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#etoys, 2011-06-07

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17:53 etoysupdatesbot ReleaseBuilder-kfr.10 - comment change (Karl Ramberg)
21:17 cjl Hey bertf
21:20 bertf cjl: hi
21:24 cjl So did my appeal for better i18n in eToys come across too heavy?  No one replied in any way.
21:24 bertf or is it just that you guys are too busy with other things (not uncommon)
21:26 bertf cjl: the latter. we're basically down to two devs (Karl and me) and looking at the bug tracker there's a lot more todo before getting to that
21:27 cjl: we shoul dget some of the Soutgh-Americans interested to contribute to Etoys directly
21:27 changing text strings is not really hard
21:28 I was too busy the last year to do an adequate job of recruiting new developers :/
21:29 cjl Where do you host your code?
21:30 I'm wondering whether I could figure it out well enough to make changes (for review of course)
21:31 bertf: I agree you need to recruit more devels, I may not be the most useful there, but I will try t oget your strings localized
21:33 bertf the code is hosted at http://source.squeak.org/etoys.html
21:34 however, we don't really believe in source files. the preferred form of modification is using Squeak
21:34 cjl bertf: I could try to be qa tiger team of one. . . as long as someone made sure I didn't bust up eToys in the process.
21:34 bertf ah. as long as you don't have commit rights to the official repo it's fine :)
21:35 you can commit to the inbox all you want
21:35 cjl So what woul dbe the form in which you would want changes?
21:35 bertf so to modify etoys you do not have to download the sources first. they are includeds, as well as all the tools you need
21:35 you just modify and commit
21:36 cjl Commit to my local eToys?
21:36 or to the source link above?
21:36 bertf commit to the etoys inbox repo. let me find a doc for you ...
21:36 hopes there is one
21:37 cjl Thnks.
21:37 Thanks (not thinks) :-).
21:38 bertf I'm pretty sure I once did a screencast for how to submit a fix
21:40 ah, no, that was for Squeak Trunk. It's rather similar but looks a bit different http://screencast.com/t/NmM4ODE2ZjM
21:41 when I find the time I'll do one for Etoys. maybe I'll change a string :)
21:43 cjl I'll take a look, but no promises tha tI'll be submitting patches anytime soon.  Been pretty busy with Pootle.

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