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#etoys, 2010-11-18

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Time Nick Message
00:22 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@diabetes-3.media.mit.edu> has joined #etoys
00:23 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@diabetes-3.media.mit.edu> has joined #etoys
00:28 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@diabetes-3.media.mit.edu> has joined #etoys
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01:50 walterbender_ <walterbender_!~chatzilla@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #etoys
03:19 saijanai__ <saijanai__!~lawsoneng@ip72-200-121-127.tc.ph.cox.net> has joined #etoys
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03:46 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@diabetes-3.media.mit.edu> has joined #etoys
04:17 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@diabetes-3.media.mit.edu> has joined #etoys
05:25 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@diabetes-3.media.mit.edu> has joined #etoys
05:35 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@diabetes-3.media.mit.edu> has joined #etoys
05:44 sm has quit IRC
06:01 test____ <test____!qwebirc@gateway/shell/sugarlabs.org/x-pmghyhcbpjqeijhf> has joined #etoys
06:02 test____ has left #etoys
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08:09 etoystrackerbot <etoystrackerbot!~etoystrac@joyful.com> has joined #etoys
08:10 etoysupdatesbot <etoysupdatesbot!~etoysupda@joyful.com> has joined #etoys
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09:11 saijanai_ <saijanai_!~lawsoneng@ip72-200-121-127.tc.ph.cox.net> has joined #etoys
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10:02 alsroot <alsroot!~alsroot@pdpc/supporter/active/antilopa-gnu> has joined #etoys
10:07 saijanai_ <saijanai_!~lawsoneng@ip72-200-121-127.tc.ph.cox.net> has joined #etoys
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14:16 sm <sm!~sm@cpe-76-93-7-124.socal.res.rr.com> has joined #etoys
16:05 sm_ <sm_!~sm@cpe-76-93-7-124.socal.res.rr.com> has joined #etoys
16:08 sm has quit IRC
16:08 sm_ is now known as sm
16:14 meeting * Translation has started for Español on #etoys-es
16:14 * Translation has started for Deutsch on #etoys-de
16:24 kencausey Testing translation
16:25 and testing again
16:26 meeting <kencausey> a home
16:26 kencausey interesting
20:07 ritaf <ritaf!~ritaf@mgdb-4db8dd91.pool.mediaWays.net> has joined #etoys
20:07 ChanServ sets mode: +v ritaf
21:32 ritaf has quit IRC
22:14 trose <trose!~trose@schoolserver.rit.edu> has joined #etoys
22:14 trose test
22:19 test test
22:19 meeting <bertf> This is a test on German
22:20 alsroot <alsroot!~alsroot@pdpc/supporter/active/antilopa-gnu> has joined #etoys
22:20 bertf works :)
22:20 meeting * Translation has started for ??????? on #etoys-ru
22:20 <alsroot-test> test
22:21 kencausey That's a cool feature, I'll be interested to learn how well it works in practice
22:21 bertf alsroot: works fine
22:21 alsroot bertf: thanks, we have many Spanish talking people in #sugar
22:22 kencausey I hope you won't mind if I occassionally direct #squeak visitors to try the service if English is not their first language.
22:22 alsroot kencausey: it just uses google translation API
22:22 kencausey I assumed as much, I'm just not familiar with how well that will work in this context.
22:22 bertf hehe, it translates channel names
22:23 kencausey s/on German/in German/ ;)
22:23 For a moment it sounded like we were getting set up for a German 101 exam ;)
22:24 alsroot kencausey: translation will work if "meeting" bot exists in original channel and channel is being registered
22:24 kencausey: should I join meeting to #squeak?
22:24 kencausey 'work' is a complex concept
22:24 alsroot: That would be great if that is acceptable to you.
22:24 meeting <bertf> I assumed as much, I just do not know how good is that, in this context the work bin.
22:25 kencausey 'the work bin'?
22:25 bertf re-re-translating is fun
22:25 kencausey ;)
22:26 does German need more context around the word/phrase for 'context'?
22:26 meeting <bertf> kencausey: translation work is when the "encounter" in primary channel bot channel exists and is registered
22:26 bertf haha
22:26 kencausey continues to try to parse that
22:26 bertf German is harder to translate without context, yes
22:27 kencausey I'm not so great at parsing awkward English for some reason
22:27 That has caused me trouble trying to interact with Stef and Edgar for example, I need more patience.
22:27 bertf it's harder to parse machine-translations than actual utterances by bad weak speakers
22:28 meeting <bertf> It is difficult to analyze machine translations as the actual utterances of poor weak speakers
22:28 bertf not bad
22:29 kencausey indeed
22:29 I guess freenode will be OK with a proliferation of alt-language channels?
22:31 alsroot hopes :).. that google also..
22:32 kencausey alsroot: Is this a brand new feature?  Or has it been in use elsewhere for a while?
22:33 alsroot kencausey: it is just Lingvo plugin for supybot(irc bot)
22:33 kencausey ah, OK
22:34 I forgot meeting's origin
22:36 meeting * alsroot-test on #etoys-ru has left

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