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#ole, 2012-03-07

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18:08 meeting Meeting started Wed Mar  7 18:08:36 2012 UTC. The chair is dogi. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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18:08 dogi #addchair chris
18:08 #addchair chr
18:09 #chair chr
18:09 meeting Current chairs: chr dogi
18:09 dogi #info Weekly OLE meeting:
18:09 #info Open Learning Exchange (http://ole.org/ )
18:09 #info Date: 2012-03-06
18:09 #info Time: 13:00 EST
18:09 #info Agenda: http://openetherpad.org/QsS0Lnzk4b
18:09 #info Location: #ole on irc.indymedia.org
18:09 #link http://chat.ole.org?channels=ole
18:09 #topic last meeting
18:09 #info Usefull Links:
18:09 #info LastLog:
18:09 #link http://meeting.ole.org/ole/mee[…]12-02-29T19:19:05
18:09 #info LastMinutes:
18:09 #link http://meeting.ole.org/ole/mee[…]-29T19:19:05.html
18:09 #info NextAgenda:
18:09 #link http://openetherpad.org/cM1wHioURS
18:10 #info LastLog:
18:10 #link http://meeting.ole.org/ole/mee[…]12-02-29T19:19:05
18:10 #info LastMinutes:
18:10 #link http://meeting.ole.org/ole/mee[…]-29T19:19:05.html
18:10 #info NextAgenda:
18:10 #link http://openetherpad.org/cM1wHioURS
18:10 #info actioncheck
18:10 #done usb 4g/token is working - chris
18:10 #done laptop X11 problem - dogi
18:10 #done 2 USB backup drives, one for each BeLL system - chris
18:10 #done asked leonard if broken drive can be replaced in Ghana - chris
18:10 chr, something to add?
18:11 should we switch to agenda?
18:12 chr dogi: I have not gotten the USB drives yet
18:12 dogi oh ups
18:12 #undo
18:12 meeting Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x31e9b50>
18:12 dogi #undo
18:12 meeting Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Link object at 0x31e9910>
18:13 chr agenda, sure
18:13 dogi: did you have anything to add?
18:14 dogi #topic agenda
18:14 #info * review last weeks action items
18:14 #info * Kumbit VM option
18:14 #info * Data migration
18:14 #info * Send hardware as is?
18:14 chr Koumbit offered to create a VM for us based on their normal setup, what do you think dogi
18:15 Maybe that would fix the issue with migrating ghanalite, or at lease they would know better how to fix it
18:15 #topic Kumbit VM option
18:16 ^^
18:16 dogi: thoughts?
18:16 dogi chr, you know I think that there is only one thing not working
18:16 pictures are not showing up
18:16 chr I am trying some other tests to see where problems are and where they are not
18:16 dogi: you tested uploading collections?
18:17 dogi so maybe the hole symlink structure for files is wrong ..
18:17 chr, but in the end it is maybe not the worst solution
18:17 chr re: pictures not showing up, I noticed the images on nell are coming from a different url
18:18 dogi chr, ?
18:19 by the way http://ghanalite.ole.org/ today is already looking different then yesterday
18:22 chr ^ just the logo and site name
18:22 dogi added a domain alias to ghanalite.ole.org on vboa
18:22 chr http://dev.gl.nell.ole.org/sit[…]ry_pictures/5.jpg
18:23 images seem to be getting served over dev.gl.nell.ole.org instead of ghanalite.ole.org
18:23 syr has quit IRC
18:25 chr dogi: so, there is something not quite right on nell as well
18:26 dogi: for now, can you just respond to my email to you and Shane re the VM
18:27 then we can go on to the next topic
18:27 dogi sure
18:30 chr dogi: can you make an action for yourself
18:33 dogi sry
18:34 #action dogi forward VM api of VM in the schoolbell setup to shane
18:34 chr #topic Data migration
18:35 Koumbit has given up on providing a way to migrate data between Drupal sites
18:35 dogi hmm
18:35 chr We now have 2 options that I know of
18:35 dogi and they are?
18:36 chr 1) migrate the whole site, wiping out all existing data
18:37 2) import data with spreadsheets, this requires importing books in order of hierarchy
18:37 top level first, etc.
