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#fedora-olpc, 2010-01-28

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10:02 sdziallas #TOPIC Fedora Sugar Meeting (2010/01/28)
10:02 how about a quick roll call - who's here?
10:03 mhm. lets see.
10:04 mchua here
10:04 sdziallas cwickert, mchua, SMParrish: ping!
10:04 mchua: awesome!
10:04 cwickert sdziallas: what's up?
10:05 is busy and needs to leave in 5 minutes
10:05 sdziallas cwickert: Fedora Sugar meeting, if you're interested. oh, okay :) nevermind then.
10:05 cwickert sorry
10:05 sdziallas #TOPIC Deployment News
10:05 mchua I have no additional deployment news to report, the meeting with the principal to get the +1 is tomorrow so we'll find out then whether we have the all-clear.
10:06 I expect the answer will be yes, and that the lists will be spammed shortly. :)
10:06 EOF
10:06 sdziallas mchua: sounds cool! I'm really looking forward to that.
10:06 okay, I've some technical news to report, too.
10:07 #LINK http://alt.fedoraproject.org/p[…]ly-composes/soas/
10:07 mchua SWEET
10:07 sdziallas #INFO nightly composes are supposed to be up
10:07 we fixed all rawhide errors so far.
10:07 however, the most recent image failed to build, it seems.
10:07 #ACTION sdziallas to shoot the spin's list an e-mail, asking what's going on
10:08 mchua How will I know when I should start testing, and what should I be testing, and how frequently?
10:09 "Every N days, you will know to test $X, because you will see $notification in $place; you should test $X within Y days."
10:09 sdziallas mchua: those images will be composed on a daily basis. I don't think it would make sense to give them a try each day.
10:09 mchua Ok, then what are the values for the variables in the above sentence? ;)
10:09 sdziallas mchua: since older ones disappear, it'd probably make sense to try them once or twice a week.
10:09 mchua: if one's confirmed by you to be good, we'll just sync it over to SL infra for caching purposes, too.
10:10 mchua "good" meaning smoke test?
10:10 needs to write one
10:10 smoke test is stuff like "yeah, it boots, Activities run, things save to Journal"
10:10 not "I have hammered hard on everything and couldn't find any bugs when I was really trying to break stuff"
10:10 sdziallas mchua: right! good point.
10:10 mchua: I think that'd be the next step, once we're coming closer to the deadline.
10:11 well, not "everything".
10:11 mchua #action mchua write SoaS smoke test
10:11 sdziallas but once there's a candidate for a *really* good image, we might want to test that deeper.
10:11 mchua Right.
10:11 sdziallas mchua: hang on.
10:11 #CHAIR mchua sdziallas
10:11 mchua: retry. :)
10:12 mchua I think it actions even when you're not the chair, so I'm good.
10:12 sdziallas d'oh! I need to refresh the log. you're right!
10:13 mchua Anyway, I'll run the first smoke test before our next meeting here.
10:13 sdziallas mchua: okay. I'll need to work out what's wrong with the rawhide compose, but that should be done soon.
10:13 mchua If it's done before Wednesday evening I can test it by Thursday morning.
10:13 Smoke testing shouldn't take more than an hour.
10:14 (Because I will make it not take more than an hour. ;)
10:14 #action mchua set up test case management system
10:14 sdziallas mchua: that's doable, I think.
10:14 mchua Bernie got me privs to do SMW stuff, so that's my job to handle in the meantime, while you're unbreaking rawhide.
10:14 sdziallas #action sdziallas to get mchua a nightly compose by wednesday
10:14 mchua: nice!
10:15 bernie (oh, he's not here): thanks!
10:15 mchua: so we're good on the deployment side of things?
10:16 mchua yep, sounds like we're set.
10:16 sdziallas awesome!
10:16 next topic.
10:16 #TOPIC Activity Packaging
10:17 whereas we'll generall use SL infra for bug tracking, the Fedora Sugar effort of course has a presence in RH BZ (for reviews etc.)
10:17 so.
10:17 kudos to Peter for getting us:
10:17 #LINK https://bugzilla.redhat.com/sh[…]bug.cgi?id=558617
10:18 we've a Sugar Tracking bug. that's what all the reviews and issues that are currently in our way should block.
10:19 (anybody else here for packaging stuff?)
10:19 mchua Excellent. Do we have enough packagers working on this?
10:20 sdziallas mchua: NOPE.
10:20 mchua: we seriously lack reviewers.
10:20 (and packagers.)
10:20 mchua We do have a target list at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sugar_Activities
10:20 sdziallas Right!
10:20 mchua do we have a deadline we need them all done by?
10:21 sdziallas mchua: let me get it from the schedule.
10:21 2010-04-27 is final freeze.
10:21 that means that they not only need to be reviewed or built, but also pushed.
10:21 earlier deadlines are: 2010-02-16 for alpha
10:22 and: 2010-03-23 for beta
10:22 I'm pretty worried about not getting enough activities in time - since we don't want to provide a worse user experience than for v2.
10:23 mchua nods.
10:23 sdziallas there are at least five open reviews right now.
10:23 and to my last e-mail with the latest additions, nobody replied or acted.
10:24 I can package stuff and review stuff I didn't package, but I can't do both at the same time - as a matter of policy. :)
10:24 mchua Right.
10:24 sdziallas #INFO we desperately need more people doing packages & reviews
10:24 mchua Looking at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sugar_Activities - is that the "minimum must have" list, or the "it would be wonderful if we could get all of it, but if some stuff doesn't make it in time that's ok" list?
10:25 sdziallas mchua: that's a list jointly composed of what F11-on-XO and SoaS were shipping, with some minor removals.
10:25 mchua: so there's certainly more that would be nice to have.
10:25 mchua: some of these activities there are more important than others, though.
10:25 mchua What's the *least* we can ship?
10:26 Fructose?
10:26 sdziallas mchua: well, if we only shipped fructose... that's not really a good user experience.
10:27 fructose is there, yes. and I'm taking care (with some help) of having it and the main sugar parts up2date.
10:27 for example we really really need physics.
10:27 it's already packaged, so the blocking aspect there is the lack of reviewers.
10:27 same for typing turtle.
10:28 writing the .spec files is not actually hard. we can share that somehow, or at least try to. but if we don't get the packages initially approved, because nobody reviews them, we don't even get to a point where we need more (and new) maintainers.
10:28 #ACTION sdziallas to blog about our needs
10:28 mchua Is there a way to mark the "absolutely must have" ones as separate from the "nice to have, but won't kill us if not there" ones?
10:29 Prioritize them, basically?
10:29 sdziallas mchua: sure, I can do that.
10:29 mchua Since we are not 100% confident we're going to have the manpower to do them all?
10:29 (though hopefully we will.)
10:29 sdziallas nods.
10:29 sounds like a good plan to me.
10:30 another thing I'm increasingly worried about is the amount of bundled libraries.
10:31 (follow-up on getting us some spotlight: I'll tag the activities with priorities and blog about that then.)
10:31 from how it looks currently, we will *never* get the most recent version of Speak into Fedora.
10:31 mchua Hm. It sounds like these are engineering things - Fedora-SIG-ish engineering things - that should potentially be taken to the Fedora folks for advice on how to proceed.
10:32 sdziallas nods. we probably just need some momentum here.
10:33 the fedora-olpc list is as I said notoriously calm on review requests or meeting reminders or whatever, though.
10:33 but I guess it makes sense to tackle one thing at a time.
10:34 okay, good.
10:34 #TOPIC open floor
10:34 anything else we need to discuss?
10:35 I'll take that as a nope. ;)
10:35 #endmeeting

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