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#etoys, 2013-01-09

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Time Nick Message
06:38 Mokurai has quit IRC
08:23 rdococ <rdococ!rdococ@unaffiliated/rdococ> has joined #etoys
08:24 rdococ Hello.
08:24 I'm new to Etoys.
08:25 gtg
08:25 rdococ has quit IRC
08:50 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #etoys
09:57 squeaker307 <squeaker307!~63739a08@europa.immuexa.com> has joined #etoys
15:11 Mokurai <Mokurai!~mokurai@c-69-246-202-96.hsd1.in.comcast.net> has joined #etoys
16:06 rdococ <rdococ!rdococ@unaffiliated/rdococ> has joined #etoys
16:07 rdococ I'm back
16:07 I'm experimenting with Etoys UI to create an even simpler programming language.
16:09 bertf hi rdococ. sounds interesting. IRC isn't much used in our community, you should rather be sending email to the mailing list
16:21 rdococ I'd like to know how to keep an object's Viewer from being deletable or closable in any way.
16:44 (I also noticed that there is a 'Scratch Client' object in Etoys. I have indeed heard of Scratch, another programming language, but this Scratch Client is mysterious.)
18:21 bertf (seriously, write an email)
19:47 rdococ has quit IRC

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