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#dextrose, 2011-11-05

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Time Nick Message
07:10 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #dextrose
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11:32 tch <tch!~tch@70.Red-79-147-92.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net> has joined #dextrose
14:35 raydeejay_ <raydeejay_!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #dextrose
14:36 raydeejay <raydeejay!~raydj@> has joined #dextrose
14:36 raydeejay is it possible to deploy dextrose on a regular netbook?
14:37 tch raydeejay: yes it is
14:38 raydeejay tch, any pointers as to how to proceed?
14:39 tch raydeejay: sec
14:44 raydeejay: sorry for the delay
14:44 raydeejay: please try this http://oficina.paraguayeduca.o[…]-201110071436.iso
14:44 raydeejay np :)
14:44 tch raydeejay: that is a version developed in Paraguay
14:47 raydeejay so there's no 'sugar OS', it simply runs over a 'regular' linux distribution
14:47 tch raydeejay: but you can create you own customized version using Paraguay's kickstart file http://gitorious.paraguayeduca.org/soas-py
14:49 raydeejay: sugar is a "desktop" environment + framework for collaboration, activities devel, etc
14:49 raydeejay: it runs on top any linux distribution
14:51 raydeejay tch: I see, thanks :) I was a bit confused after browsing the wiki last night
15:05 tch: I seem to be unable to clone that repo :S (fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly)
15:07 tch try the other uris
15:07 raydeejay: like the http one
15:08 raydeejay that one is funnier: error: Couldn't resolve host 'git.gitorious.paraguayeduca.org' while accessing http://git.gitorious.paraguaye[…]soas-py/info/refs
15:29 tch the first git. should be removed from the uri, weird indeed
17:11 raydeejay tch: since I already have ubuntu in that netbook, it's probably easier for me to install Sweets Distribution on it, isn't it?
17:11 tch raydeejay: probably yes, i haven't tried that in a long while, but alsroot is the right person to ask :)
17:13 alsroot raydeejay: if you need sugar exactly from native packages, yes, you can install Sweets Distribution. but if you need more flexibility (including sugar developemnt), Sweets is more appropriate option
17:19 raydeejay alsroot, well, at this point I'm not sure of what I need. I'm having a baby and this has sparkled my interest in sugar and everything related, and I want to put it in the netbook and toy with it, maybe even develop something. Sweets then, isn't it?
17:20 alsroot raydeejay: looks like, using Sweets has some overhead (because it is designed to work from home not from root), but is is explicit desire to have Sweets as friendly as possible for not tech users
17:21 raydeejay I am a tech user :)
17:22 alsroot raydeejay: current Sweets is [initially]tested on ubuntus starting from 10.04
17:47 raydeejay what does it "For now, since there is no Sweets support in the Shell to run activities as sweets, Glucose sweets contain Fructose and Sugar Platform dependencies as suggested ones. To run Sugar with injection of all suggested dependencies [...]" imply?
17:49 alsroot raydeejay: if you run just eg `sweets dextrose/sugar:emulator` it will start sugar shell w/o injecting all fructose and sugar platform deps like xulrunner (needs to be built for recent deps since sugar requires 1.9.2), pygame etc
17:50 raydeejay: but running w/ suggesgted deps, ie, `sweets -S dextrose/sugar:emulator` you will get all these deps installed/built
17:52 raydeejay alsroot, hm, so when would one want to run sweets without the -S switch?
17:54 alsroot raydeejay: if you need only sugar shell, and dont want to, eg, fetch ~50M for etoys and ~50 for xulrunner sdk
17:56 raydeejay so what sweets does is something like a chroot (in concept)?
17:56 alsroot raydeejay: nope, it is Zero Install based system
17:57 0install.net
19:03 raydeejay it fails to build pyxpcom
20:08 alsroot raydeejay: Re: it fails to build pyxpcom -- whats your distro?
21:23 raydeejay this one is ubuntu 11.04
21:23 well, mythbuntu, but all the same
21:25 alsroot raydeejay: could you run `sweets make sdk/pyxpcom -v` and pastebin last output screen
21:26 raydeejay oc
21:28 um, not very informative... pastebin.com/15emVd2Q
21:28 http://pastebin.com/15emVd2Q better :)
21:29 alsroot raydeejay: whats your `sweets -V` version?
21:30 raydeejay 1.0.1
21:31 alsroot raydeejay: and http://pastebin.com/15emVd2Q is everything you got?
21:31 raydeejay yep
21:31 and I can't figure out where exactly i'm supposed to look in that directory
21:32 I've read in some places that ubuntu ships a fubared xulrunner (in fact there's no python-xpcom or whatever in the repos) :S
21:33 alsroot raydeejay: thats why sugar sweet tries to build pyxpcom from sources
21:33 raydeejay it's not being very succesful :D
21:34 alsroot raydeejay: could you run the same command w/ -DD and pastebin last screen
21:34 raydeejay I'm issuing sweets -S dextrose/sugar:emulator = 0.94, in case it matters
21:34 sec
21:34 alsroot it works fine in ubuntu-11.04 32bit
21:38 raydeejay http://pastebin.com/PUss42u0
21:41 alsroot raydeejay: did you do some tricks w/ stdout? "make" command should print to stdout
21:42 raydeejay no voodoo, I just added -DD to the end of the command line
21:43 alsroot raydeejay: could run failed command, ie, "cd /home/raydj/.cache/0install.net/implementations/​sha1new_34595cf105baf8686875f8da05b2e8c107fcc87d && mkdir objdir && cd objdir && sdkdir=`pkg-config --variable=sdkdir libxul` && sh ../configure --with-libxul-sdk=$sdkdir `test -e $sdkdir/bin/nspr-config && echo --without-system-nspr || echo --with-system-nspr` CFLAGS="-O2 -g" && cd -"
21:43 raydeejay manually you mean
21:43 sure
21:45 he
21:45 'pkg-config --variable=sdkdir libxul' returns nothing
21:46 alsroot raydeejay: I guess, the problem is that sweets doesn't log stderr output..
