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#etoys, 2011-07-10

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03:59 rodt <rodt!~rodney@5ad466da.bb.sky.com> has joined #etoys
04:00 rodt how successful was etoys ?
04:03 alan was looking for the most efficient human/computer interface... etoys sounds good, but im an expert and find it difficult to do things in it
04:04 same with my children, who the other day where crying because they couldnt find tutorials for etoys online to explain how to do some trivial things
04:04 7 and 10 years old
04:05 i saw alan on ted the other day, and he is asking for 100 million dollars to make a better UI
04:08 see i share alans dream of a super interface
04:08 a computer system that makes your nan into a super coder ;)
04:09 i discovered my own path separately tho, and only recently came across alans work
04:10 my solution failed as well, but for different reasons ;)
04:12 at the time i was well excited i was implementing a futuristic system that would enable my toddlers to assimulate computer understanding as easy as they play with lego
04:16 actually it came out of ai research
04:17 but i noticed it had many other properties
04:18 giving it good selling properties many things, children / learning / coorporate software systems...ai...etc...etc...
04:20 i listed all teh problems with current programing paradigms, and guessed a system that solves them all :)
04:23 yeah it was all nice, cola wont work
04:26 once i implemented it, i made a few toys programs,... and then decided to make an irc client
04:28 writting an irc client in this system turned out to be just as thinking heavy as doing it in any other language
04:28 i realised i failed then, and didnt touch the idea since
04:34 saijanai_ <saijanai_!~lawsoneng@ip72-200-120-156.tc.ph.cox.net> has joined #etoys
04:34 rodt although i still consider it the most advanced language in the world
04:35 and beleive its the language everyoen will use in teh future....
04:36 just cause i cant fix the issues, doesnt mean someone else wont
04:36 also anyway i now believe i can fix the issues...
05:59 cjl rodt: For basic eToys tutorial lessons try http://wiki.waveplace.org/disp[…]sic+Etoys+%28*%29
05:59 en is english, ht is Haitian Kreyol, etc.
06:00 You can start from http://wiki.waveplace.org/disp[…]wp/Basic+Etoys+01 and move through using Next link.
06:01 rodt thanks :)
06:01 cjl Also check out http://www.squeakland.org/
06:02 especially http://www.squeakland.org/tutorials/
06:03 waveplace.org uses eToys in educational settings around the Carribean basin
06:03 rodt the squeakland resources are terrible
06:03 ah cool :)
06:04 cjl Waveplace ones have been testing in practice
06:04 http://www.waveplace.org/
06:05 rodt i found the illinois stuff as well, after a bit of searching i found a few collections of various etoys stuff
06:08 cjl Not all planned Waveplace lessons are posted yet, but we host localization for what they have up  http://translate.sugarlabs.org[…]ojects/Waveplace/
06:09 rodt: As I mentioned, I
06:09 m not really an eToys oerson, I'm Translation Team coordinator for Sugar Labs / OLPC
06:10 rodt cool :)
06:10 cjl Ther ehas bee na long standing collaboration between eToys and Sugar / OLPC
06:11 rodt seems all teh same ideas etc.. to me ?
06:11 cjl Waveplace is an interesting org and they work closely with eToys group
06:11 rodt: There are shared goals and philosophies, I think
06:11 Certainly a commonality of interests
06:12 rodt but alan suggests that etoys is a failure, and that another project would solve ?
06:12 cjl eToys is one path into programming, within Sugar Labs Turtle Art is another.
06:13 rodt yeah
06:13 cjl Alan takes part in discussions on Sugar Labs IAEP list, you can ask him yourself.
06:14 http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/iaep
06:14 e.g. http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]-July/013690.html
06:15 and http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]-July/013692.html
06:15 for a few recent examples of him on IAEP.
06:16 IAEP = It's An Education Project
06:17 Again, I'm not the pedagogy expert either, but there are some on IAEP, or at least people who care deeply about it like Walter Bender.
06:17 rodt thanks for the posts :), thats some seriously depressing explainging coding to a 15 year old lol
06:18 cjl Feel free to join the conversation on that list.
06:18 rodt thanks :)
06:19 cjl eToys folks are there too, eToys in education would be on-topic
06:19 Read the archives a bit, you'll see it ranges pretty widely.
06:20 From the throretical to the practical to the pragmatic
06:21 rodt its good the issue is taken seriously :)
06:21 its more an issue with CS, but the CS guys dont seem to notice or care...
06:22 cjl Certainly not a solved problem, but people are exploring it "Let a thousand flowers bloom..."
06:23 rodt :)
06:24 cjl Although technically,  Ithink I'm off by an order of magnitude. .
06:25 http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/226950.html
06:25 rodt it mnust be a fair few orders of magnitude easier than the ai problem lol
06:37 you concieve of systems ? whats your current? etoys ? you believe thats off by an order ?
06:47 i must admit, when i was doing research for my language, i think i came across scratch and etoys, ...
06:47 i figured they off they off by atleast one magnitude lol
06:47 they were off *
06:48 by the time i came across them id already realised the paradigm they used was based on old outdated ideas about computing
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