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#fedora-olpc, 2010-02-11

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10:11 mchua #link
10:11 erp.
10:11 #link
10:12 has typing fail today
10:12 #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sugar
10:12 there we go!
10:12 howdy, satyag - small/quiet meeting today, sdziallas is out at some university thing
10:13 (but I'll try to summarize updates I've gotten from other people on the various topics to cover)
10:13 # Sugar on a Stick, which is a Fedora Spin.
10:13 # How close are we to upstream Sugar? Is there anything we should be reporting back?
10:13 # How close are we to upstream Fedora? Is there anything we should be reporting back?
10:13 # Packaging of Sugar Activities
10:13 # How much of what we're doing is reusable for upstream Sugar development? (test case system, test results, etc. - what version of Sugar will be used during the course of SoaS development?)
10:13 satyag hello all
10:13 mchua # Deployment reports - what stories/results/requests do we have from the field?
10:13 # Backup solution for SoaS (caroline, mchua)
10:13 satyag: if you have anything you want to add, or questions, or whatnot, please interrupt ;)
10:13 satyag sure
10:14 mchua #topic SoaS as a Fedora Spin
10:14 #info last we heard, snapshots were beginning to work, so we should have something testable shortly
10:15 (that's from Sebastian, yesterday)
10:15 #topic SoaS being used for Saturday's testing party in Sugar Labs
10:15 looks for link for that...
10:15 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.88/Testing
10:16 I believe that's it.
10:16 the next two are pretty quick...
10:16 #topic how close are we to upstream Sugar?
10:16 Basically, "I have no idea."
10:16 #action sdziallas answer 'how close are we to upstreams?' questions
10:17 #topic how close are we to upstream Fedora?
10:17 Pretty darn close, I'd think, since SoaS is a Spin...
10:17 whoops.
10:17 #info Pretty darn close, I'd think, since SoaS is a Spin...
10:17 #topic deployment reports
10:17 this is the fun part for me :)
10:17 #link http://blog.melchua.com/2010/0[…]oks-have-arrived/
10:18 #link http://blog.melchua.com/2010/0[…]its-like-the-wii/
10:18 #link http://blog.melchua.com/2010/0[…]re-the-ideal-set/
10:18 #link http://blog.melchua.com/2010/0[…]-soas-deployment/
10:19 #link http://sdziallas.com/blog/seba[…]ed-seriously.html
10:19 And possibly the most important one....
10:19 #link
10:19 #link http://lmylim.wordpress.com/20[…]s-grade-1-room-2/
10:19 #info the last link is the teacher
10:19 #info the last link is the teacher's blog with the curriculum plan for the semester
10:20 #info we have hardware, need to do QA before Feb 22 launch
10:20 Other deployments?
10:20 #note we'd love reports from other deployments as well, especially on what help they need
10:21 #topic backup solutions
10:21 satyag cannot reach https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sugar
10:21 Page not found - connection failure
10:21 mchua One of the things that's going to be important for deployments - especially ones testing out new software - is having a fast/easy backup solution - it removes a lot of the risk/nervousness associated with "well maybe this will break and I will lose my work, oh noes."
10:21 satyag: huh, lemme check that for ya
10:22 satyag: ...yep, that's the right link. try loading https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sugar one more time?
10:24 Anyway, it was suggested in #sugar that we write a little script that uses the serial number in /dev/disk/by-id to copy the homedir/journal-stuffs to the right kid's backup folder when the stick gets plugged into a computer that's being used for backup
10:24 er
10:24 #info it was suggested in #sugar that we write a little script that uses the serial number in /dev/disk/by-id to copy the homedir/journal-stuffs to the right kid's backup folder when the stick gets plugged into a computer that's being used for backup
10:25 I don't know if we have a computer for backup in the classroom, need to find out what to do with this, basically.
10:25 #action mchua investigate potential backup solutions for soas deployment at cfs (blog for ideas)
10:25 This is something that Caroline Meeks has been trying to figure out for her SoaS deployments too, so it's not just me.
10:25 Finally...
10:25 #topic contributing stuff back upstream
10:26 this is important in everything we do.
10:26 This week I've been working with the teacher to get her used to the idea of 'upstream' - and how she/her students can push back up to it
10:26 This has met with a bit of success.
10:27 #info CFS deployment students ave regularly scheduled Upstream Day with the SoaS deployment support, Mel Chua, i.e., filing bug reports, blog posting, and checking in with Sugar labs community.
10:27 #info Upstream Day for this deployment is every Friday, starting Feb 26, 2010
10:27 so we should be seeing some stuff coming from the kids to Sugar Labs and Fedora on Fridays.
10:28 be that blog posts or wiki pages or bug reports.
10:28 we don't know yet.
10:28 satyag watchin your video
10:28 mchua, how did you annotate it ?
10:28 mchua In terms of getting *our* work upstream to Fedora and Sugar Labs - there hasn't been that much active effort at it yet, though "SoaS is being used for Sugar Labs QA" is a nice start.
10:28 satyag: the annotation tools built into YouTube.
