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#etoys, 2011-06-03

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08:40 JZA hi people anyone here, I need to get some context for some specific strings
08:40 that I am localizing
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11:59 bertf JZA: mailing list is better than irc for questions. But ask here if you like :)
14:27 cjl <cjl!~chatzilla@c-98-204-202-184.hsd1.md.comcast.net> has joined #etoys
15:39 JZA bertf: I am looking for some key  meaning of some terms, one is morph, the other is "file out"
15:40 I am asuming is some type of export, but could be dump, 'save as', 'rederization' or final product.
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17:40 bertf JZA: best to discuss on the localization mailing list. I just sent you an email.
17:40 JZA umm.. really?
17:41 bertf: which is the localization list... I am not there yet
17:44 bertf http://lists.laptop.org/piperm[…]-June/002945.html
17:45 (I cc'ed you too, should arrive in a couple of minutes if it didn't yet)
17:54 cjl is now known as cjl_afk
17:59 JZA bertf: ah got it, thanks
18:00 I replied too, maybe u can explain me here rather
18:00 I got the po from here http://etoys.laptop.org/svn/trunk/etoys/po/etoys
18:01 bertf JZA: jsut answered your mail. Yes, unfortunately that's an old SVN. we should take it offline.
18:02 JZA yeah just read it, thanks bertf
18:02 I'll ask around the localization list
18:03 bertf JZA: I'm sorry you wasted some time. Not sure if you rpatch will apply to the new files.
18:03 cjl_afk JZA: Yes, Poolte is set up to commit to etoys, so the work you did on Poolte will get submitted when the Po files are committed.
18:03 bertf yes
18:04 cjl_afk As fo rforming consensus on etoys terms, it is discussed on the L10n list (e.g. Morphs)
18:05 Please join the list and start a discussion.  It si a joint Sugar Labs / OLPC / eToys L10n community.
18:06 JZA cjl_afk: is there any glossary or TMX being built?
18:06 Translation memory
18:06 bertf is afk
18:07 cjl_afk Yes, I'm going to make an eToys-specific glossary.po file for the terminology project.  Been very busy recently getting AbiWord localizers onboard.
18:07 Give me a few days and I will send options for eToys glossary.po to the lsit.
18:08 JZA: If you like to work off-line, you should use Virtaal, whcih has an excellent TM function.
18:08 JZA cjl_afk: ok  I'll check it out
18:08 cjl_afk From the same people who make Pootle
18:09 Has builtin msgfmt checks and lots of othe nice features.
18:09 JZA cjl_afk: I mostly preffer offline because is easy to do search within the po and compare previously addressed keywords
18:10 cjl_afk JZA: Virtaal does that more or less automagically :-)
18:10 It's TM offers suggestions and percentage match t ocurrent string.
18:11 really going afk now
18:11 JZA great I'll check it out, btw is the wiki down often, there has been 2 times that I get a 'waiting' msg
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