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#ole, 2012-11-21

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15:33 meeting Meeting started Wed Nov 21 15:33:07 2012 UTC. The chair is dogi. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:35 dogi #topic cloning bell for raspberrypi having a existent build
15:36 Leonard, where was you able to clone?
15:36 Mac OS X or Linux?
15:36 Leonard Linux
15:36 dogi ohhh :)
15:37 EDUbuntu?
15:37 Leonard so dogi whats the way forward?
15:37 no Ubuntu..
15:38 dogi #info host OS is Ubuntu
15:39 Leonard It loads sucessfully to the login page but cant access the ip or Bell
15:41 dogi #info put the to be cloned bell raspberrypi sdcard into the host system
15:43 Leonard, which usb/sdcardreader did you use
15:43 ?
15:43 Leonard SmartLine SD card reader..
15:43 dogi #info this happened trough an usb-sdcardreader
15:43 Leonard i didnt use the internal one this time
15:43 dogi :)
15:44 #info $ dmesg #for checking which /dev/sdX
15:44 which was you dd comand?
15:44 #addchair Leonard
15:44 #chair
15:44 meeting Current chairs: dogi
15:44 dogi #chair Leonard
15:44 meeting Current chairs: Leonard dogi
15:45 dogi #chair
15:45 meeting Current chairs: Leonard dogi
15:45 Leonard dd
15:46 dogi Leonard, next topic will be how to fix cloning issues
15:47 :)
15:47 Leonard The problem that is occaring.. is it from the cloning or its from the pi
15:49 dogi Leonard, we need to adjust some parts there
15:49 different hardware is the problem ...
15:50 Leonard, but more to that later
15:51 Leonard ?
15:51 dogi #info dd if=/dev/sdX of=ghanareads.img bs=10M
15:52 Leonard Adjust what parts...??? on the pi itself.. or in linux
15:52 yes.. thats the command i used...
15:53 parts ???
15:53 dogi Leonard, did you try http://www.commandlinefu.com/c[…]he-progress-of-dd
15:53 #link http://www.commandlinefu.com/c[…]he-progress-of-dd
15:54 Leonard yes..
15:54 dogi..
15:54 dogi ya
15:56 Leonard i just tried the Orignal SD Card u sent over with the new Pi.. but it till gives the same error / problem..
15:56 Concluding its not the cloning.. but the Pi..
15:57 dogi #info ghanareads.img is the template file
15:57 #info which now gets copied to the new one ...
15:58 Leonard explain more....
15:58 dogi #info $ dmesg
15:59 #info dd if=ghanareads.img of=/dev/sdX bs=10M
15:59 Leonard yes.. i did that.. and it took some time to finish..
16:00 dogi Leonard, you have my first schoolbell build on a reaspberrypi
16:00 there are some cloning error left
16:00 Leonard How..
16:01 when i use your own card in a new card.. it doesnt work still
16:01 dogi Leonard, can you ssh into the bell
16:01 Leonard your own card in a new Pi..
16:02 Take me through that..
16:02 dogi Leonard, yes
16:03 we need to change some files on the system
16:03 so back to my question
16:03 Leonard, can you ssh into the bell
16:04 Leonard whats the command to ssh into bell..
16:04 dogi if not we will mount the sdcard
16:04 :)
16:05 ssh hammock@
16:07 Leonard cannot connect to host
16:07 Should i use the new pi or the old Pi..
16:07 becouse am using a new Pi now..
16:07 dogi Leonard, are you connected to the wifi?
16:08 Leonard, new pi please
16:08 ... or perfect :P
16:08 Leonard Yes... I am connected to wiFi..
16:09 let me write the error message to you..
16:09 dogi ifconfig
16:10 Leonard, by the way the best place for us to work together is accrabell
16:10 Leonard Accrabell is not here.. Why?
16:11 dogi tja
16:11 Leonard But i have a Keyboard connected to the Pi.. cant i use it to get into the Pi directly?
16:11 dogi oh yes
16:11 forgot that
16:12 so you have kofi tv or are you at kofi place
16:13 Leonard yes.. i am at Kofi's place
16:13 dogi :)
16:13 kofi: hello
16:15 Leonard He is not my computer..
16:15 dogi Leonard, do you remember schoolbell pass wd principle
16:15 Leonard ?
16:16 Not..
16:16 dogi this time the user is hammock
16:17 Leonard yes i remember..
16:17 dogi Leonard, can you mount the old sdcard onto your computer
16:17 Leonard No.
16:18 am chatting on my Mac.. I doesnt have an sd card reader..
16:18 dogi since I dont remember the user could be still pi
16:21 Leonard, dont understand
16:21 do you have an usb/sdcardreader
16:22 Leonard I have tried hammock as user , pi
16:22 still not working
16:22 yes..
16:24 i have connected the Old card into my MAC LAPTOP..
16:26 dogi can you see home folder?
16:26 +the
16:27 Leonard NO..
16:27 home folder on the Card ? No
16:28 dogi http://blog.applegrew.com/2011[…]ac-osx-lion-10-7/
16:29 http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-1[…]t3-disks-in-os-x/
16:32 Leonard The internet is very slow.. downloading the software says.. 1 hour left.. its just 5.9MB
16:32 kofikofi <kofikofi!~kofikofi@yrxpxzqod.media.mit.edu> has joined #ole
16:32 dogi #topic accrabell is a good workstation
16:33 Leonard you can imagin what we go through with internet access and speed..
