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#dextrose, 2011-12-13

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15:57 dirakx Hi ajay_alsroot
15:58 ajay_ Hi dirakx, alsroot.
16:00 dirakx #start-meeting
16:00 meeting Meeting started Tue Dec 13 16:00:33 2011 UTC. The chair is dirakx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
16:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
16:02 dirakx So this meeting is for giving an update on ceibal status and planning for this and next month.
16:03 as you know we are a little behind our hours spending for them..ie we need to complete some amount of hours monthly to accomplish our contract.
16:04 some reasons for this are that we weren't able to fill new bugs on ceibal tracker..and that we didn't have to much time to work on the OLIDATA machine.
16:04 #topic OLIDATA-JumPC.
16:04 meeting changes topic to "OLIDATA-JumPC."
16:05 dirakx so my question for ajay_ and alsroot, (maybe you have been talking with Anish about this) is who is going to work on this in the near future ?.
16:05 ajay_ from my side, there is no more update on 770, 747, 698, 691, besides the e-mail thread.
16:05 dirakx ajay_: ok nice to know.
16:05 ajay_ i will be glad to work on it :)
16:06 (on the OLIDATA machine that is).
16:06 dirakx alsroot: do you agree ?
16:06 if so we can sent the machine to ajay
16:06 send*
16:07 also I think that pablo was going to talk with alsroot.
16:08 ajay_: let's wait then for more feedback on this.
16:08 ajay_ no problem.
16:08 dirakx #topic catch-up plan.
16:08 meeting changes topic to "catch-up plan."
16:08 dirakx ok as we have to catch up on work..we need to do various things.
16:09 #action review exixting bugs and estimate those (if these are not estimated).
16:09 ajay_: i think that estimations are better done by devs do you agree ?
16:10 ajay_ yup.
16:11 dirakx ajay_: the only concideration is that we must not only concider dev time but also, how much time does this x,y patch is going to need to be applied to dx tree, discussions, testing.
16:12 I know that this estimations are not perfect..but we must do those anyway. (by contract ;)).
16:12 ajay_ dirakx: yup, that's fair. (and sorry, as i was earlier ignorant about the total time estimation :(
16:12 dirakx ajay_: np.
16:13 ajay_: we are learning on the road :)
16:13 ajay_ dirakx: that's right. :)
16:14 dirakx ajay_: other thing to do here is that we need to review existing dx2-dx3  bugs that are pertinent for ceibal and fill those on ceibal tracker, that would help us a lot on reaching hours.
16:14 ajay_: We talked with anish about this and he seem to agree on this.
16:15 ajay_: can you do this ?. (obviously coordinating with anish).
16:16 ajay_ dirakx: yup. So, I will be comfortable, if the bug-filing is done by someone who has been at the helm longer (you, anish, anyone else); and the tickets assigned to me as appropriate. The estimations may initially be set by the filer, and later changed (if at all necessary) by me (and that will most probably happen, if the ticket(s) need way more R&D)
16:17 yup, me and anish can handle this; with anish taking on the "filer" part :-)
16:17 dirakx ajay_: yep I agree this until I have more info/experience on dx3 processes.
16:18 pflores <pflores!~pablo@r186-48-17-141.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #dextrose
16:18 dirakx #action ajay/anish  to review existing dx2-dx3  bugs that are pertinent for ceibal and fill those on ceibal tracker, that would help us a lot on reaching hours.
16:18 pflores: hi
16:18 pflores hi
16:18 ajay_ pflores: hi :)
16:19 dirakx we were talking with ajay_ about many topics needed to help us keep on ceibal's work track.
16:19 pflores: did you have a chance to tal w/ alsroot about the olidata work ?
16:20 pflores dirakx ok. ajay_ is it ok for you to be working half time on AU and half time on ceibal?
16:20 dirakx: no. alsroot there?
16:20 ajay_ pflores: of course. I can handle multiplicity :D :D
16:20 alsroot reads backlog
16:22 dirakx ajay_: alsroot about the filling/estimation  process, we need to this this month.  I mean i would like us to  have another meeting next week with updates about this.
16:23 pflores ajay_ good! actually that's something to coordinate with Anish, I think I already talked with him about it, but please confirm with him first, I don't wanna step on his toes
16:23 alsroot is busy w/ statistics and XO server, dunno nothing about olidata
16:23 ajay_ pflores: alright. give me 5 mins.. i will try and call anish.
