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#dextrose, 2011-04-26

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15:12 tch m_anish_afk: ping
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18:07 tch alsroot: ping
18:08 alsroot tch: hi
18:15 tch alsroot: Hola aleksey, I am working on #2713 and I using the stampfile dextrose-updater creates in order to determine the last update
18:15 alsroot: the only problem i see is that the script deletes it sometimes
18:17 alsroot: is there any strong reason to delete that file (?), or is it possible to add new behaviour or another file that will be "touched" only if the update ran successfully (?)
18:17 alsroot: or even better, a file that will be touched only if there was actually an update
18:19 alsroot: a parallel question would be: is there any other way to determine when a rpm was updated via yum?
18:19 s/rpm/some rpm
18:23 alsroot tch: the problem w/ removing is that /var is tmp fs
18:24 tch: dunno about how to get last yum check
18:30 tch alsroot: in that case, could you add a non tmp file that will be touched everytime the updater successfully update a package?
18:31 alsroot: i guess that can be a easy approach
18:33 alsroot tch: what path for example?
18:37 tch alsroot: whatever you feel better, that will be readable from sugar :)
18:37 alsroot: i only do a os.path.getmtime btw
18:38 alsroot tch: actually thats the question to people who maintain dextrose distro, dunno about other places (/var is exact place for that)
18:41 tch alsroot: then use /var/... I just need any file that will persist so I can get its mtime in order to determine when was the last time an rpm got updated
18:41 :)
18:41 alsroot:  can do you it? :)
18:41 alsroot tch: could you check fs for /var, don't remember was is /var or /var/log
18:42 tch alsroot: current script uses /var/log/ and /var/lib/
18:42 both exisrs
18:43 alsroot tch: I mean, is /var tmp fs or not
18:51 tch /var/log is tmpfs
18:51 and apparently /var/lib is not
18:53 only 3 tmpfs shows mounted on /var: /var/tmp/ /var/log/ and /var/cache/yum
18:53 alsroot: ^
18:53 alsroot tch: so, /var/lib/dextrose-updater is the right file, and already is being used
18:54 just needs to not remove it
18:55 tch alsroot: perfect for me ;) always it keeps working at it already does and I can get the date I need :)
19:00 alsroot: btw, I think the current stamp is used to store the last time the updater ran, but I guess we could use another file to store the last time a package got updated (?)
19:00 m_anish: ^
19:00 what you guys think?
19:02 last time updater ran successfully VS last time a package got updated
19:02 m_anish, bernie, alsroot: ^
19:04 alsroot tch: but whats the purpose to know if packages were updated or not?
19:05 tch alsroot: people from .py technical team asked
19:06 alsroot: probably for manual debugging purposes
19:06 alsroot tch: you mean for tech people? then just see yum logs. /me can't find the case when having this info is useful for CP
19:06 tch alsroot: well, our definition of technical differs a lot from theirs :)
19:08 alsroot: there are probably more use cases like for example "Teacher A complains to technical team by phone, and they would need to know if the laptop has been updated recently (recent update may have fix the problem she complains about)"
19:08 They would ask her to check at the CP, not to browse in the shell reading logs
19:10 m_anish is now known as m_anish_afk
19:14 alsroot tch: imho, would be useful to solve this case within the question of sharing-logs-on-tech-people-request
19:14 ie not need we such detailed info about recent updates for CP or not
19:16 and maybe there is no need in such info at all for CP, and it needs to be considered only for "sharing-logs-on-tech-people-request" use case
19:17 tch alsroot: there are many layers of technical support, sadly layer 1 support people are not able to do such debugging process
19:18 alsroot tch: I mean, having complex solution for sharing-logs-on-tech-people-request, not just sharing info about updates in CP
19:18 tch alsroot: sorry I don't understand your point :)
19:20 alsroot: I just imagine a lot of scenarios where teachers/kids sharing their logs, expecting someone to read them and getting a response could take to much time,
19:22 alsroot: for matters that can be solved by a simple "you just need to have internet access to get it solved"
19:22 solved in human interaction way
19:24 maybe you can clarify your point because i am not sure I am understanding
19:26 alsroot tch: yup, I was actually talking about sharing info via internet. but it might also have a "preview" mode, ie, show all info on display to let users spell it for tech people
19:27 tch alsroot: since all the updater scheme is automatic, users only need to have access to the last time the packages got up to date..
19:27 alsroot: so they can use that information while interacting with tech ppl
19:30 alsroot: that is why I think we should have a different file to store the date that packages got actually updated
19:31 alsroot tch: yum might already have such info, anyway that would be more useful way since updater just calls yum
19:31 tch alsroot: yeah, i asked you about that before, because I still can't find how
19:32 alsroot dunno much about how yum works
19:34 tch there is a way but is present in f11 yum
19:34 yum history
19:35 but you also need root acess..
19:35 s/acess/access
19:35 err, is not present in f11
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20:48 m_anish tch, 'yum history summary' ?
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21:00 tch m_anish: not available in f11
21:00 m_anish tch, yah, just saw
21:00 there must be some easy way :)
21:01 tch for now ill be just the dx-updater timestamp but it will require to update the updater, because currently deletes that file when the checking fails
21:02 i would prefer to use a second timestamp, so we don't mess with the current logic
21:03 so we can keep the real date when packages were actually updated, but not sure if its better than what we already have
21:04 the current timestamp gives you the latest time when the update ran successfully
21:05 anyway, I am still looking for some other mechanism
21:16 ok, I got this from yum developers, "rpm -qa --last"
21:16 is not exactly what we need though, because it would fail if users install rpm manually
21:18 m_anish: guess if you can update the updater rpm we can use the "last successfully check" logic for now, what ya think?
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