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#etoys, 2010-11-15

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13:19 etoystrackerbot [SQ-892] Script tile layout appears above header, then dissapears and becomes double header  http://tracker.squeakland.org/browse/SQ-892
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14:01 bertf <bertf!~quassel@static-ip-62-75-165-16.inaddr.intergenia.de> has joined #etoys
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20:03 bertf hi
20:08 ritaf hi
20:08 bertf oh, ritaf, how are you?
20:08 ritaf bertf: great, thanks :)
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20:52 dcorking <dcorking!~dcorking@> has joined #etoys
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21:33 dcorking <dcorking!~dcorking@> has joined #etoys
21:34 dcorking bertf, I see from an old mailing list post that sound and camera don't work on some XOs.  Is that true for all versions of Sugar?
21:35 bertf dcorking: don't think it has much to do with the Sugar version
21:35 why do you ask?
21:37 it's more the interplay of the particular Squeak VM version installed and the OS's drivers for the hardware
21:39 dcorking just catching up on old mailing list messages - I don't have an XO so I want to know if that is something I can help with - it sounds important
21:40 (I thought the camera plugin was specially made for the XO)
21:52 bertf indeed, that would be awesome if you could look into this
21:54 dcorking so, (1) are there bug reports, where?  (2) can they be replicated on an emulator on a mac?
21:54 bertf https://dev.laptop.org/query?s[…]type&col=priority
21:55 I don't think the camera works in the emulator
21:56 but you can get an XO for free if you want to help out
22:03 dcorking thanks - I just bookmarked the trac query.  I read ticket 9813 and it looks too hard for me.
22:05 the sound one seems to be solved - if someone has made the vm rpm
22:05 bertf I don't think someone has, also, nobody has tested it
22:08 dcorking oh :( afair pulse works great on 'desktop' etoys.  It is too late for me to order an XO in time to help with 1.5-update
22:09 bertf mayeb do it anyway for the nect time. there will always be another release :) we can use help ...
22:14 dcorking maybe - I think that it is not too hard to build and test rpms, but takes some time to integrate with Sugar build processes
22:14 I will go offline and think about it.
22:14 bertf thanks :)
22:16 dcorking bye
22:18 dcorking has quit IRC

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