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#dextrose, 2011-03-09

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02:10 dfarning bernie, Nubae ping
02:10 bernie dfarning: here!
02:11 dfarning How is your road map session coming?
02:11 bernie dfarning: we haven't started talking about the roadmap yet
02:11 dfarning: we'll probably have to reschedule that discussion
02:11 dfarning I saw on sugar you were talking.
02:12 Nubae hi
02:12 dfarning hey Nubae
02:12 bernie dfarning: we got stuck talking about some netinstall case that could save time in some cases, but in my opinion doesn't fit well with how many deployments work
02:13 dfarning sounds like a detail.
02:13 bernie dfarning: i'm asking Nubae plenty of questions to verify if it can be made to work when the mothership server is in one place (for example, Madrid) and batches of schoolservers are being installed in a school district (for example, Granada)
02:13 Nubae we're slowly sort of cooling down... I'm seein that from a technical view I didnt do a gret job at explainging the XS/XM rollout, and Bernie has been very helpful at pointing that out
02:14 I'd like to dig my teech into thatm abd then hav eanother slight lighter flame war
02:14 dfarning bernie, Nubae each deployment will have it's own mother ship.
02:15 I don't know if that affects anything.
02:15 Nubae bernie  thats what u was trying to explain
02:15 but before getting further into this, please... let me write somethin  that shouold take the voodoo out of it
02:16 s/u/I
02:16 dfarning we provide a stock mother ship and then work with the deployment admins to customize it for their needs.
02:17 Nubae please, let me write this document to exxplain, and I think Bernie will be more likley to accept
02:17 dfarning exctly
02:17 bernie Nubae: we were almost there. so we concluded that the XM made in Granada would have to be reconfigured like the one in Madrid in order to create a batch of XS configured the way the deployment expects. correct?
02:17 Nubae let me clarify, I send via email, and we take it from there
02:18 bernie Nubae: i'm afraid that we'd start over if we switched to email
02:18 Nubae bernie yes and no
02:18 dfarning Can you set this aside for now? the critical path is unwinding the current xs or xs-au and puppetizing it.
02:18 Nubae please let me clrify by email
02:19 no no... its just outlining the mainn points
02:19 think its important
02:20 dfarning It is not critical path.
02:20 anything else?
02:20 bernie Nubae: ok, but please maintain the exact same scenario: the Granada school district wants to install 30 XS, and the production XM is located in Madrid, where the deployment headquarters are.
02:20 Nubae u really HAVE to be on the same page as me about shi... the other thing I've been really trying to get across is read the seciond book (not the puppet one, the ohtre) u will see where I based my stuff from
02:20 bernie Nubae: for me, netinstall is really a plus that we don't need to have for this release
02:21 Nubae yep, will do
02:21 bernie Nubae: next time we meet we should really talk about the things a deployment can't live without.
02:21 Nubae I will replicate model with piccies and everythung (j/k)
02:22 before that, we need to explain how we can read the deployments
02:22 bernie Nubae: uh?
02:22 Nubae which is where 80% conversation web
02:22 webt
02:22 bernie Nubae: read th edeployments?
02:23 Nubae jeez went
02:23 dfarning +1 core features. We need to to get a working proof of concept that I can sell to deployment.
02:24 Nubae dfarning dont worry, like I told u earlier today, test environmnet is up, vms are up an we aer full steam ahead
02:24 dfarning any luck exaplaining u weren't a mass drug supplier at bank :-)
02:25 dfarning If I go broke before we get other deployments involved we haven't solved any problem.
02:25 yes, that is taken care of.
02:25 bernie Nubae: ok, we still need to make a list of goals for the first release, though. that should be the first thing we do once this netinstall thing is cleared.
02:26 Nubae right
02:26 bernie ok, taking a typing break before my hands fall off
02:26 Nubae but beleve me... this comee from years of experience... and bascially is the defacto standard in the industry
02:27 please read the bok
02:27 where he talks bout mass depoyments
02:27 dfarning the good news is the the head of the commercial banking department is now managing our account. she is much more knowledgeable then the jr assistant we had before.
02:27 bernie Nubae: i can't read a book by tomorrow, but i've done netinstalls for years... i understand the domain
02:27 Nubae he doesnt even consider anything but p
02:28 pxe
02:28 bernie Nubae: let's concentrate at solving the technical problems that real olpc deployments would encounter when installing and configuring schoolservers.
02:29 Nubae: pxe is cool for installing desktops, yeah. it's a different scenario, though.
02:29 Nubae totally agree
02:29 bernie ok, taking a break for real now.
02:29 see you tomorrow.
02:29 Nubae but skim the book
02:29 olease
02:30 dfarning ok, can you ping me when you talk.
02:30 I would like to listen -- even though I won't understand much
02:40 Nubae will you send me a log of your conversation with bernie? I would like to understand each of your positions and the sticking points.
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23:30 tch m_anish: hey anish
23:30 m_anish: did you get your visa renewed?
23:30 m_anish tch, yep, talk to u in 20 mins
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23:52 Nubae ok, so we continue here
23:53 bernie ok
23:53 #startmeeting
23:53 meeting Meeting started Wed Mar  9 23:53:12 2011 UTC. The chair is bernie. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
23:53 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
23:53 Nubae dfarningp please look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1606910
23:53 bernie Meeting agenda:
23:53 meeting bernie: Error: "agenda:" is not a valid command.
23:53 bernie * potential customers
23:53 * goals
23:53 * roadmap
23:53 * release schedule
23:53 * testing
23:53 haha, meetbot thought i was talking to it :-)
23:54 Nubae: would you like to append anything else?
23:54 Nubae yes technical intricacies
23:54 bernie oops, sounds like a deep topic
23:55 Nubae extraction/re-inclusion of XS components both .AU parts and original
23:55 bernie Nubae: let's try to keep the meeting 1h this time. it's 7pm (here) and we should be done by 8pm
23:55 Nubae oh wow... I set 4 hours for this... caue I really need ot
23:56 bernie Nubae: if a topic is taking too much time, we skip to the next one and postpone it to the next time. ok?
23:56 Nubae can we compromise on an hour and a half?
23:56 bernie ok. 1.5h
23:56 Nubae thanks
23:56 bernie but it's againt best practices in management to hold really long meetings :-)
23:56 ok, first topic:
23:56 Nubae ok.... can I make  a little intro?
23:56 bernie #topic potential customers
23:57 meeting: #topic potential customers
23:57 meeting bernie: Error: "#topic" is not a valid command.
23:57 Nubae understood
23:57 bernie damn meeting
23:58 alsroot_away, dogi: what's wrong with meeting?
23:58 meeting: topic potential customers
23:58 meeting bernie: (topic [<channel>]) -- Returns the topic for <channel>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
23:58 Nubae ok.... lets try and move along
23:58 bernie ok
23:58 Nubae: go ahead and make a short intro on customers

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