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#fedora-olpc, 2009-05-18

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
14:53 FGrose RIT Honors Seminar, Math4 Project
14:55 KarlieRobinson ping ke4qqq
14:57 FGrose Students are preparing to present their work
14:57 #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]Game_-_Assimilate
14:59 Game structure was designed to support constructivist teaching
15:00 contributed a long list of things that did not work
15:03 cjb I have a suggestion
15:03 "python Assimilate.py" isn't the right way to run Sugar activities on SoaS
15:03 you should use "sugar-launch Assimilate"
15:03 from the terminal
15:03 FGrose #LINK http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]9-May/000259.html
15:04 KarlieRobinson thanks cjb we'll ask the students to try it and or add it to their wiki page
15:06 FGrose #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Fun_Towers
15:07 Having trouble getting resource manager to load their data on Etoys (it works on squeak)
15:08 20 different game levels available
15:08 cjb Bert Freudenberg is a helpful eToys hacker who would be able to help
15:09 (bert at freudenbergs.de)
15:10 KarlieRobinson cjb: the guys think they'll have a complete working game with just a few more hours of work!
15:11 FGrose #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ower_Level_Select
15:11 code review
15:12 All Teams will post a status report/announcement on FouthGradeMath mailing list
15:14 #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Lemonade_Stand
15:15 working prototype available
15:15 got text interface to work with pygame
15:16 implemented weather environmental attribute
15:17 near another release with random events
15:18 game renamer about to be implemented: e.g., fish stand
15:18 KarlieRobinson cjb: FYI - we'll have hi-res .jpgs from the class to share with OLPC, Sugar Labs and Fedora
15:22 FGrose some work to continue after class
15:23 #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]/Projects/Muthris
15:24 Douglas plans to continue developing Muthris
15:26 #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Teacher_Reporting
15:30 AWK script is an interim development based on current skill
15:31 tests order of operations
15:37 KarlieRobinson +1 for the idea that this teacher reporting API will run from an XO rather than a formal school server
15:45 #link http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]9-May/thread.html
15:49 FGrose #LINK http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5[…]atorrent/idea/14/
15:49 #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Produce_Puzzle
15:51 Code will be posted later to git.sugarlabs.org
15:52 #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]stion_Support_API
16:01 #endmeetin
16:01 #endmeeting
16:02 KarlieRobinson rollcall please!
16:02 Karlie Robinson
16:02 Qalthos Nathaniel Case
16:02 eldrac Tyler Bragdon
16:02 EricM Eric Mallon
16:02 wwdillingham Wesley Dillingham
16:02 jrgreen Jeremiah Green
16:02 enimihil Greg Stevens
16:02 FGrose Frederick Grose
16:02 KarlieRobinson Steve jacobs is looking in over my shoulder.  I'll be typing for him
16:02 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Math4Team/Meetings
16:02 dpk3062 Doug Krofcheck is here!
16:03 KarlieRobinson Please see the above link and we'll try to make this meeting as short as possible
16:03 wwdillingham Engelbert Humperdink
16:03 mdd8919 Mitchell DeMarco
16:03 cdaniels Chris Daniels
16:03 P-epsi Anthony King
16:03 KarlieRobinson ping ke4qqq
16:05 #Topic announcements
16:06 not much to report so far.  we Have a few students at RIT who will be working on their Math4 projects over the summer
16:06 bbl5660 ping enimihil
16:06 KarlieRobinson #link http://meeting.laptop.org/
16:07 please see the log created above for info and links to student projects
16:07 Any other announcements?
16:08 dpk3062 what times are most people on this channel?
16:08 wwdillingham Teacher Reporting, can use any help they can take, need a php pro, will be continuing contacting server-devel list, math4 list
16:08 err get
16:09 KarlieRobinson dpk3062: most of us are here on and off through out the day.  ping the mailing list with questions if the lights are on but no one's home
16:09 FGrose dpk3062: #sugar is the most active channel for development help
16:09 wwdillingham I know your hubba will help karlie, but the more the better
16:09 KarlieRobinson yes wwdillingham
16:09 #agreed no new announcements
16:09 moving on
16:09 #Topic Project updates
16:10 Qalthos Lemonade stand will be having a 1.0 release sometime later today with a 1.05 test release following shortly containing our development code
16:10 KarlieRobinson #agreed RIT students will be posting their plans for the summer to the http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]/fourthgrademath/ mailing list
16:10 Qalthos I will be continuing my work there along with a few others, I believe?
16:11 classclownfish Produce Puzzle should have new code up by today
16:11 dpk3062 Muthris is still coming along.  Its focusing on documentation before the code is written.  I'll be working on it during the summer.
16:11 wwdillingham any input on my order of operations logic would be helpful
16:11 enimihil Question API will have team  members continue work in a volunteer capacity.  Help is always appreciated.  Docs on the wiki and  in the git repo.
16:11 EricM Fun Towers is nearly complete, all we need to do is get the new graphics loaded into etoys, but we are having lots of trouble with that
16:11 wwdillingham also, conversion to php and integration into, a moodle module
16:12 EricM I am working over the summer on a math4 project, but it will be a new one, not a continuation of FunTowers
16:12 KarlieRobinson NP EricM
16:12 [RIT]_Echo Qalthos: Yes, I'll be helping you over the Summer.
16:12 classclownfish I am working over the summer on Produce Puzzle and maybe starting a new activity in the fall
16:13 KarlieRobinson Anything else?
16:13 enimihil The Question API itself is in a pre-alpha state, limited usability but the foundation is there to be expanded upon.
16:13 KarlieRobinson is trying to have a fast meeting
16:13 moving on
16:13 #topic Recruitment
16:14 FGrose Eric's project plans http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User_talk:EricMallon
16:14 KarlieRobinson on the 21st I'll be meeting with the wheatland-chili school district in an attempt to recruit teachers to work with our team over the summer
16:14 anyone else have recruitment activities to report?
16:15 FGrose http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Summer_Program
16:15 classclownfish Produce Puzzle may be in need of an artsy-type person
16:15 dbj4366 Assimilate is looking for others to take over over the project. I sent out an email yesterday explaining so and our wiki explains who will be able to help.
16:15 KarlieRobinson Fgross and I will also be at WXXI on Wednesday morning talking education programs and such.  We'll update the list with any good news that results
16:16 #Agreed we'll all be looking for graphic artists to help spiff up the game eye candy
16:16 anything else to report?
16:17 #Topic Open Floor
16:17 anything?
16:18 nope?
16:18 Ok then
16:18 Next meeting will be announced on the mailing list
16:18 #endmeeting

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