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#dextrose, 2011-02-12

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21:33 Nubae alsroot ping
21:33 alsroot Nubae: hi
21:33 Nubae hey there... hmmm... better as a private message, hang on
21:55 dfarning Nubae: Is the DMS builder pretty much complete?
22:02 Nubae yes
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22:03 Nubae I need tomorrow, to finalise wiki and then put up the iso someplace...
22:04 i'm verry happy with it though, we can start ripping it apart from Monday :p
22:04 dfarning Nubae: ok, what will be the next step?
22:04 Nubae well next week actitivies
22:05 the week after will be setting up puppet across the node to push necessary scripts and test them
22:05 oh, and include all XS logic
22:06 by rpm into builder directly where possible, and puppet where not
22:06 make sense?
22:06 also, if u want I can include the FAI debian part too
22:06 but perhaps I should wait on that?
22:07 oh, one big question I meant to ask today at the meeting... DNS...
22:08 should we have a central DNS server?
22:08 silbe Nubae: content server or resolving / caching server?
22:09 needs to go soon
22:09 Nubae resolving
22:09 dirakx votos +1 on FAI.
22:09 silbe then many decentralised ones :)
22:09 dirakx votes*
22:09 Nubae thinks about mass nomenclature
22:09 dfarning for now stick to redhat/fedora only. once one disto is working we can add more distros
22:10 Nubae silbe ok, so can we name the hosts based on the install number?
22:10 silbe Nubae: whatever works best for you and the deployments :)
22:10 dfarning i don't know enough about dns to have an opinion
22:10 Nubae fedora is as different as debian to rhel6 in terms o fully automated installs
22:11 well, ok, let me ask in another way... how are schoolservers being named right now
22:11 silbe dfarning: that's better than most who don't know enough but have an opinion on DNS anyway. :-/
22:11 Nubae what kind of ips?
22:11 silbe Nubae: don't know, sorry
22:11 dfarning Nubae: then stick with rhel/centos whenever possiable please.
22:11 Nubae yep, will do
22:12 internal/external ip?
22:12 is it feasable to have the building servers have public ips?
22:12 silbe external ip = official / routable IPv4 address?
22:13 Nubae internal may not need them, but it would help if the mothership had it
22:13 for many reasons
22:13 dfarning the machines will probobly have human readable names like CityName_SchoolName_ServerType
22:13 silbe I wouldn't rely on having a public IPv4 address. IANA is officially out of addresses now.
22:14 dfarning that will make it easy for admins to use puppet dashboard.
22:14 Nubae silbe thats not really an issue... we can use ip6toip4 trans
22:14 dfarning agreed
22:15 external ip would really help for the main machines
22:15 max we might have 100 of those
22:15 manageable
22:15 it also helps with distribution of bandwidth
22:17 dfarning hope you are asking silbe:(  
22:17 silbe :)
22:17 Nubae from the sugar software part itself, it would be easier to manage upgrades to those servers, from which the xos could then be upgraded
22:17 silbe -> bed
22:17 let's continue tomorrow
22:17 Nubae heh... silbe... u interested in helping wth this?
22:18 especially question wise and such?
22:18 silbe Nubae: I'll try :)
22:18 Nubae ok. sleep well
22:18 dfarning silbe: good night and thanks
22:18 silbe thx as well
22:20 dfarning Nubae: lets try to set up a dms meeting with silbe, bernie, and rgs_ if possible.
22:20 Nubae ok
22:20 silbe what's dms?
22:20 dfarning dextrose management system:)
22:20 silbe yep, pulling in rgs would be rather useful
22:20 ah, another manager ;)
22:21 Nubae DAMS
22:21 dextrose auto management system ;-)
22:21 dfarning Nubae: nice!
22:22 silbe has quit IRC
22:22 dfarning 'the damn dams is screwed up again':(
22:22 Nubae hehe
22:26 dfarning Nubae: have you seen http://git.example42.com/ it has a lot of good example modules.
22:27 Nubae nice there is a nagios example there
22:30 dfarning Nubae: I am envisioning that _every_ service is setup and configured via a puppet module rather than an rpm with postinstall scripts.
22:30 puppet can handle the scripts
22:31 Nubae right... the scripts
22:31 but the install will already have been done
22:31 let me put it another way.... we know what kind of base is neccassary
22:31 anything that is uncertain, we push with puppet
22:32 but most important thing with puppet is, for example, creating a new VM in an existing computer, copying across the configs
22:33 and set up specific virtual hosts if its a webserver (just an example)
22:33 it homologizes how all the systems run together in the same way
22:34 the big difference we have though is that we are not abstracting servers
22:34 each server is the same... we wont have a log server, seperate from a web server, seperate from a comms server, etc, right?
22:35 dfarning there is not baseline server.  each deployments uses different services and setups.
22:36 Nubae with puppet, for example, say we forgot to distribute a particular set of content for wikislices... and it needs to be on all the servers in the field...
22:36 we define the resource, then choose the servers to case to... and puppet does the rest
22:36 right... thats what puppet does
22:36 it customises the setups
22:37 deployment means servers in the field in my explanation
22:38 s
22:38 s/case/cast
22:38 dfarning I think we are talk at cross purposes... you have stuff to focus on and I will set up a dms meeting.
22:39 Nubae dfarning remember, puppet can also remove things
22:39 so if a deployment isnt happy with something puppet takes it out
22:40 it will be as minimal as possible though... the base
22:40 wait till u see it run, might make more sense then, hopefully :-/
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