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#fedora-olpc, 2009-04-10

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
10:02 KarlieRobinson #topic class teams
10:03 #idea API Brian Long Greg Stevens
10:04 #Idea Flash Cards or Assimilate.  James Kolb
10:05 #idea produce puzzle mod Abbi
10:05 #Idea Lemonade stand - Anthony King
10:06 #Idea for Lemonade stand+
10:07 I know we got started late but please sound off with your real name for attendance in the recods
10:08 #Idea Mitchel DeMarco Model for Lemonade stand Nate Case would also like to add his name to the Lemonade stand team
10:09 #Idea - funtowers Tyler Bragdon Eric Mallon Chris Danniels (and API)
10:10 #Idea proposed by Jacobs to have one person per team be a liaison to the API team
10:11 #idea modify kuku to give teacher reports - Wes Dillingham and Jeremiah Green
10:13 #agreed students all joined a project for first cut.  teams may change as time goes on
10:15 #idea 7th tetris math
10:15 #Idea 8th soduku type game
10:18 #Topic teams are moving together to create mission statements for the games and to define what meets the curriculum for their project will take place for the rest of class
10:19 #Students need to put the info on the wiki
10:19 #Topic students need to put their info in the wiki
10:20 needs to learn to use http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Dogi/meeting
10:22 FGrose KarlieRobinson: on the beginning of a line enter #startmeeting
10:23 KarlieRobinson #agreed Karlie needs to ask the python group to join us at the OLPC user group at the next meeting
10:23 FGrose: I have the meeting how to open
10:24 The students are now in their groups discussing their project points.
10:24 I'm going to go mingle for a moment or two brb
10:25 eldrac Does anybody know what a .sar file is?
10:27 KarlieRobinson ping ke4qqq
10:27 ping cjb
10:28 cjb nope
10:28 KarlieRobinson thanks cjb
10:34 abbi Does anyone know anything about the game Produce Puzzle?
10:36 Southern_Gentlem eldrac, i think it is a system activity report
10:36 http://linux.die.net/man/1/sar
10:45 OlpcEu-SvenAERTS Wishing you a happy Easter Weekend  :)
10:50 KarlieRobinson suggestion for the Math4team http://ow.ly/1DsM
10:51 came from http://twitter.com/lshiller
10:51 thanks OlpcEu-SvenAERTS
10:51 OlpcEu-SvenAERTS ;)
10:54 KarlieRobinson #link http://twitter.com/lshiller
10:55 #link http://ow.ly/1DsM
10:55 Southern_Gentlem which looks like an ad
10:59 KarlieRobinson I know
10:59 I've asked him for more info
10:59 it's probably not Open Source, but it's worth asking
11:00 the cool thing is that people are begining to look at my tweets regarding Math4
11:09 Twenty Minutes until group presentations
11:16 Kennedy_RIT Hello, if i want to make an application icon/logo to be sugar-like
11:17 where do i go? how do i go about doing thing
11:17 ???
11:18 KarlieRobinson Kennedy_RIT: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]erface_Guidelines
11:19 abbi Thanks
11:27 jrgreen Quick question and this may be a bit dumb. Is it best to use yum in a terminal window to install normal Linux programs.
11:27 For example, I'd like to install ntfs-3g and sendmail. Would this be possible with yum.
11:28 My terminal just seems to sit there with no activity after typing "sudo yum install ntfs-3g"
11:28 KarlieRobinson what's the command to get the Mac address on the XO?
11:28 jrgreen ifconfig will give it to you in a terminal window
11:28 FGrose ifconfig will show the MAC
11:28 KarlieRobinson thanks
11:33 jrgreen Does anyone have a better repository to install Linux packages from? I keep getting a "socket error: timed out" from the gtlib.gatech.edu and mirror.anl.gov
11:34 KarlieRobinson #Topic Groups to report
11:36 #Idea API Lead team Short term goal simple api to call an opening function.  Question types based on Moodle.
11:38 #Idea API long term goal is to support all Moodle formats and formats specific to Math As well as record keeping, sharing of info, and ability to change quiz format
11:38 #Idea - week by week milestones for the API to be added to the Wiki
11:40 # Next group - Fixing flashcards base tech needs a management interface to change cards.  Also cats by type of questions.  Algebra, trig, etc
11:40 #idea flash cards/assimilate base tech needs a management interface to change cards. Also cats by type of questions. Algebra, trig, etc
11:41 #idea assimilate networking needs work
11:42 Kennedy_RIT abbi: i shared the doc-file
11:43 KarlieRobinson #idea produce puzzle needs to be sugarized as well as additions to timers and scale for changes on the fly.  There are known issues that need to be worked out.
11:47 #Idea Lemonade stand - supports algebra and multiplication from the curriculum.  Needs localization as in making it skinable for currency and local resources.  Skins can be added later.
11:50 #Idea Tetris - Jacobs isn't sold on the idea just yet.  needs a proof of concept.  Physical prototype (on paper?) that scales.  For next week we need a playable game to try before coding.
11:51 #Idea FunTowers - found a student game made with squeek that needs to be spiffed up.  Needs a physical prototype as well.
11:52 #idea Kuku - thinking about the way the app would report to teachers.  Identify types of problems. The really decided they'd like to build teacher reports into the API.
11:54 #idea who did how well at what is the core of the idea
11:57 #Topic - Johathan is a photo journalist in the class and will be documenting the class since we're breaking ground here at RIT
11:57 #endmeeting

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