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#etoys, 2010-11-29

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Time Nick Message
00:25 etoystrackerbot [SQ-895] Comments in showcase changed to current year  http://tracker.squeakland.org/browse/SQ-895
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13:09 etoystrackerbot [SQ-896] Broken link on Squeakland website  http://tracker.squeakland.org/browse/SQ-896
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20:07 bertf hi all
20:07 anything important to discuss?
20:08 if not, anything unimportant? :)
20:09 cinneidesean Hi bertf I am having trouble saving project .
20:09 scottwal :-)
20:09 bertf cinneidesean: can you be more specific?
20:10 cinneidesean At the moment when I invoke save project toys get stuck
20:10 I'm on OSX
20:11 It happen even though I am logged in with username and password .
20:12 The screen shows a grid .
20:12 Pardon the ipad's auto spelling ...
20:14 bertf but saving to the local disk works?
20:15 you only need username and password for uploading to the squeakland website
20:17 cinneidesean Oh , right . I had just be keeping a project on the squeakland but not made public .
20:17 Then that stopped working .
20:18 I don't need to publish it yet .
20:18 bertf the server is sometimes a bit unreliable.
20:18 so does saving locally work?
20:20 cinneidesean I don't know how to do that ! I had kept a current project in my squeak land ...
20:21 bertf just select the "Etoys" entry when saving
20:21 cinneidesean Oh right  . Will try that .
20:22 bertf There should be "My Squeakland" and "Etoys"
20:22 where "Etoys" is actually in your "Documents" folder
20:23 cinneidesean Ok that works can save and load to/from disk .
20:24 bertf actually, that "Etoys" folder inside "Documents" should also have a "Squeaklets" folder with a copy of everything you uploaded
20:24 good. so I assume it's a server problem that you can't upload right now
20:25 you might shoot an email to support@immuexa.com who is hosting the squeakland servers
20:26 cinneidesean Thanks! Will do .
20:45 Gotta go . Thanks for your help .
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