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#dextrose, 2011-02-25

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Time Nick Message
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17:36 Ignacio <Ignacio!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #dextrose
17:36 Ignacio Hello
17:36 Hello world
17:36 it's some python?
17:37 meeting <Ignacio-es> Hi: D
17:37 Ignacio Hello
17:37 Hello!
17:37 tch Hola
17:37 Ignacio meeting
17:38 Speak spanish?
17:38 tch que tal?de donde sos
17:38 meeting <Ignacio-es> from Uruguay I
17:38 Ignacio Gran día
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19:25 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #dextrose
20:56 dogi <dogi!~nemo@> has joined #dextrose
20:56 dogi hi all
20:57 is testing dextrose2 on a xo1.5 C3 machine
20:58 pingall
20:58 #pingall
20:58 meeting pingall
20:58 meeting dogi: You must supply a description with the `pingall` command.  We don't want to go wasting people's times looking for why they are pinged.
20:58 dogi meeting pingall hello
20:58 meeting hello
20:58 alsroot_away bernie dfarning_afk dirakx dogi m_anish_afk manushee` meeting SMParris1 tch
20:58 hello
20:59 tch hey dogi!
20:59 dirakx hello ;)
20:59 dogi is it possible to install git ?
20:59 had to do that manually :P
21:00 bernie dogi: hello
21:00 dogi :)
21:00 bernie dogi: install git where? we have it almost everywhere
21:00 dogi is having fedora headaches :P
21:01 bash: git: command not found
21:01 bernie dogi: yum install git
21:01 dogi: which machine is this?
21:01 dogi: ah, the XO :-)
21:01 dogi bingo
21:01 bernie dogi: of course it wouldn't have git installed :-)
21:01 tch dogi: guess the fedora repo could be disabled
21:02 dogi:  oh and yeah, we don't include git :P haha
21:02 dogi and how can kids/teacher improve our activities?
21:02 tch dogi: we would love to tho, "kids remember to branch your current for tomorrow's homework"
21:02 dogi tch, :P
21:02 think more about teachers there
21:03 tch id expect it more coming from kids than from teachers haha
21:04 dogi was already happy that openssh-server is already there
21:04 turned off but there
21:04 tch how old is the build you testing?
21:04 dogi meeting pingall dextrose2 is bellissimo ...
21:04 meeting dextrose2 is bellissimo ...
21:04 alsroot_away bernie dfarning_afk dirakx dogi m_anish_afk manushee` meeting SMParris1 tch
21:04 dextrose2 is bellissimo ...
21:05 tch haha
21:05 dirakx :)
21:05 dogi http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Dextrose
21:05 tch i think we need to update that page, so many new features and improvements
21:05 dogi XO-1.5, without GNOME   os439dx.zd    438MB    Jan 18 2011
21:06 tch dogi: lots of bug fixes since then :)
21:06 dogi: lets wait until anish comes back from caacupe so he can upload the last one somewhere
21:06 dogi tch how can I upgrade without installing new
21:06 tch dogi: i am not sure if the automatic updater is already included in that build
21:06 dogi ok
21:07 will then stick to this build
21:08 have to admit yum is getting better
21:08 loves aptitude
21:10 bernie dogi: i prefer aptitude too
21:11 tch: we should also upload the latest py image
21:11 tch bernie: yeah, why not :)
21:14 bernie: should we add some adviser like "this build is only intended for being used in Py"?
21:16 bernie tch: sure
21:16 tch: or, someone could resync the ini files and build the intl version too
21:16 tch: i could do it this w/e probably
21:18 tch I think we will have to wait until sunday, anish is leaving for carnaval
21:18 bernie: ^
21:19 bernie: hes going to dance samba with some almost-naked womans
21:19 bernie fuck, why didn't you guys take me to a carnival??
21:19 i'm very pissed
21:20 dogi lol
21:21 tch bernie: LOL
21:25 dogi no.treehouse.su is there ...
21:31 is running VNC on it  ...
21:37 bernie, how can i open port 80 and 6080 on fedora
21:38 the service is running internally already
21:40 bernie dogi: they shouldn't be closed
21:40 dogi: check with iptables -L
21:44 dogi thinks the security system of ivan/mstone is there
21:44 can t remember the name ... was already happy haven forgotten about :P
21:46 bad news in browse https://one.treehouse.su/gar is not working
21:47 do we have an other browser on dextrose?
21:50 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
21:52 dogi hi dfarning
21:56 http://people.sugarlabs.org/do[…]arinbrowser13.png
21:58 http://no.treehouse.su:11111/v[…]use.su&port=11111
22:08 dirakx dogi: only browse atm.
22:08 ;(
22:09 dogi: I forgot the pawsswd for VNC-sugar :(.
22:11 dogi sugarbush
22:18 dirakx is that you
22:18 dirakx yep.
22:18 dogi cool
22:18 is going to a coffe break
22:18 dirakx dogi: this is very usefull  to show at a talk or conf.
22:20 dogi by the way you are using an XO ...
22:32 dirakx nop..
22:32 I'm connected from a laptop.
22:35 I mean a non-XO laptop ;)
22:42 It would be nice to have a virtual keyboard there.
22:52 dogi dirakx, no this is a xo1.5 which i export over vnc to a http
22:53 one.treehouse.su is a VM
23:00 http://people.sugarlabs.org/do[…]arinbrowser14.png
23:00 what is this system alert ...
23:01 automatic upgrade
23:01 ???
23:01 dirakx, http://people.sugarlabs.org/do[…]arinbrowser15.png
23:02 bernie, http://people.sugarlabs.org/do[…]arinbrowser17.png
23:03 why is jabber not set to something ... I am fucking alone in this sugar network layer ... F1
23:03 :P
23:03 likes the new symboles in the network layer
23:04 which jabber should I use ... jabber.sugarlabs.org
23:04 ???
23:49 alsroot_away is now known as alsroot
23:50 dirakx is now known as dirakx_afk
23:54 dogi has quit IRC
23:54 dfarning is now known as dfarning_afk

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