression to wikiupdates openid discussion
16:27 hhardy #ACTION ITEM Dogi to setup google spreadsheet for website usability test matrix
16:27 ok on the matter of updating wiki I think it needs to wait a week or two and hopefully G1G1 madness will be subsiding
16:27 dogi need ur gmail adresses
16:27 mchua ah shoot, I have to run to support. email me if I'm needed.
16:28 hhardy hhardy01@gmail.com
16:28 dogi cjl?
16:28 cjl cjlhomeaddress @
16:28 mchua|away metamel @ gmail
16:29 hhardy #topic backups
16:29 we need to do more with backups
16:29 #ACTION ITEM swan needs backup
16:29 #ACTION ITEM databases need backups
16:30 #ACTION ITEM TSM backups for all
16:30 dogi tomorrow?
16:30 hhardy dogi and I to shut ourselves in server room tomorrow and work on same
16:30 dogi yes
16:30 hhardy and document
16:30 cjl hhardy: what sort of backup automation do you have access to?
16:30 hhardy we will lurk this chan if people want to kibbitz
16:31 big disk array on grinch, rsync
16:31 TSM tape robot at MIT
16:31 up to 10 TB limit
16:31 cjl I mean scheduling tools (e.g. Backup Exec)
16:31 hhardy per machine
16:31 cron?
16:31 lol
16:31 recommend anything free?
16:31 cjl Things tha run them automagically based on config and sends nice e-mails about success/failure?
16:32 hhardy nothing atm
16:32 cjl Let me poke around, it's a nice way to have things set up.
16:32 hhardy except tsm client
16:32 nod
16:32 _bernie was unable to take part, sorry
16:32 hhardy #ACTION ITEM cjl research nice free backup management tools
16:32 cjl the OS is Fedora?
16:32 hhardy hi bernie
16:33 mostly fedora
16:33 cjl Others?
16:33 hhardy oops
16:33 mostly ubuntu, a few fedora or debian
16:33 cjl k
16:34 hhardy anything further on backups?
16:34 #topic server for VIG
16:34 dogi?
16:34 cjl Since you do it to TSM, off-siting isn't an issue right?
16:34 dogi yeah
16:34 hhardy cjl aye
16:34 cjl cool
16:34 dogi on kuku and on swan we use kvm
16:34 hhardy as long as MIT will host us its much cheaper than commercial rate
16:35 VIG cant be on swan thats a "nonpublic" machine
16:35 could be on kuku tho
16:35 dogi #link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K[…]d_Virtual_Machine
16:35 so now it is easy to build servers ...
16:36 does VIG want to have a server
16:36 hhardy dogi what would we put on a VIG server?
16:37 I think dogi has discovered a solution which needs a problem now :)
16:37 accessing awstats
16:37 cjl Monitoring tools?
16:38 hhardy thats a good enough rationale
16:38 aye
16:38 cjl rummages for more problems
16:38 When swan wnet down, did you guys get a nice little e-mail from something like servers alive, or did you find out from a user?
16:38 dogi dogi want VIG people to put something on this server :P
16:38 hhardy we need to set up alerting from Big Sister
16:39 #ACTION ITEM set up alerting from Big Sister
16:39 cjl I know you use Big Sis web-based,
16:39 It can do e-mails (say to sysadmin list) too?
16:39 hhardy yes emails and pages
16:39 cjl cool, also nice thing to have set up.
16:39 loves IT going to work for IT guys.
16:40 hhardy we need people to sign up for times to be on call on the shared VIG calendar on google
16:40 #link http://www.google.com/calendar[…]mln_wPLSE795jc1zg
16:43 anything further for today?
16:43 thanks all!
16:43 #endmeeting

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