10:29 satyag ah i see
10:29 mchua wishes there was a good way to do this with open source software, should probably sit down and put self through kino bootcamp someday
10:29 not much of a filmmaker
10:29 in terms of contributing back upstream to Fedora, we haven't done that much except for packaging, but that's packaging of Sugar Activities... not sure how we can do better here
10:30 #note looking for ways we can contribute more to Sugar and Fedora as upstreams, suggestions welcome
10:30 done with all agenda stuff
10:30 #topic open floor
10:30 satyag: any questions or news or anything you'd like to talk about?
10:31 Sorry this is such a small and boring meeting, we're still getting in the habit of momentum-building.
10:31 satyag np
10:32 dogi waves mchua and satyag
10:32 satyag wave back @ dogi lo
10:33 mchua heya dogi - I'm still a slacker on Trac stuff :)
10:33 satyag mchua, out of the items listed how do you prioritize
10:33 ?
10:33 mchua still trying to get pilot stuff steady so she has time to help with infrastructure
10:33 satyag: the items listed... on the agenda, for the deployment, which list?
10:33 satyag will be getting into one trac customization next week ;-)
10:34 mchua, i meant which one do you think has more visibility and needs action kinds
10:36 or it driven by individual interests
10:36 mchua satyag: Very much driven by individual interests - i can tell you the priority/visibility list from my perspective (one particular deployment).
10:37 For me, the most important things right now are (1) figuring out a backup solution, and (2) upstream engagement for the teacher and the parents of the kids.
10:37 satyag 2) can you eloborate
10:38 mchua (2) is hard, and I don't have a good answer for how to do it... basically, I'm being the proxy for all communications from the teacher, students, and parents, and the school, back up to the Sugar Labs and Fedora communities.
10:38 (though the "teacher" part is changing now that Lynne May has a blog.)
10:38 in other words, the answer for "how do we find out what students are doing, what parents are thinking?"
10:38 is, right now, "Mel blogs about stuff, ask Mel"
10:39 and that... is not particularly idea. I'd like it to be more like "oh, you could ask this student, or that parent, or the teacher's been writing about it..." etc.
10:39 iow, the deployment participants themselves should not just be working "with" upstream communities, they need to be a *part* of our communities
10:40 satyag do you mean something live sharing of Journal entries between these parties ?
10:40 mchua getting the teacher involved is key to getting the students involved, but I'm also not sure if we can do anything to help with the "how to convey this stuff to parents" part
10:41 especially with young children, they might be nervous about this "random people on the internets" thing
10:41 satyag: Yeah, having these folks blogging on Planet will definitely help.
10:42 excited about getting wp-mu set up for the students, and getting that feed onto Planet
10:43 satyag ok its something like wp-mu <---->Students on Soas<---->teachers and parents
10:43 mchua satyag: teachers and parents reading <---- students-using-soas-writing-on-wp-mu ---> Planet <--- teachers and parents reading
10:44 satyag got it
10:45 sorry for  being dumb but is wp-mu part of Soas
10:46 have not cheked Soas in long time
10:46 adds to task list
10:46 mchua satyag: no, not at all... we could do a better job of helping folks stay up to date
10:47 satyag: wp-mu isn't part of SoaS, but we will be using it for the particular deployment I'm working with as an easy way to set up a blogging platform for a group of students (who are mostly not old enough to get wordpress.com accounts).
10:47 satyag: so it's what the deployment students I'm working with will be using to write /about/ soas
10:47 if that makes sense
10:47 hoping to come up with a list of "if you're doing a soas deployment, you might want to consider this non-soas software to support it"
10:48 and stuff like wp-mu, moodle, etc. might be on that sort of list
10:48 (in other words... hm, this sounds a lot like the old school server idea ;)
10:50 satyag ok what about 1) can you explain that too
10:52 mchua Sure - (1) is the "backup solution" topic that I went through earlier, sorry if that wasn't clear.
10:53 basically, if we're going to be trying new and potentially unstable software
10:53 (not to mention working with kids who might lose things!)
10:53 (...and heck, adults like me who might lose things too)
10:53 we need a way to make sure we have Backups Of The Kids' Work at all times, so that if something explodes they don't lose their essay or whatever.
10:54 if there's a way to magically transform a computer into a "put the stick in, press this button, voila you have backup" magical machine, that would be ideal.
10:54 (thinking down the line - if those backups are stored in a folder on the teacher's computer, making the files therein easily browsable by her for grading and the like would be nice too.)
10:55 saw this working with the school server and XOs last year back at OLPC, but the interface was ugly ugly ugly and unusable
10:59 Okeydokey, I gotta run
10:59 Thanks for hanging out, folks - hopefully we'll have good test results to report next week
10:59 satyag thanks for the update will learn more
10:59 mchua (and if not, that's good to know too! better to find bugs in QA than in deployment...)
11:00 satyag: Yep - feel free to hit the mailing lists if you want to learn more (best one might be http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/soas)
11:00 ending logs, sending to list
11:00 #endmeeting

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