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#fedora-olpc, 2010-01-07

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Time Nick Message
10:12 sdziallas #TOPIC Fedora Sugar Meeting
10:13 okay, so yesterdays session was pretty good, though we were quite a bit overtime.
10:13 people got introduced to the topic and got a step by step guide to packaging activities.
10:14 #LINK https://fedoraproject.org/wiki[…]_Sugar_Activities
10:15 this is where the logs live, so if anybody's interested, there you go.
10:15 KarlieRobinson ty
10:16 sdziallas #TOPIC Sugar Packaging Session Recap
10:16 (just to make sure we don't miss it in the minutes)
10:16 #TOPIC Packaging Plans
10:16 I linked to it in the last meeting, but this is the current state of activities:
10:16 #LINK https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sugar_Activities
10:17 what we need most importantly is a decision whether we take .xo bundles as source files, too and then... packagers.
10:18 the latter one is important, since people need to take responsability of *their* activity to keep it updated.
10:18 (some activities are pretty outdated, so we don't want this to happen all the time)
10:18 walterbender sdziallas: a somewhat tangential thread: my proposal to include more basic info in the activity.info file as a help for the packager was not well received :(
10:19 sdziallas walterbender: yes, I noticed. I'm still pretty sceptical about the 0install proposal, but that's going to happen, I guess.
10:19 walterbender: Peter Robinson said he wanted to look this month into some Moblin tools which would help us on that side.
10:20 I'm pretty much open to all kinds of suggestions that make packaging easier and help us getting more folks on there.
10:21 so if anybody wants to do some kind of marketing work or reach out to different groups of people, this would be awesome.
10:23 KarlieRobinson: I'd also be interested in how the session was received among the students.
10:23 KarlieRobinson I'll reach out to them tonight if I make it to class
10:23 I've had a very busy 48 hours and i'm not sure how perky I'll be tonight
10:24 sdziallas nods... no rush, F13 is still some time away ;)
10:24 walterbender sdziallas: my proposal was completely orthogonal to 0install and Sugar Services. I think that is a complement to the packaging issue...
10:24 KarlieRobinson lol
10:25 walterbender sdziallas: aside from packaging, we should have a SoaS meeting to discuss some other outstanding issues when you have more time.
10:25 sdziallas: in particular: customization, file formats, etc.
10:25 sdziallas walterbender: that's true, indeed.
10:25 walterbender: I've been contacted by some guy who wants to do a German version, too.
10:26 walterbender: would tomorrow, at the same time, work for you? (I'd shoot out an e-mail immediately; it's just that school's just starting, so I've still a bit of time)
10:27 walterbender sdziallas: tomorrow at 15UTC we have a SLOBs meeting
10:28 sdziallas: any other time would work
10:28 sdziallas walterbender: doh! I'd better watch the meeting schedules ;)
10:28 walterbender: if you're up for a sprint, we could just do it after the SLOBs meeting. though it might be a bit exhausting then.
10:29 walterbender sdziallas: OK with me...
10:29 sdziallas walterbender: awesome, I'll shoot out an e-mail to sugar-devel and soas.
10:30 anything else we should take care of today? It looks like we really need a way to move all of this forward, to prevent it from becoming blocking issues.
10:33 okay, so let's wrap this up. sorry for hurrying through this, I'll try to get some agenda up for the next time.
10:33 say thanks, closes the meeting, launches jet pack
10:33 #endmeeting

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