18:37 dogi ups
18:39 did http://www.koumbit.org/ ever handed over there half working solutions
18:40 chr #action chr will set up a spreadsheet and documentation on how to do this
18:41 #action chr will ask Koumbit to estimate what it would take to automate the process in Drupal
18:41 #topic Send hardware as is?
18:42 dogi: is the hardware ready, except for the backup drives?
18:42 dogi chr think so ...
18:43 last week everything worked, but I should do an other test round
18:44 #action dogi test katapur bell (laptop)
18:44 chr I think we would send it tomorrow and we can do a final round of updates when it is in Accra before sending it to the school
18:45 dogi #action dogi test accra bell (desktop)
18:45 chr, think we should send it monday ...
18:45 chr ok
18:46 dogi: are you in the office?
18:46 dogi yes
18:46 chr #action dogi chr peter will send schoolbell hardware to Ghana Monday
18:47 dogi +1
18:47 chr #topic Migration errors on VBOA
18:47 dogi #action dogi create video for schollbell setup
18:47 chr dogi: do you see the errors on my desktop?
18:47 syr <syr!~syr@74.3.uky.hx> has joined #ole
18:48 chr dogi: this is from migrating one of the standard Octopus platfroms
18:48 dogi deploy.provisioning ...
18:49 hmm
18:49 from nell to vboa
18:49 chr dogi: can you see if omega8 is available in irc?
18:49 no, just on vboa
18:50 dogi chr, yes he is
18:51 on #omega8cc
18:52 chr dogi: can you ask about this issue?
18:52 dogi chr, by available you mean if he is there ... sure
18:53 chr dogi: I think omega8cc is Grace, http://drupal.org/user/539502
18:53 dogi chr, ty
18:57 chr, http://drupal.org/node/1243908
18:59 chr yup, looking at that
19:00 dogi hmm don t know if it has to do with this ...
19:00 chr, what I can do there is to upgrade octopus on vboa
19:00 right now only barracuda was upgraded
19:02 chr not sure that would make a difference
19:04 dogi root@boa:/home/nemo# locate deploy.provision.inc
19:04 /var/aegir/.drush/provisio​n/db/deploy.provision.inc
19:04 /var/aegir/.drush/provision​/http/deploy.provision.inc
19:04 /var/aegir/.drush/provision/p​latform/deploy.provision.inc
19:04 /data/disk/o1/.drush/provis​ion/db/deploy.provision.inc
19:04 /data/disk/o1/.drush/provisi​on/http/deploy.provision.inc
19:04 /data/disk/o1/.drush/provision​/platform/deploy.provision.inc
19:05 <- which one is ours
19:06 chr I think we are running drush from /data/disk/o1/ but not sure
19:09 dogi $profiles = array_keys($site_packages['profiles']);
19:11 platform
19:11 chr, only which one I am not sure
19:11 chr I would think it would have to run all of them
19:11 dogi chr, +1
19:11 but the error comes only from one of them
19:12 thinks /data/disk/o1/.drush/provision​/platform/deploy.provision.inc and not /var/aegir/.drush/provision/p​latform/deploy.provision.inc
19:15 chr dogi: should we end the meeting?
19:17 dogi: see what is on my screen?
19:19 syr has quit IRC
19:20 syr <syr!~syr@ykv.pm-ib.de> has joined #ole
20:09 chr http://drupal.org/project/node_import
20:14 dogi #topic list of things to send ...
20:15    1 - Laptop
20:15    2 - USB eGranary drives (eG1 and eG2)
20:15    2 - Edubuntu drives (Accra and Backup)
20:15    2 - USB backup drives (Accra and Katapur)
20:15    2 - USB keys (Edubuntu 32 and 64bit) & fixing token
20:15    ? - Demo Videos
20:15    1 - USB-Copy-Station
20:16 #endmeeting
20:16 meeting Meeting ended Wed Mar  7 20:16:01 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
20:16 Minutes: http://meeting.ole.org/ole/mee[…]-07T18:08:36.html
20:16 Log:     http://meeting.ole.org/ole/mee[…]12-03-07T18:08:36

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