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#fedora-olpc, 2009-05-15

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Time Nick Message
10:12 FGrose RIT Honors Seminar/Math4Project
10:13 Good morning; last day of classes at RIT
10:13 General assessment, what's needed to meet class requirements
10:15 Requirements reminder: 1: commented code
10:15 2, wiki page
10:16 3, ...
10:17 API team will continue as standard FOSS project with one team member in Boston, one in Rochester
10:19 KarlieRobinson #Link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/XO#What.E2.80.99s_a_Developer_Key.3F
10:20 FGrose Teacher Reporting Team: will continue as Co-op with one student full-time one part time
10:23 Flash card Assimilate will mothball so they will prepare it for adoptions
10:27 Fun Towers:is nearly complete
10:28 Produce Puzzle: likely co-op program
10:30 Multhis: will be standard FOSS project, developer has a full RIT course load, but plans to take it through another stage
10:32 Lemonade Stand: needs to document code, lesson plan available, activity needs to be sugarized.  One or two developers may continue to contribute
10:33 Lemonade Stand: lost its graphics developer, will release as 0.5 or 1.00
10:35 Independent Study credit available if 4-8 hours/week of work, study plan
11:17 3 students have committed to formal RIT co-op positions, and will be posting their plans
11:18 All others are welcome to join http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Summer_Program
11:31 Going outside now for the group photo session
12:32 #endmeeting

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