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#dextrose, 2011-11-06

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23:16 raydeejay alsroot, can you post your /usr/bin/squeak script somewhere? debian's one breaks etoys
23:19 alsroot raydeejay: this one http://fpaste.org/jkUp/ I have in sweet squeak. but do you mean that etoys being fetched from sweets doesn't run w/ native squeak?
23:27 raydeejay exactly
23:29 wow, the debian one has a lot of crap on it...
23:31 alsroot raydeejay: it tries to choose the right image to start..
23:31 raydeejay and fails miserably, mistaking the '-encoding' parameter (that is being passed) for an image to load
23:32 and it has been like this since september 2010, there's a bug ticket open
23:34 alsroot raydeejay: I can remove associating native squeak w/ sdk/squeak, so etoys will fetch squeak from sweets
23:37 raydeejay if it's not a big download, that would do the trick
23:38 you won't happen to know why tamtam activities make no sound, will you? :D
23:39 alsroot raydeejay: does it log "cannot find proper blobs" or so?
23:39 raydeejay yeah, something about blobs
23:39 I'm not in that machine right now
23:40 alsroot raydeejay: thats the problem w/ blobs in activities (they have some blobs but not all of them). actually sweets is desigend to fix this issue by design but for now there is a lack of UI to run activities using sweets
23:41 raydeejay: you can only build it manually for now, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/A[…]uild_from_sources
23:41 raydeejay ouch
23:41 ok, can do that :)
23:41 domo arigato alsroot-san
23:42 alsroot np
23:56 raydeejay: btw, in 11.04, I have squeak-vm-1: and it works fine being launched from `sweets -S sdk/sugar:emulator`
23:59 raydeejay: I've just remembered. etoys that etoys sweet avoid using /usr/bin/squeak on debian. need to file a bug for that..

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