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#etoys, 2011-06-13

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08:26 etoystrackerbot [SQ-946] Using Arrows to decrease from 0.01 displays epsilon instead of 0.00 in scripting tiles  http://tracker.squeakland.org/browse/SQ-946
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21:52 cjl hey bertf does etoys really use gettext and mo files or are the PO files a manual hack to make L10n possible?
21:53 bertf cjl: we do use mo files
21:53 cjl I'm asking because I noticed that it never uses getext plural handling and I'm wondering if that is an i18n oversight or just not practical.
21:53 Arabic for instance has 6 plural forms
21:54 bertf cjl: well we have our own implementation of gettext. we only use the gnu tools for compiling, not the gettext library
21:54 cjl So plurals are not practical?
21:54 bertf could be added, sure. there just were (and are) more pressing things
21:55 so right now plural handling is not supported. it would have to be added to our gettext implementation
21:55 might not be trivial, but doable
21:55 cjl Ok, jsut trying to understand, I know you are written Squeak, many projects have their own little hacks for L10n.  AbiWord actuall ysues .strings files.
21:56 bertf well we use mo but plural forms are neither exported to po nor read from mo
21:56 cjl I understand prioritization, trying to understand your process to more thoughtfully make the case for the importance of i18n, in a respectful way.
21:57 bertf I hear you :)
21:57 did you see the screencast I made? with the fix for the translated labels?
21:57 cjl I seek to advocate, not criticize.  Most fo all I seek understanding and sharing that understanding.
21:58 bertf http://etoys.squeak.org/svn/tr[…]veloper-HowTo.txt
21:58 cjl The Squeak screencast, I looked briefly.  Will look in more detail if I consider taking a hand at doing some i18n changes myseof.  But I need more understanding first.
21:59 I do understand limited resources and I grok the DIY ethic
22:00 I'm just busy wit ha lot of things and I'm looking for high return, low learning curve paths first.
22:01 bringing AbiWord and GNASHinot the Pootle server was pretty low cost, but can have a  nice impact.
22:01 Same wit hpointing localizers at upstream GNOME modules
22:01 Thnaks for the info.
22:03 I've dumped all etoys strings into0 a spreadsheey that I am annotating for possible i18n improvements.
22:03 The issue of plurals occurred t ome, so I thought I would ask.  It looks like it is not low-hanging fruit right now, but it's something to keep an eye on.
22:04 If you don't mind, I'll probably file it as an enhancement request in the tracker t oget it on record.
22:05 bertf sure. thanks!
22:05 cjl Thank you.
22:08 bertf: It might make a nice GSOC project.  Do you guys try for those and do you wiki possible GSOC ideas anywhere?
22:09 bertf we did GSOC once (richo's graph/tables work)
22:10 don't think there is a GSOC ideas page on the wiki
22:11 cjl Did he find you did you find him?  Would putting it on the Suagr wiki do any good or is the tracker just as good?
22:12 Maybe a categpry like "sugar-love"?

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