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#dextrose, 2011-12-20

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
07:55 silbe <silbe!~silbe@twin.sascha.silbe.org> has joined #dextrose
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15:51 ajay_ <ajay_!~ajay@> has joined #dextrose
15:55 dirakx <dirakx!~rafael@> has joined #dextrose
15:56 dirakx Hi all.
15:57 ajay_ Hi all. :)
15:58 m_anish hi
15:58 dirakx meeting in a few minutes.
15:58 meeting dirakx: Error: "in" is not a valid command.
15:58 dirakx :)
15:58 m_anish heh
16:00 dirakx #start-meeting
16:00 meeting Meeting started Tue Dec 20 16:00:41 2011 UTC. The chair is dirakx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
16:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
16:00 dirakx Ok lets start.
16:01 main topic of meeting are updates on catch-up plan for ceibal.
16:01 m_anish: ajay are we having some dx3 issues already fille up on ceibal tracker?.
16:02 filled*
16:02 m_anish right
16:03 opens the tracker
16:03 dirakx I've already updated some issues that lack estimations.
16:04 regarding activities falvio and i working on closing some still opened issues and filling some new ones.
16:05 m_anish alsroot, ping?
16:05 dirakx, some are JumPC ones (for eg: 747)
16:05 since we can't reproduce the issue at our end, we'll need an olidata to work on...
16:06 dirakx m_anish: +1.
16:06 m_anish: do we have now a way to go about the OLIDATA ?.
16:06 m_anish dirakx, me and ajay_ also met today to pick out some dx3 issues on bugs.sl.o that uy might be interested in getting resolved.
16:07 dirakx m_anish: nice!.
16:07 m_anish dirakx, hmm, need to pick alsroot. In the last meeting, we did decide that alsroot should work on the OLIDATA ones.
16:07 dirakx m_anish: +1.
16:08 m_anish dirakx, do you have an idea as to where the most pressing fixes are needed? (I guess its a split between activities, dx platform, olidata) with some overlap between them
16:08 dirakx m_anish: ajay_ Ceibal is working also in filling some new requests.
16:09 m_anish: we still need to have a clearer picture about that with ceibal people. one thing we do know is that OLIDATA issues are not so pressing as a dx3 update solves the most serious ones.
16:10 m_anish: I hope we can have a meeting with daniel before holidays.
16:10 m_anish dirakx, okay, that is good
16:10 dirakx I think that they maybe need to update priorities.
16:11 ;).
16:11 makes notes.
16:11 m_anish dirakx, +1
16:12 fwiw, here are the issues me and ajay_ thought might be of interest to uy...
16:12 sl#3267: ctrl+alt+erase
16:12 sl#3278: po typos
16:12 sl#3256: more info needed
16:12 sl#3247: microformat updater url configurable
16:12 sl#3198: wifi icon in frame, left click has no effect
16:12 dirakx m_anish: still I feel we need to have a path to go regarding olidata.
16:12 m_anish sl#3185: journal hotkey 'f5' in frame palette
16:12 sl#3188: My settings search dialog
16:12 dirakx, +!
16:12 +1
16:12 dirakx m_anish: good. that might help us reach our hours for this month.
16:13 m_anish: ajay_ for next year ceibal is going to ask to have estimated dates of completion for each bug.
16:13 at the end of the month we need to fix 80% of all the bugs filled per month :/.
16:14 of not we can be punished.
16:14 so hours estimation and dates are going to be VERY important starting january.
16:15 m_anish +1
16:15 dirakx m_anish:  still we ned to define a workflow that allows us to change dates and hours estimated when necessary.
16:15 need*
16:15 m_anish dirakx, yep, we would need some leeway on that
16:15 dirakx m_anish: +1.
16:16 m_anish: do you think we need to discuss the olidata topic with Pablo?.
16:17 m_anish dirakx, i'll try to ping alsroot first (I guess pablo is going to be away for a few days) to see if he can work on those issues
16:18 dirakx m_anish: ok please keep me on cc as we might need to have an update regarding that for Ceibal.
16:18 m_anish right
16:18 when do you want to schedule a meeting with them?
16:19 dirakx m_anish: its planned for tomorrow 13:30 UTC..
16:19 m_anish: would be nice if you can join us.
16:19 m_anish of course, i'll be thr
16:19 dirakx nice.
16:20 I don't have anymore in my plate for this meeting..we are going to have some for next week at same channel and hours.
16:21 I think its important to prepare us for next year work :).
16:22 m_anish: ajay_ do you have another thing in mind to discuss ?.
16:22 ajay_ has quit IRC
16:23 m_anish dirakx, perhaps it would be a good idea if ajay could make it to the meeting as well?
16:23 dirakx m_anish: +1.
16:23 m_anish since he's worked on some of the uy issues
16:23 dirakx, ok i'll ping/call him
16:23 it will be on gchat as usual right?
16:23 dirakx m_anish: yep.
16:23 gchat.
16:24 ok for now..
16:24 #end-meeting
16:24 meeting Meeting ended Tue Dec 20 16:24:46 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
16:24 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/d[…]-20T16:00:41.html
16:24 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/d[…]11-12-20T16:00:41
16:24 meeting changes topic to "catch-up plan."
16:25 m_anish hey, no countdown :P :)
16:25 dirakx heheh sorry.
16:26 lets hope this meeting help us in making a better work with Ceibal.
16:27 ajay_ <ajay_!~ajay@> has joined #dextrose
16:28 ajay_ ping..
16:28 dirakx ajay_: pong.
16:28 m_anish <m_anish> dirakx, perhaps it would be a good idea if ajay could make it to the meeting as well?
16:28 <m_anish> since he's worked on some of the uy issues
16:28 <dirakx> m_anish: +1.
16:28 <m_anish> dirakx, ok i'll ping/call him
16:28 <m_anish> it will be on gchat as usual right?
16:28 <dirakx> m_anish: yep.
16:28 <dirakx> gchat.
16:28 <dirakx> ok for now..
16:28 ajay_, ^
16:29 ajay_ thanks.. wonder why i get disconnected for no obvious reason :|
16:29 m_anish ajay_, that's why bip is a good idea :P
16:29 ajay_, the meeting tomm is at 1330 UTC (7pm IST)
16:30 -> afk
16:30 ajay_ m_anish: alright.. thanks.
16:31 dirakx m_anish, ajay_: thanks for comming.
16:31 ajay_ dirakx: my pleasure.
16:34 silbe dirakx, m_anish: FYI: I've bought a JumPC now (EBay auction, 80EUR); waiting for it to arrive.
16:36 m_anish: BTW, I've seen mentions that the microformat updater will be dropped from DX3. Where has that been decided?
16:38 dirakx silbe: good :), that will help us a lot..
16:41 ajay_ has quit IRC
16:43 silbe dirakx: if UY is tightening the screws on us (80% bugs fixed per month), they should really provide the proper special equipment (JumPCs). We don't have a use for that equipment except for fixing UY bugs, and we can't do our work properly without that equipment.
16:44 dirakx: but that's Pablos problem, not mine. :)
16:47 dirakx silbe: agree. that has to be discussed.
18:27 alsroot m_anish: pong
21:02 silbe I'm calling it a year. Have fun everyone, and happy holidays if you have some!
22:09 silbe has quit IRC
23:46 dirakx has quit IRC
23:51 dirakx <dirakx!~rafael@> has joined #dextrose

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