16:24 pflores ajay_ ok, but don't need to do it right now
16:25 ajay_ i have talked with anish.. he is joining us.
16:25 pflores alsroot: we should find a way for having some bugs on olidata fixed, and you're the one that has one
16:25 m_anish <m_anish!~anish@gateway/shell/sugarlabs.org/x-bhhzswytjljpdjsf> has joined #dextrose
16:25 pflores alsroot: can you prioritize it over XO server for a while?
16:26 dirakx m_anish: hi.
16:26 m_anish dirakx, hi
16:27 dirakx m_anish: many topics we are covering regarding ceibal :).
16:27 m_anish dirakx, okay
16:27 cool
16:27 alsroot pflores: the main work is not XO server but statistics
16:27 s/main/hard/
16:28 pflores dirakx do we have an estimation of the time olidata issues would take?
16:28 alsroot if stats should be one of major dx3 features for .au, I need to work on that full time
16:28 dirakx m_anish: one important thing is #action ajay/anish  to review existing dx2-dx3  bugs that are pertinent for ceibal and fill those on ceibal tracker, that would help us a lot on reaching hours.
16:29 m_anish dirakx, dx2 or dx3? I think there was consensus that we won't work anymore on dx2 issues for ceibal with daniel?
16:29 dirakx pflores: not right now..as we have to re-test olidata under dx-3. there are other issues but are not estimated if i'm right.
16:29 pflores anish: I think the due date for statistics stuff is more relaxed, right?
16:30 dirakx m_anish: hmm ok my bad then should be only dx3. then.
16:30 m_anish dirakx, okay
16:30 pflores m_anish: I think the due date for statistics stuff is more relaxed, right?
16:31 m_anish dirakx, all our work is dx3 related now, we could copy some upstream bugs not in the au tracker, into the uy tracker
16:31 dirakx m_anish: +1.
16:31 m_anish:  a key to do on ceibal is doing estimations.
16:31 m_anish pflores, I think alsroot mentioned working on an initial version of the statistics stuff for getting included in dx3. I don't now the status of that, but it isn't a blocker for the initial release IMO
16:32 dirakx m_anish: also Daniel would like to have tentative dates for having a fix on each bug.
16:32 m_anish dirakx, okay, by when do you want it. At the moment (atleast until tomorrow) i'm neck-deep in making  the au build ;-)
16:33 dirakx m_anish:  np..we can work the other week on it.
16:33 pflores m_anish agree, we could work for having it for the next release, I think it's in March, right?
16:33 dirakx m_anish: We need to discuss a workflow w/ Daniel also.
16:33 m_anish dirakx, ok, pflores +!
16:33 +1
16:34 dirakx m_anish: ajay_ about estimations/date to complete its better for you to do those while i get more confident about dx3 etc processes.
16:34 pflores alsroot: can you priorize the olidata research/fixes over statistics for 1 month?
16:34 silbe <silbe!~silbe@twin.sascha.silbe.org> has joined #dextrose
16:35 ajay_ dirakx: of course. just assign me the tickets (you/anish), and am ready to go to development-work.
16:35 dirakx ajay_: nice.
16:36 m_anish:  incidentally i also have work to do for the au build ;). (not so hard as you, though).
16:36 m_anish dirakx, :P
16:37 silbe ajay_, m_anish: sorry, the dev meeting took longer than planned and tired me out quite a lot (check out http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-12-13T15:00:22 when you have some time; I passed the maintainership of sugar-toolkit-gtk3 to dsd+erikos). Let's try to work on the WPA2-Enterprise patch Fri or Sat (are you working on Sat?).
16:38 dirakx thinks it would be necessary to have one dev working on the olidata.
16:38 m_anish silbe, i'll be present on both days
16:39 ajay_ diraksx, silbe: regarding the WPA2 enterprise patch, it's more or less complete from my side (just the LEAP configuration not testable due to lack of setup). So, it's (WPA-enterprise patch) is not too much to handle for me in parallel (with ceibal and au).
16:39 silbe ajay_: can you fix up the patch to include a detailed description of what it does and move the changelog below the "---" mark until then, please? And get rid of the ass ("POPO"). ;)
16:40 ajay_ all: i am also available on saturday.
16:41 silbe: alright. That shouldn't be difficult. I will do it (within next 1 day).
