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#olpc-admin, 2008-11-11

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Time Nick Message
16:01 adric_ Lots of folks passing around the St Crispian's Day speech today. I have a link handy if you need one.
16:01 edmcnierney Folks, I'm only around for about half an hour, on the odd chance there's something you need my help on!
16:02 hhardy edmcnierney: any burning isues you would like to hit first then?
16:02 *issues?
16:02 mchua I'm semi-here - please ping me if there's a discussion you want me to get involved in.
16:02 edmcnierney I think the burning issues are the server reconfig work being done by dogi, c_scott, etc.  But I think they know what they need and know how to ask for help if they need it.
16:03 hhardy bah, Henry V killed the french baggage train very dishonorable at Agincourt
16:03 cscott is working on it and I have a consolidated ticket on the DNS requests
16:04 adric_ hhardy: I thought that was the other way 'round .. but I confess I was not there.
16:04 hhardy yeah I think adric is right the english baggage trian was killed and then Henry killed the prisoners in return
16:05 its a great speech tho
16:05 but I dont think subordinates are absolved if the cause "be not just"
16:05 adric_ ah, well that was taken up at Nuremberg, I think..
16:06 hhardy #LINK http://rt.laptop.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=23718
16:06 dogi would you like to say anything about the server scaling effort?
16:06 dogi hi all
16:06 hhardy #TOPIC webserver upgrade
16:06 dogi for now i can tell that the server is in W92
16:07 hhardy W91
16:07 dogi ups
16:07 and that i have a login
16:07 hhardy and we had fun since the front of our cage is blocked atm
16:07 dogi but not root for now
16:07 it seems that kav is there
16:07 ups
16:07 kvm
16:07 hhardy KVM
16:07 edmcnierney dogi: You are aware that Seth is in a tizzy looking for you or cscott for vserver info, no?
16:08 hhardy seth is in a tizzy asking us what cscott is doing
16:08 dogi yupp
16:08 hhardy we would like to know also but I know that if Scott says he is working on it he means he needs to concentrate and be left alone
16:08 edmcnierney I told him dogi and cscott were working their butts off to recover from a lack of planning on every else's part.
16:08 s/every/everyone/ but not everyone, really.
16:09 hhardy if I really needed to know I would read his .bash_history but it isn't really necessary
16:09 dogi i sended him already my config for the bridge
16:09 so that we can set up statc virtual servers
16:09 +i
16:10 and for what i see
16:10 the br0 is on now
16:12 hhardy I am thinking we need some reliable stats on the webserver and I am recommending better awstats
16:13 so we can watch for problems before they become pathological
16:13 dogi back again
16:13 hhardy and put it on the big sister monitor
16:14 dogi dogi@swan:~$ ifconfig                                    
16:14 br0       Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:1e:0b:c6:d4:ea  
16:14          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
16:14 hhardy I have given reuben, dogi and cscott root on thinker so they can set up big sister for their hosts
16:14 dogi has reuben a server outside the MIT?
16:15 hhardy I meant in his case jabber.l.o
16:15 cscott just rebooted swan
16:15 here's hoping /etc/network/interfaces is correct
16:16 lfaraone: ping
16:16 coderanger has been encouraging me to look into two projects we already have discussed, openid and gitorious
16:16 mchua: ping
16:17 I don't really want to mess with the wiki until we have g1g1 well in hand tho
16:17 dogi hhardy: swan is back
16:17 _bernie hhardy: btw if you want local nameservers that we can admin autonomously, I can install and run them
16:17 hhardy but it seems we have a critical mass in faor of supporting openid
16:17 *favor
16:18 _bernie hhardy: dogi told me you guys need to request changes to mit...
16:18 hhardy we could set up a separate SOA for forward lookups but we are depending on MIT for reverse
16:19 _bernie hhardy: should we get coderanger involved btw?
16:20 hhardy oh you are not him , that is noah?