21:46 raydeejay: do you have dev packages for xulrunner installed?
21:47 xulrunner-1.9.2-dev in particular
21:47 raydeejay apparently not
21:48 alsroot raydeejay: btw, do you have packagekit installed?
21:48 raydeejay yes, packagekit is installed, I've been following the wiki instructions
21:49 alsroot raydeejay: did "make" command ask you for a password?
21:49 raydeejay mmmm what make command?
21:49 alsroot the problem is that PK said that it installed xulrunner-1.9.2-dev ok
21:50 "sweets make sdk/pyxpcom -v"
21:50 raydeejay ah
21:50 mmm I think so, I'll run it in a second, I'm installing xulrunner-1.9.2-dev (you meant via apt?)
21:51 alsroot meeting: sweets asking PK to install xulrunner-1.9.2-dev, and PK said it installed it fine
21:51 meeting alsroot: Error: "sweets" is not a valid command.
21:52 alsroot but eventualy, it didn't install xulrunner-1.9.2-dev
21:52 raydeejay you know that or are you just assuming? can I check it somewhere in the filesystem?
21:53 alsroot raydeejay: what PK related packages you have?
21:53 raydeejay: it seems to be a PK error
21:53 raydeejay pk = package-kit?
21:53 alsroot yup
21:56 raydeejay sec, I just fixed a problem I was having caused by an unrelated package and I'm trying again, just to discard that as a cause
21:56 I think it's installing ok now...
21:57 alsroot raydeejay: installing via sweets-pk-apt ?
21:58 or you install it directly from apt
21:58 raydeejay same command line as before, sweets -S dextrose/sugar:emulator = 0.94
21:58 but this time, with the problem that x11proto-video-dev was giving me when trying to use apt tools
21:59 alsroot raydeejay: what exact error?
21:59 ..error text
21:59 raydeejay the one that video dev gave me?
22:00 alsroot raydeejay: you mean sweets returned an error w/ mentioning x11proto-video-dev?
22:00 raydeejay no no
22:00 sweets failed with what I posted before
22:01 but when I tried to use apt tools to install stuff, it gave me an error about x11proto-video-dev being fubared
22:01 it wasn't allowing me to uninstall it, I had to *re*install it
22:01 and after that everything seems to be in working order
22:01 pyxpcom has just been built
22:02 why do these things always happen to me :D
22:02 alsroot raydeejay: ok, it seems to be PK bug, it said that everyting was ok (xulrunner-1.9.2-dev was installed) but it was not true
22:03 raydeejay does it use apt for something ?
22:03 alsroot but I need to log stderr from sweets
22:03 raydeejay: PK is a distro agnostic tool to isntall native packages, finally, it asks apt backend to install deb packages in ubuntu
22:03 raydeejay ah
22:03 alsroot in fedora it asks yum backend etc.
22:04 raydeejay that's the breaking point
22:04 my apt was not working
22:04 alsroot but PK should fail as well, but it didn't
22:04 raydeejay yep
22:04 I'm not sure how apt got in that state though
22:05 maybe some update I did after installing something went wrong and left the db in an inconsistent state
22:06 alsroot didn't know much about ubuntu related issues. I'm on gentoo
22:06 and don't as well
22:06 raydeejay I was a gentoo dude, but I can't cope with updates
22:06 I can tolerate ubuntu
22:07 most of the time :)
22:07 alsroot needs to tweak the wiki to ask people for making sure that system packages are ok before running sweets
22:08 raydeejay hehe
22:08 thanks for the patience anyway
22:08 time for dinner !
22:08 alsroot np
22:59 raydeejay now, how do I install activities? through software updates?
23:00 and how to get the 'about my computer' working?
23:03 alsroot raydeejay: "about" is a bug in dextrose, just run sdk/sugar instead of dextrose/sugar
23:03 raydeejay but they're not the same, are they?
23:04 alsroot raydeejay: dextrose/sugar=0.94 is based on sdk/sugar=0.94 but w/ some additional patches (including the one that breaks "About")
23:05 raydeejay: for activities, download any of them from activities.sugarlabs.org in Brose activity and they will be automatically installed (ie uziped to ~/Activities/)
23:05 raydeejay alsroot, do I break something if I install them through software updates?
23:06 alsroot raydeejay: it will do the same (unzip .xo files to ~/Activities)
23:06 raydeejay ok
23:06 where can I find what the dextrose patches do?
23:06 ah, found it
23:07 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Dextrose/2/Patches
23:07 alsroot raydeejay: nope, dx2 is for 0.88, 0.94 is dx3. you need to ping m_anish on #sugar, he is taking care about dextrose
23:08 raydeejay ok

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