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#etoys, 2012-01-23

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18:40 scottwal <scottwal!~scottwal@99-40-5-235.lightspeed.sntcca.sbcglobal.net> has joined #etoys
19:34 ritaf <ritaf!~ritaf@mgdb-4d0cfaf2.pool.mediaWays.net> has joined #etoys
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19:34 ritaf hi there
19:35 scottwal hello :)
19:35 ritaf thanks for the email reminder.
19:36 I might have confused people with the wrong time in my mail.
19:37 scottwal theoretically the chat starts around 20 minutes from now...
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19:41 ritaf then let's see what happens!
20:00 scottwal *noon*
20:02 bertf well, we'll go out for lunch now
20:02 scottwal do the etoy developers have any form of "corporate memory" such as the Etoys Education Team "google groups" presence?
20:02 bertf I'll help with the release but wouldn't want to be driving it
20:02 scottwal Likewise, I'll help with the release but wouldn't want to be driving it.
20:03 bertf well there is an archive of the etoys-dev list
20:03 also I've been writing up the release procedure at http://etoys.squeak.org/svn/trunk/Documentation/
20:03 scottwal right, but I'm thinking of a coherent place where "who is doing what, when" could be tracked
20:04 bertf:  excellent!
20:04 bertf not that I know of
20:04 afk
20:06 ritaf I'll write again and send the link with the documentation to possible helpers with the release?
20:07 scottwal sounds good.  hopefully Karl can take the lead on the release -- otherwise, I can't see how it's going to get done ::(
20:11 ritaf I was hoping that the "development team" were just not active, but if asked would step up
20:12 danbri <danbri!~danbri@cable-146-255-156-245.dynamic.telemach.ba> has joined #etoys
20:12 ritaf I could also write to etoys-dev instead of just the team, which was put together 2 years ago
20:12 scottwal ah -- good idea to do that
20:38 ritaf ok, so I'll write that message. Bert's off to diner, and no one else is showing up.
20:39 thank you so much for coming, scott!
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