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#fedora-olpc, 2009-04-17

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Time Nick Message
10:02 KarlieRobinson #TOPIC
10:02 #topic from now until 10:20 the students will be in their groups discussing
10:19 #topic API Team to report
10:20 The team is having trouble with GIT
10:20 a good number of students have never used version control.
10:22 #agreed some students will stay after class and learn how to use GIT
10:23 #Agreed - all students need to be doing things now.  API team didn't have much progress in the last week.
10:25 #Agreed Greg S is the team lead
10:29 #topic Flash Card Assimilate team
10:31 #agreed will contact orig developer to find out the status of project and ask some questions
10:31 #Topic Puzzle Mod
10:31 #Topic Merchant Mania - Lemonade stand
10:32 Looking at other similar software
10:33 #No specific milestones other than a text base model to start with
10:33 #Agreed No specific milestones other than a text base model to start with
10:34 #Agreed will try python and pygtk rather and pygame right now.  Also need to look at scratch and squeek
10:34 #agreed each member of the team should explore each of the various strengths and weaknesses of the various programming styles
10:35 #Agreed - practice that when updating the wiki to email the group via myclass
10:36 #Agreed -will email the the 4th Grade Mailing list instead
10:36 #Topic Fun towers
10:37 they do have a physical prototype
10:43 #Agreed - project managers need to ping eric on a very regular basis so that their documentation for teachers is well written as the code progresses
10:44 #Agreed Eric M (Student) is project manager for FunTowers
10:44 #Topic API Reporting
10:44 have written a script already reports scores and a script for analysis
10:44 still need to get help with Python
10:46 #Agreed that the group will get with the API team
10:47 #Agreed Karlie will talk with the Rochester Python group for one-on-one mentoring opportunities for the students
10:49 #Agreed that the milestone is to be done by the end of class.  But should break it down to steps
10:49 #Topic Tetris
10:49 #Agreed that it would be hard to prototype by the end of class and joined lemonade stand
10:50 #Agreed it is more important to Steve Jacobs that that project goals, documentation is strong for those who will carry on beyond this course.
10:51 A half completed project with all documentation clear is an A
10:51 a completed project with poor docs will be graded an F
10:53 #Topic summer co-op
10:54 some students need summer co-ops and students can work volunteer co-ops and if someone wants to volunteer it can be done
10:55 #Topic anyone have milestones up?
10:55 #Topic, now waiting for guest to join class
11:01 #Topic Tetris mod
11:02 #Agreed project may be able to continue over the summer if the student can find $20/week to off set his on campus living expenses
11:03 #Topic - Con call
11:03 will be given an overview of educational products Karen has worked on.
11:04 classclownfish the Produce Puzzle team has some milestones up for next week at: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Produce_Puzzle
11:04 KarlieRobinson #link http://sparknotes.com
11:06 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Produce_Puzzle
11:09 #Link http://brainpop.com
11:10 #Topic brain pop is a way for elem teachers to introduce topics
11:11 #Agreed wasn't created as an educational tool.  Just a fun way to introduce topics to children
11:12 #agreed no research on if there is a benefit to children. Only feedback that the children like watching them
11:13 #Agreed every video has the same premise.  interaction between regular guy and a robot
11:13 Kennedy_RIT I have a question in how to run Sugar on VMware?
11:15 KarlieRobinson Kennedy_RIT: I'm asking in #Sugar too
11:16 classclownfish I'm trying to find the link for you Kennedy
11:17 http://croquetweak.blogspot.co[…]able-olpc-xo.html
11:18 KarlieRobinson #Agreed Most commercial software vendors will build the complete curriculum ready for teachers to use based on state standards
11:18 Kennedy_RIT: tomeu can help you with emulation
11:19 #Link http://parentsconnect.com
11:19 Kennedy_RIT KarlieRobinson: Thank you! for now i am going to try the link from classclownfish
11:20 tomeu not sure I really can, but can try ;)
11:21 what's the problem?
11:21 KarlieRobinson #Agreed - parent connect didn't do educational research, but did do market research on parents
11:21 I think he
11:22 he's going to http://croquetweak.blogspot.co[…]able-olpc-xo.html
11:22 how accurate is that site?
11:22 classclownfish I'm pretty sure that's the image I use for VMWare Fusion on my Mac
11:22 if it is, it works fine
11:22 tomeu I think that one should work fine
11:23 I know that last soas images have trouble with vmware right now
11:23 KarlieRobinson #Agreed Nick created the site to build up their parenting brand strength and have an ad outlet for other adverts
11:23 tomeu: what about virtual box?
11:24 tomeu KarlieRobinson: I think they are supposed to work: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]_Stick/VirtualBox
11:25 KarlieRobinson #link http://www.scholastic.com
11:26 #agreed Scholastic is the largest children's book publisher in the world
11:26 FGrose SoaS-beta.iso will launch Sugar in VirtualBox2.2.0, building a VBox disc has some problems currently though
11:27 See http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]oas2-200904161412
11:28 KarlieRobinson #Topic SKYPE Fail
11:28 classclownfish our nets in here fails
11:28 KarlieRobinson #Topic we're back
11:30 #agreed, Scholastic researches to meet educational goals.  Where Nick Jr researches for entertainment value
11:31 #Agreed that teaching reading and classroom success is high with Scholastic.
11:31 #link http://facebook.com
11:33 Kennedy_RIT tomeu: hello! thanks for helping me. went to http://croquetweak.blogspot.co[…]able-olpc-xo.html and it has instructions for mac
11:33 but i have a pc
11:33 i have VMware Workstation installed
11:34 but it is asking for an ISO file
11:35 KarlieRobinson #topic search for "exchange this" for Exchange this 08
11:35 Kennedy_RIT but i dont know where to aquire that
11:36 FGrose Kennedy_RIT: See http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_on_a_Stick
11:36 KarlieRobinson #Topic Exchange this asks High School Students to talk about issues that are important to them
11:37 #agreed Exchange this allows students to see what's important to individuals and the community
11:38 #link http://www.youinnovate21.net/main.html
11:39 #Topic Career SIM
11:40 #topic National Governors association wanted students to think about Science and Tech career paths and how to get to those by choosing course work in Highschool
11:42 #topic would like to make the site more game-like
11:46 #link http://www.tomsnyder.com/fasttmath/index.html
11:46 #topic going to product tour and demo
11:46 #link http://www.tomsnyder.com/fasttmath/tour.html
11:48 #agreed that Fastt math is an approach to learning basic math facts
11:49 #Topic Q&A
11:53 #endmeeting

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