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#dextrose, 2011-01-24

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11:26 silbe <silbe!~silbe@twin.sascha.silbe.org> has joined #dextrose
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16:18 bernie SMParrish: if you run just X alone and then set DISPLAY=:0 and run xterm, you should get a prompt from which you can start sugar and see error messages
16:26 silbe bernie: xterm isn't included, but we got Sugar starting now. Not sure about the metacity error SMParrish hit, but the real problem was a file missing from the sugar-toolkit rpm.
16:46 bernie silbe: "yum install xterm"
16:47 silbe: could you fix olpc-dm to log stdout / stderr of the session to ~/.xsession-errors ?
16:52 silbe bernie: once the network works, yes :)
16:53 there's a Catch-22 to that
16:53 bernie silbe: haha, damn network manager!
16:55 silbe we now at least have nmcli, but I still don't know a viable way to connect to a WPA protected wireless network from the CLI
16:55 cnetworkmanager could do this, but only by running in "user settings" mode which conflicts with Sugar
16:56 NM 0.8 (or 0.9? can't keep track) will fix this by having only a single, centrally managed settings service
16:56 silbe is now known as silbe_afk
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22:44 bernie silbe: it's 0.8, and it's been out for a while
22:45 silbe bernie: then it's probably 0.9, because I don't think this work has been finished yet.
22:50 bernie i have two distros on my laptop and now when i switch from fedora to ubuntu i have to add the network connections manually
22:50 gotta go
22:55 silbe good night!
23:01 silbe has quit IRC

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