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#etoys, 2010-12-02

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00:42 walterbender_ <walterbender_!~chatzilla@r190-135-85-150.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #etoys
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14:54 meeting * HectorArica-es has joined
14:55 HectorArica <HectorArica!~webchat@diabetes-3.media.mit.edu> has joined #etoys
14:55 HectorArica hi
14:55 anybody can help me?
14:55 please?
14:55 :D
14:56 i need put text in the rectangule, but, i dont know how merge
14:56 hello??
14:57 sm <sm!~sm@cpe-76-93-7-124.socal.res.rr.com> has joined #etoys
14:57 HectorArica @HELP i need put text in the rectangule, but, i dont know how merge
14:58 bertf HectorArica: use the "embed" menu item
14:58 HectorArica embed? is in... rectangule options?
14:59 bertf get a rectangle. get a text. place text on rectangle. from text's halo choose "embed..."
14:59 HectorArica ok, testing...
15:00 yeah!
15:01 thanks, another question :D I need
15:01 a rectangule for create transparence efect
15:01 bertf btw, in the Object Catalog's "Connectors" category there is a "text rectangle"
15:02 HectorArica bertf, this tool no large, i dont know why, but the large and hight is blocked
15:03 well, i need a rectangule, for example, that move him, put always under...
15:03 bertf the object catalog is too big?
15:03 HectorArica jeje
15:04 "text rectangule" no allow change size
15:04 i dont know why..
15:04 bertf ah, I see
15:05 for transparency: just change the rectangle's color. on top of the color picker is a tranlucency slider
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15:05 HectorArica how do: figure or object select for moving, always put under
15:05 no up
15:06 bertf I don't understand
15:06 HectorArica sorry my english... mm
15:07 bertf it's better than my spanish ;^)
15:07 you can use the brown halo handle to move an object without picking it up
15:08 HectorArica yes, but automaticaly the object is put up
15:08 until now, when I move the object, is on the other. I need the object is always down
15:08 (google translate, jeje)
15:08 bertf in the halo menu there is a "send to back" entry
15:09 or you can make a script that sends the object down
15:09 or you can disable picking it up (in the halo menu)
15:10 HectorArica no me sirve las propiedades del rectangulo, "enviar al fondo", al tomarlo siempre queda sobre las otras figuras
15:10 jeje, sorry,
15:10 I can not use the properties of the rectangle, "Send to Back" is always taking it on the other figures
15:11 mm disable picking up?
15:11 interesting
15:11 in the halo menu
15:11 ...
15:11 mm
15:13 i found something better options but my first question: there are a option, called, "accept drop object"
15:13 :D
15:14 bertf yes. that works too. or just use a Playfield object
15:14 HectorArica so, click on, later take any object and embed it drop him inside
15:14 ok,
15:15 bertf btw, in #etoys-es there is automatic google translation
15:15 HectorArica do you know if the media reproducer have a problems?
15:15 yes, but this windows is more quickly
15:15 :D
15:16 bertf not sure what you mean by "media reproducer"
15:16 HectorArica ouch, i write "windows"... damm... is counter my religion :D jeje,
15:17 mm this tool that play video
15:17 bertf ah. yes that has problems. it only plays one special kind of mpeg files
15:19 HectorArica ...
15:20 try to pass all the videos to "ogg" format
15:20 testing...
15:22 ouch..
15:22 the program collapse
15:22 :(
16:23 how export a proyect, for my usb ?
16:23 (the idea is using in other pc, install etoys and running proyect)
16:24 bertf just save it
16:26 HectorArica but, when i saving, appear "etoys" and nothing more.. you say, later taje the file
16:26 take the file
16:26 bertf yes, move it from the etoys folder to your usb
16:51 HectorArica thaks! other q:
16:51 if the tool for play video not works...
16:52 i can using "links"...
16:52 for example,
16:52 a rectangule,
16:52 i touch him
16:53 then, open VLC, video play software :-D
16:53 is possible?
16:56 bertf Everything is possible if you use Squeak. But not in Etoys.
16:57 HectorArica MMM
16:58 i think that etoys is a image, and the machine, interpreter--> Squeak
16:58 i could programming that action?
16:59 bertf not quite. Etoys is the drag-and-drop UI. Squeak is the programming language.
17:02 HectorArica mm Squeak no is Smalltalk interpreter?
17:04 bertf the interpreter and the language and many of the classes that ship with Etoys: http://squeak.org/
17:05 HectorArica ok
17:06 bertf for example, if you want to launch another program like VLC you need a plugin that is not included in Etoys for security reasons
17:06 otherwise everyone could write a project that erases your hard disk
17:35 sm <sm!~sm@cpe-76-93-7-124.socal.res.rr.com> has joined #etoys
19:06 HectorArica mm but that always is possible... i programmer in C/C++ :D
19:07 in this moment i am editing video, for change format... may be i can using video play tool anyway
19:08 another solution is use multiple desktop
19:09 in one, etoys runing, in desktop two, the video :D
19:11 how to for: edit script, running for click mouse over the object?
19:12 in the options script no appears, only "when mouse over", no click...
19:12 in the options script dont appears, only "when mouse over", no click...
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22:17 Remaille <Remaille!~Remi@ip-17.net-82-216-94.rev.numericable.fr> has joined #etoys
23:15 walterbender_ <walterbender_!~chatzilla@> has joined #etoys
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