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#ole, 2012-11-09

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15:45 meeting Meeting started Fri Nov  9 15:45:06 2012 UTC. The chair is rrr. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:45 rrr #topic welcome leonard
15:45 leonard how can the user access the pie from the Tab -
15:45 by an ip in the address bar ?
15:46 rrr leonard: the tablet has to be connected to the pi
15:46 leonard or it will be an application on the tab?
15:46 rrr name of the router is schoolbell-?
15:47 rjsteinert For now a tablet will access Web Apps on the Pi (when they are both connected to the same router) by IP address entered in the Tablet's Browser.
15:48 rrr in the browser the url is then there you will right now see the same thing as you see in http://hammock.treehouse.su
15:49 {"couchdb":"Welcome","version":"1.2.0"}
15:49 rjsteinert The Pi is using "static IP"  which means it will always try to take the same IP address on the network
15:49 rrr is now known as stefan
15:50 leonard give me the static ip.. i will develop an app to be installed on the tab..
15:50 stefan leonard: do you see that?
15:50 leonard so that when they click it will launch the browser
15:50 and go to that ip address..
15:52 rjsteinert That would be cool.  On iOS you can add a bookmark in the browser to your applications list.  I have been wondering if there is any way to do that on Android.
15:52 stefan
15:52 rjsteinert: yes there is a way
15:52 rjsteinert It might actually require compiling an App as Leonard is suggesting
15:53 leonard what about the TM on the other Pi..  is it going to be the same IP?
15:53 rjsteinert At this point we might end up having the ™ on a separate Pi which would mean it would have a separate IP
15:54 But if it is on the same Pi, then it would be a separate Port
15:54 so maybe at
15:55 leonard Okay.. then we will create another icon or app for the TM pie
15:55 rjsteinert Yes, that makes sense to me
15:56 stefan leonard: this is a link for kofi https://docs.google.com/a/ole.[…]p7gqGE7l21Es/edit
15:58 leonard okay..
15:58 rjsteinert That document still needs some work until it is useful
15:58 stefan :)
15:59 rjsteinert It doesn't hurt to look over it though
15:59 :)
15:59 leonard lol
15:59 yes
16:04 rjsteinert Leonard: We have the Teacher Mate exporting some data to CouchDB on students usage.  Here's the database with some of the first data http://hammock.treehouse.su/_u[…]abase.html?tmdata
16:04 There are a few documents in that database that were test runs so I need to clean it up
16:05 I just want to put that on your radar
16:06 stefan rjsteinert: great
16:06 rjsteinert The following document consists of the information we'll be extracting from ™ software http://hammock.treehouse.su/_u[…]7-Robert-Steinert
16:24 omen has quit IRC
16:25 leonard has quit IRC
16:28 rjsteinert Coffee time. BRB.
16:28 rjsteinert has quit IRC
16:37 RRR <RRR!~RRR@yrxpxzqod.media.mit.edu> has joined #ole
16:37 RRR #endmeeting
16:38 RRR is now known as rrr
16:38 rrr #endmeeting
16:38 meeting Meeting ended Fri Nov  9 16:38:18 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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