16:20 my bad
16:20 _bernie hhardy: yeah coderanger is noah
16:20 ;-)
16:20 one of trac's author
16:20 hhardy noah cant make this meeting time but he is active in helping with trac
16:21 _bernie I was SOA for 56,000 domains at verio but will keep in mind
16:22 that was about 12,000 active and 44,000 parked
16:23 mchua: ping
16:24 _bernie hhardy: I guess you don't need help with nameservers then :-)
16:25 bows to the DNS master supreme
16:25 mchua hhardy: pong
16:25 hhardy #topic gitorious
16:25 mchua Henry sent the Gitorious folks a "we love you! if this works, let's talk about blessing it with an URL!" message.
16:25 There's no further action needed by VIG on that front, at this time.
16:26 They've been told about this channel, this meeting, and this mailing list, and invited to participate in case it helps their work.
16:26 hhardy how can VIG people such as _bernie get involved?
16:26 mchua Contact Mitchell and Johan directly.
16:26 hhardy _bernie I sent you copy of the mail I sent them
16:26 mchua I can provide their emails if you email or PM me, as well.
16:27 hhardy if you can work with them and be a conduit back to VIG that would rock
16:27 mchua Any questions or comments on the gitorious effort? That's all I have.
16:27 hhardy: was that to _bernie, or to me? ;)
16:27 hhardy to bernie
16:27 mchua has a lot of work already _bernie is full of good ideas we should do
16:28 the same ideas in many cases
16:28 mchua I also think _bernie makes a much more logical VIG-gitorious ambassador - I'm not involved with that development right now.
16:28 hhardy _bernie: the champion of openid in VIG is lfaraone
16:28 mchua hhardy: #topic openid?
16:29 hhardy if you two come up with a deplyment plan which doesnt interfere with the g1g1 madness we will see about scheduling a wiki upgrade to accomodate openid
16:29 #topic openid
16:29 mchua: thx
16:30 I see openid as a would be nice but if it becomes universal it will be a requirement down the road
16:30 edmcnierney: question
16:30 _bernie hhardy: agreed.
16:30 hhardy we have been talking for some time about a FTF for the VIG in January around FUDcon time
16:31 what is the best way for us to do this without ruffling any feathers
16:31 _bernie hhardy: lfaraone: since you lead the openid integration, let me know if you need to exchnage experience
16:31 edmcnierney hhardy: yes?
16:32 _bernie lfaraone: also, let me know if you make some progress on trac + openid and I'll clone it on solarsail
16:32 hhardy how to schedule a VIG FTF and what degree of support can we as OLPC provide?
16:32 _bernie lfaraone: again, sorry I can't delegate these things directly to you for the SL side... yet.
16:32 edmcnierney That's a relatively vague proposition.  If you can work on something with a bit more detail we can try to figure it out.
16:33 hhardy fair enough who will work on a concerete proposal for January FTF?
16:33 <---- me
16:33 _bernie has no idea what an FTF is
16:33 hhardy face to face
16:33 _bernie ah
16:33 edmcnierney I'd be happy to be the one to look over whatever proposal you come up with.
16:34 But I'm signing off for now - bye.
16:35 _bernie edmcnierney: bye
16:36 hhardy who would consider coming up to boston around/after fudcon which is I think jan 9-11
16:36 wiki is having issues I will need to look at
16:36 _bernie hhardy: I'll be there
16:37 hhardy: will you be at the sugarcamp this w/e?  I'd like to talk about our infrastructure and maybe you'd want to do a talk alongside with me?
16:38 hhardy not sure
16:38 cjb hhardy: ping
16:38 pedal is down
16:38 hhardy here
16:38 _bernie oops
16:38 hhardy yeah I was just seeing that wiki cant load pages
16:38 _bernie fire in the hole!!!
16:38 hhardy sorry guys I need to afk and work on this
16:39 _bernie hhardy: ok we'll talk about gitorious later then
16:39 hhardy #endmeeting

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