16:41 alsroot pflores: to have initial (useful for .au people) stats version, I need to work only on stats (and in background on XO server since I'm in peru) until jan-8
16:41 silbe ajay_: great! (re. saturday). Just remember to take some time off as well. Working all the time wears you out (bad for you) and reduces efficiency (bad for your employer/customer).
16:42 ajay_ silbe: yeah.. i know. I know where to draw a line :) :D
16:42 dirakx silbe: agree ;).
16:42 silbe ajay_: Fri morning is sufficient, I can't look at it any sooner anyway.
16:42 ajay_: good :)
16:43 pflores alsroot the statistics work can wait
16:44 anish: how much can the statistics feature wait?
16:45 m_anish pflores, gimme a day to answer, My gut feeling is that it can be dropped for initial release on jan 8
16:46 alsroot pflores: you mean for jan-8 we dont need them?
16:46 pflores m_anish: ^
16:48 m_anish alsroot, pflores gimme a day (I have a meeting tomorrow with au) :P
16:48 i'll have a clearer picture by then
16:49 alsroot m_anish: if .au needs ready to use (maybe initial) version for stats until jan-8, I need be  concentrated only on stats
16:49 dirakx I think its reasonable to wait for AU meeting.
16:49 silbe ajay_: I see you're using eval(). I don't know where the data you're eval()ing is coming from, but try to avoid it anyway. The debug prints should be removed as well (interesting that you seem to prefer them over logging.debug()). AUTHENTICATION_LIST is indented too much and (as a global constant) should be moved to before the classes.
16:50 pflores m_anish: if AU doesn't want to postpone it please let me know immediately
16:50 m_anish alsroot, ok, I think what they want most is a working build, the impression I got from Sridhar is that they are happy postponing stats enhancements for a future release, but i still need to confirm with them rather than make the decision unilateraly
16:50 (hope it makes sense)
16:51 dirakx makes sense.
16:53 ajay_ 1. eval() is  being used to read the data from "connections.cfg" in the required python-type form (list here); not doing it, reads the data as a string (and not "list").    2. Regarding the logs, I will be careful (sorry).   3. I will move AUTHENTICATION_LIST right at the beginning (thanks); the indentation is there for aesthetic purposes, so as to aid reading the deeply nested elements easily.
16:55 dirakx pflores: m_anish i think we can work by mail about this but we defenetely would need some platform dev working on the olidata starting this month.
16:55 m_anish dirakx, okay
16:55 ajay_ dirakx: i am ready to work on olidata.
16:56 m_anish ajay_, it'll take forever, and cost a lot of $$$ to ship an olidata all the way to India :( so if we can plan such that alsroot  is able to find time, that would be ideal
16:56 dirakx m_anish: ajay_ +1.
16:57 ajay_ m_anish: yup.
16:57 pflores dirakx +1
16:57 ajay_ anyhow, i was just making myself available (and am still am, if required).
16:58 dirakx ajay_: thanks. thats appreciated.
16:58 :)
16:58 ajay_ :) thanks.
16:58 pflores ajay_ I think we have plenty of other issues on the platform side for working for Ceibal
16:58 m_anish pflores, although, we(me + ajay_ ) would appreciate so XO1.5's we had 2 and both of them burnt out (expectedly). they were engg samples with known h/w defects
16:59 ajay_ m_anish: +1
16:59 dirakx pflores:  does machines sent to David are already distributed ?.
17:00 pflores m_anish: please email me the HW needs you both have in an ideal scenary. Please separate (if applies) what would be needed for UY and what for AU. I'll see what I can get
17:01 m_anish pflores, ok
17:01 pflores m_anish: Better if you can do it today/tomorrow, otherwise it may have to wait much longer
17:01 dirakx not sure
17:01 dirakx I think we can work with m_langhoff if needed.
17:01 pflores: ok.
17:01 pflores let's try to ask our customers first
17:02 dirakx pflores: right.
17:02 pflores m_anish please also tell me in the mail what you have now
17:02 m_anish pflores, lets see, We have a 2 XO-1's and a XO-1.75 in total (one XO-1 additional is from a friend and an older model)
17:02 pflores, so we'd ideally want an XO-1.5 each
17:03 pflores m_anish please email
17:04 m_anish pflores, sent (i hate it when the PGP armor is >3x the actual contents of the mail :/)
17:05 dirakx pflores: m_anish ajay_ alsroot so lastly I'm organizing some follow-up meeting about ceibal next week same time as this.