16:33 dogi #info kataporbell if it was online too ;)
16:33 Leonard, yes
16:33 and uptime
16:33 #link http://munin.treehouse.su/gar/[…]bell1/uptime.html
16:34 kofikofi hi dogi
16:34 explain this to me in layman's terms
16:35 dogi layman?
16:35 kofikofi We have succesfully cloned the old SD card I brought from the US
16:35 it works in the Pi I brought from the us
16:36 dogi and it works on your old hardware
16:36 kofikofi We decided to try it in the new pis that waere sent
16:36 it does not work. we can not access the library
16:36 OKAY
16:36 we used the old card I brought from the US in the new Pi that were sent
16:37 it does not work?
16:37 Why? explain to me in simple language (layman's terms)
16:41 Yes the cloned Card works in the old hardware but it does not work in the new hardware. The card I brought also works in the old Pi and does not work in the new Pi
16:41 Why?
16:42 Explain
16:42 dogi has quit IRC
16:43 nemo <nemo!~nemo@yrxpxzqod.media.mit.edu> has joined #ole
16:44 kofikofi Yes the cloned Card works in the old hardware but it does not work in the new hardware. The card I brought also works in the old Pi and does not work in the new Pi
16:44 why?
16:44 explain
16:44 nemo kofoikofi my computer just went out of battery
16:46 on the phone now
16:47 Leonard okay..
16:47 nemo the software image i build on some months ago was pre beta
16:48 and nobody upgraded it
16:48 Leonard ?
16:48 kofikofi Is that why the cloned versoin does not work on the new hard ware?
16:52 nemo it does not works out of the  box on new hardware ... had just one pi ad that time
16:52 ... needs some tweaking
16:52 Leonard Okay..
16:53 nemo have here in boston already a newer build ...
16:53 Leonard So which type of pi are we mostly likely to use for the Ghana Reads.
16:53 nemo but it is not difficult
16:54 kofikofi Okay. I see so we will have to tweak for each of the 46 or so Pis we will be using?
16:54 Leonard Okay.. Then lets solve it..
16:54 Give me the step to help solve it..
16:55 okay.... password and userlogin name issue ??????
16:57 Then i will suggest we resume work on the Pi when you send the new Software of image along with the TM SD card you will be sending over..
16:58 so that we continue work on the Ghana reads app..
17:03 nemo has quit IRC
17:07 nemo <nemo!~nemo@yrxpxzqod.media.mit.edu> has joined #ole
17:09 Leonard Then i will suggest we resume work on the Pi when you send the new Software image along with the TM SD card you will be sending over..
17:11 dogi <dogi!~dogi@rzwn-867-9-002-65.bstnma.east.verizon.net> has joined #ole
17:11 dogi back
17:13 Leonard Then i will suggest we resume work on the Pi when you send the new Software of image along with the TM SD card you will be sending over..
17:13 dogi #pingall dogi back
17:13 #ping dogi back
17:13 Leonard, sur
17:13 e
17:13 kofikofi agree with Leonard that  we resume work on the Pi when you send the new build along with the TM SD card you will be sending over
17:14 dogi http://meeting.ole.org/ole/
17:14 http://meeting.ole.org/ole/2012-11-21
17:15 kofikofi when will you be sending those items? and by DHL????
17:15 dogi Leonard, user maid be raspberrypi
17:15 Leonard okay
17:15 dogi mean passwd
17:16 pi raspberrypi
17:16 kofikofi user is what?
17:16 and passwd is what??
17:19 Leonard ae u ther?
17:19 are u there?
17:19 dogi Default login Username: pi Password: raspberry
17:19 http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads
17:21 kofikofi, dhl will have a meeting about that today at 1600 et
17:21 kofikofi, dhl: will have a meeting about that today at 1600 etc with rj
17:22 Leonard, was something of that successfull
17:23 otherwise we just boot linux mount the sdcard there and set the passwd
17:23 it would be already nice to just see which user we have
17:23 Leonard No.. the password and username is still incorect..
17:24 I am already downloading the OS for the Pi...
17:25 dogi :)
17:25 kofikofi +1?????
17:25 dogi kofikofi, Leonard should play with that anyway
17:26 Leonard okay.. i will
17:26 kofikofi I think the important thing is that we Know how to clone
17:26 dogi maybe right now is not the best time for the download of that
17:26 kofikofi We will see how to use the OS we download to set up a Pi
17:27 dogi Leonard, do you see my other messages
17:27 kofikofi Send us the new build + the TM SD card and we will take it up from there. Okay?
17:27 Leonard ?
17:27 No...
17:27 dogi Leonard, are you using chat.ole.org?
17:28 Leonard yes..
17:28 and raspberrypi.org/downloads
17:28 nemo_ <nemo_!~nemo@yrxpxzqod.media.mit.edu> has joined #ole
17:28 Leonard and https://chat.sugarlabs.org/?channels=ole
17:29 dogi :)
17:29 Leonard, the last link does not work
17:30 Leonard, do you status in the top line of chat.ole.org
17:31 next to that there should be #ole
17:31 and then dogi
17:31 kofikofi has quit IRC
17:31 nemo_ has quit IRC
17:32 dogi in red
17:33 Leonard has quit IRC
17:33 nemo has quit IRC
17:38 dogi #endmeeting
17:38 meeting Meeting ended Wed Nov 21 17:38:50 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
17:38 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/o[…]-21T15:33:07.html
17:38 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/o[…]12-11-21T15:33:07

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