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#fedora-olpc, 2010-02-04

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10:09 sdziallas #topic Roll Call
10:09 let's see who's here...
10:09 mchua
10:09 sdziallas is here, too
10:10 looks like a small party today
10:10 mchua So, uh... I should start by noting that I've been a slacker.
10:10 #action mchua get the test case system up already
10:10 #action mchua buy hardware already
10:10 *sheepish grin*
10:10 sdziallas heh ;) well, me too.
10:11 mchua #info we've gotten the +1 from administration, and Lynne May is writing the curriculum proposal for the semester that will be sent to parents, we'll publish it when it's approved.
10:11 sdziallas #action sdziallas get the soas rawhide composes working
10:11 YAY!
10:11 mchua #info the homework of these kids for the *whole semester* will be learning about the Sugar Labs community and coming up with ways to convey their understanding of how open source participation works. (I'm very excited about this - the semester theme is "community.")
10:12 sdziallas: yeah, how are those going?
10:12 sdziallas mchua: your news sound very awesome to me... ;)
10:12 mchua #action mchua announce pilot to SL community
10:12 sdziallas well, we had a no-broken-rawhide until the day before yesterday, but builds failed in the end, too.
10:12 mchua sdziallas: it's the stuff that has to happen under-the-surface so that we can move fast and visibly once we're able to go visible.
10:12 sdziallas: ouch.
10:12 anything we can do to help? (I don't think so, but... just asking...)
10:13 sdziallas from today on, we've a broken ibus dependency, but Paul e-mailed me saying that fixes are underway.
10:13 mchua that's good - if I get the laptops delivered before rawhide works, I'll start testing with Blueberry.
10:14 Also, the announcement I'm going to be making (or the draft of it, anyway): http://fpaste.org/qqZC/
10:14 sdziallas nods, that sounds like a reasonable backup plan.
10:14 looks
10:14 mchua I'm trying to frame the way this pilot is going to work - the minimum requirements for *any* deployment ecosystem and how we have chosen the *easiest possible* option for each part
10:14 so that we have the best chance possible of getting them all to work together.
10:15 (because for me, the point of this is showing how the full system can work.)
10:15 sdziallas #topic The Deployment
10:15 (ah, should have done that earlier)
10:15 mchua oh well :)
10:15 sdziallas yeah... I like that approach.
10:15 (actually, if you're okay with it, I'll blog about your announcement and hint people at helping to package, too)
10:15 mchua (for the record: the fpaste will expire, but that content will go on Planet Sugar Labs when I show it to Lynne May for a +1 later tonight and she says "yeah, that makes sense to me," so the content will be publicly available.)
10:16 sdziallas: sure - you may have to wait until tomorrow, since the post will likely go live late tonight.
10:16 sdziallas alright, that sounds good - people can package then over the weekend, hehe ;)
10:16 mchua sdziallas: feel free to pre-announce it, the news is public - I just don't have anything for you to link to and won't for some hours.
10:16 if you beat me to it, I'll link to yours. :)
10:17 sdziallas mchua: naw, I'm going to wait for the official stuff - that looks better and gives the real announcement more spotlight.
10:17 mchua Okay.
10:17 Heh, "official stuff"
10:18 Anyway, that's it from my end, and from the deployment. I'm pleased with the progress we've made so far.
10:18 sdziallas #action sdziallas blog about deployment and our desperate needs concerning packagers & reviewers
10:18 Yeah, it's cool to see this rollin'.
10:19 mchua It doesn't look too exciting from the outside, but what we've done is gotten a lot of internal support and communications at the school lined up so that things should be smooth (from the CFS/parents end) throughout the entire project.
10:19 sdziallas is probably not outside enough ;)
10:19 mchua sdziallas: anything else from your side on the spin? packaging still needed, I see.
10:20 sdziallas well, I'm really curious how things work out.
10:20 mchua: yup - we got physics in, but there's much more to do. especially reviewers are needed.
10:21 mchua #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sugar_Activities
10:21 sdziallas #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/sh[…]bug.cgi?id=558617
10:21 mchua Mm. That's an incentive for me to finish my action items, because if I have spare bandwidth while working on this deployment, that time will be funneled towards packaging.
10:22 This won't happen for a couple weeks, though.
10:22 sdziallas grins.
10:22 one step at a time...
10:22 mchua anything else?
10:23 sdziallas I think we're good. Packaging covers SoaS, too. So yeah...
10:23 mchua We should probably be documenting all this as we go... when you visit in a month, I'd like to take some time to sit down and write up everything we've done to date.
10:23 (since you, me, and Lynne May will all be in the same room at the same time at some point.)
10:23 sdziallas nods. that sounds really good!
10:24 mchua #info first Big Writeup Checkin in early March when sdziallas visits Boston
10:24 then I feel less guilty about not writing "nice" docs and instead spewing output anywhere I can. :)
10:24 sdziallas: do the same if you can - braindump anywhere, anytime you think of something SoaS related, and we'll loop back and clean it up next month.
10:25 sdziallas yup, that sounds like a plan! :)
10:25 I'll see what I can do.
10:25 #action sdziallas to document, er, brain-dump SoaS-stuff whenever possible
10:26 alright, sounds like a good time to start jetpacks?
10:28 mchua fires up jetpack
10:28 sdziallas too! ;)
10:28 #endmeeting

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