17:05 pflores m_anish dirakx alsroot I'm ready to take the decision of prioritizing olidata/ceibal over statistics/au, so let's move forward organizing this
17:05 dirakx pflores: ok +1.
17:05 m_anish dirakx, fwiw, i never got the invite by email for this meeting
17:05 pflores m_anish anyway ask AU and if they don't agree put him in contact with me
17:05 m_anish pflores, ok
17:06 dirakx m_anish: we didn't want to disturb you but at the end it was necessary. :/.
17:06 m_anish dirakx, ok
17:06 dirakx having in mind tha au build work.
17:06 m_anish dirakx, thanks for being considerate ;-) . feel free to send the invitation for the next meeting though :)
17:06 dirakx m_anish: next week would be more ''relaxed''.
17:06 m_anish: +1.
17:07 I dont have more items to discuss, cna we end meeting ?.
17:07 can*
17:08 silbe: thanks also for your comments ;).
17:08 m_anish hey, there is a meeting bot here! do these meetings get logged somewhere? ;)
17:08 meeting, help
17:08 meeting m_anish: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
17:08 pflores olidata work is already coordinated?
17:08 dirakx yep..I'm running it :)
17:08 pflores is olidata work already coordinated?
17:08 is olidata work already coordinated?
17:09 m_anish dirakx, is there a public url?
17:09 pflores (sorry for the repetition, a brain bug :) )
17:09 m_anish pflores, I guess you already took the decision, so it is :)
17:09 dirakx pflores: yep..so bottom line alsroot would work on it.
17:10 alsroot: ?.
17:10 m_anish: not sure about the public url.
17:10 silbe ajay_: re. AUTHENTICATION_LIST: it's actually much less readable for me because it crams all of it at the right margin over several screens, rather than spreading it out over a few lines.
17:10 m_anish dirakx, okay, a private url :P ?
17:11 dirakx m_anish: lets end-meeting and see ;).
17:11 #end-meeting
17:11 meeting Meeting ended Tue Dec 13 17:11:47 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
17:11 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/d[…]-13T16:00:33.html
17:11 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/d[…]11-12-13T16:00:33
17:12 m_anish its public alright!
17:12 dirakx yep!.
17:12 ajay_ silbe: ahhh.. ok.. (i kind of like working with the full-screen mode. Will change this bad habit :-\). Alright, so i will correct the indentation, so as to fit in the normal view. Sorry, and thanks.
17:14 silbe pflores: if you can get me an Olidata JumPC (or tell me where to get one here in Europe), that would be appreciated. Emulation is a good start, but I'd like to get a feeling for how close to the screen the viewer will usually be (=> angular size).
17:15 pflores silbe: ok, I'll see what I can do. FWIW, it's a classmate, aren't there available in your country?
17:15 dirakx silbe: FWIW UY is very reluctant to sent us other Olidata  machines..:(.
17:16 silbe m_anish: uh, I'm glad you didn't use the meeting bot. I assumed this channel was unlogged...
17:16 m_anish: scratch that, it was active. :-/
17:16 m_anish silbe, it wan't me
17:17 silbe ajay_: I always work in fullscreen, both on XO (7" IIRC) and my desktop (23") :)
17:18 ajay_ silbe: i meant the full-screen mode, with-respect-to vim-editor.
17:18 dirakx silbe: I used..as a way to document the meeting.
17:18 silbe pflores: hu? Olidata JumPC == Intel Classmate? I thought Classmates were large than XOs, with > 800x600...
17:18 pflores silbe yes they are.
17:19 silbe: look there are different classmate models
17:19 silbe dirakx: fair enough, I just wasn't expecting it as #ac seems to have been abandoned.
17:20 dirakx silbe: hmm maybe it would be better to use that channel next time.
17:21 silbe dirakx: #dextrose is good for public, logged meetings. We can use #ac for private group chats.
17:21 pflores: ok, I'll take a look, thanks.
17:22 pflores silbe yw
17:24 dirakx has quit IRC
17:26 silbe whoa, if those price reflect what the JumPC costs the deployment, the XO is much cheaper _and_ better.
17:27 *prices
17:28 ajay_ has quit IRC
17:33 pflores silbe: hehe, there's a big discussion around this: teachers seem to prefer the JumPC, I'm afraid that there's some publicity around this...
17:34 silbe pflores: wow (teachers preferring JumPC)
17:36 dirakx <dirakx!~rafael@> has joined #dextrose
17:42 m_anish pflores, is it because of the keyboard (among other reasons)?
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