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#etoys, 2010-12-06

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10:45 edgardec hello
10:45 hust checking IRC client works in FunSqueak
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20:31 dcorking I guess IRC from thirty thousand feet wasn't too easy for bertf
20:52 so teefal's blog about buildings?
20:56 cinneidesean The way it is now ?
20:59 jecel Each person wants to help with what they are good at. The children might need dental work, but what I can do is design hardware and software. In the same way, there are *many* people out there who can build buildings. So that is what they want to do
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21:02 cinneidesean most factories have to be centralised anyway .
21:03 jecel The blog is about building physical school in Haite
21:03 Haiti, I mean
21:05 cinneidesean one post on the blog, decried housing students in a central classroom .
21:09 dcorking yes, it seems to be about available skills ...
21:10 ... I think waveplace is able to quickly train mentors, but afaict it takes time to _grow_ teachers
21:10 jecel It is about rethinking priorities. Nobody will blink at the suggestion that every single school that the earthquake brought down must be rebuilt and many new schools added, but many people will be against giving the kids laptops
21:10 dcorking yes - priorities - waveplace takes a tiny budget compared to a building
21:11 jecel I haven't done the math
21:11 dcorking me neither  :/
21:12 its about chaning the argument - it only takes a few to be in favour of laptops and mentors, for it to start to happen
21:12 s/chaning/changing
21:13 it isn't really a case of having to choose one over the other, at least not in the long term ...
21:16 ... as there are things that can only be done (well) in buildings: science experiments, drama, collective worship
21:17 jecel But Timothy is trying to deal with the short term - what the people sending money right now to Haiti want to do with it
21:20 dcorking he convince me in his first video or two: he just needs to keep plugging the same argument (imho)
21:24 can I change the subject?  which is the latest version of Etoys Image for a touch screen?  http://etoys.squeak.org/experi[…]-image-100620.zip ?
21:36 cinneidesean bye .
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21:49 dcorking I found a blog comment where bert said he had no time to work on ipad etoys since may, so I guess that image is worth a look
21:50 http://croquetweak.blogspot.co[…]63536246982201460
21:54 thanks all.  bye.
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