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#dextrose, 2011-01-22

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00:01 bernie SMParrish: looking
00:03 SMParrish: so, olpc-dm sucks and doesn't log the output of the session
00:03 SMParrish: you should boot in init 3, then do startx
00:03 SMParrish: ah, you also need to install xterm
00:04 SMParrish: then, from there, run olpc-session to see what's wrong with it
00:04 m_anish_afk: ^^^ you may want to know this
00:16 SMParrish bernie: olpc-session fail  unable to open display
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15:19 SMParrish silbe: I picked up your new sugar patchset last night.  flashing the build now to see if I can get Sugar to come up
15:19 silbe SMParrish: looking forward to it.
15:20 dirakx <dirakx!~rafael@> has joined #dextrose
15:21 SMParrish bernie: In the latest dx2 build imageviewer got upgraded.  Thinking that is what is causing the freeze
15:21 bernie: going to revert it and see if that fixes it
15:22 bernie SMParrish: you don't have to roll a new build for this... you could simply uninstall the activity and download the old version from aslo
15:22 SMParrish bernie: thats my plan :)
15:29 alsroot uploaded last imageviewer to aslo as well
15:30 any bug reports are welcome :)
15:37 SMParrish bernie: alsroot it is imageviewer 16 that is causing the issues.  Downgraded to 14 and all is well.  Btw the ability to install previous versions works quite well :)
15:39 alsroot SMParrish: could you share the image that freezes imageviewer
15:41 SMParrish silbe: dx3 still wont go into sugar.  olpc-session unable to find display.    sugar-settings-manager:2813    metacity missing argument for -d
15:41 alsroot: I just took a random picture from the webcam using record and then tried to open it
15:42 alsroot: NZ testers were doing the same and it crashed everytime
15:42 alsroot tries to do the same
15:43 SMParrish bernie: I did talk with David about getting a guruplug for arm work.  They are what Fedora is using for their builders
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15:46 SMParrish <SMParrish!smparrish@fedora/SMParrish> has joined #dextrose
15:46 silbe SMParrish: FWIW, I have very similar hardware (OpenRD-Base) running as my server. The reason I didn't set it up as build slave yet is that I'm uncomfortable with running compute heavy automated tasks as long as I have no way to monitor the temperature.
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15:48 SMParrish silbe: I can understand that.  I have been using my netbook for dextrose builds since my build system died
15:50 silbe if we have some place to put the hardware, I'd suggest to go for an OpenRD (now -Ultimate, no more -Base or -Client) and add a fan for cooling. Makes noise (that's the reason I don't do that), but I wouldn't worry about temperature then.
15:50 *Plug are inside a tight case, so adding a fan to that would be non-trivial.
15:52 alsroot SMParrish: I've managed to reproduce the issue, will fix. it was ok on my box ...
15:53 SMParrish alsroot: Great thanks
16:02 bernie SMParrish: yes, he asked me to buy one
16:02 SMParrish: but i got a free account on an olpc machine
16:02 SMParrish: it's a marvell devel board
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19:33 SMParrish dfarning: bernie Ping.  In the email from the NZ testers was a note that they would like the wikipedia activity added back in.  Any comments one way or the other?
19:54 bernie SMParrish: yeah, and in an article on olpcnews of a couple of days ago they say that teachers would want a refresh of the wikipedia (probably in spanish)
19:54 SMParrish: who could work on it?
19:54 SMParrish: maybe dirakx
19:54 dfarning I have _no_ opinion on activities a deployment should or should not ship.  That is the education side of the project.
20:01 bernie, SMParrish I think that we should ask dirakx to go though tabs' list
20:02 alsroot SMParrish: I've uploaded new imageviewer, also w/ one more, fullscreen related, fix
20:04 silbe SMParrish: what would cause the following error when trying to build DX-3?
20:04 Traceback (most recent call last):
20:04  File "/usr/share/yum-cli/callback.py", line 124, in callback
20:04    fd = os.open(rpmloc, os.O_RDONLY)
20:04 OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/tmp/imgcreate-Urwoeo/install_ro​ot/var/cache/yum/dextrose-dx3/package​s/sugar-0.90.3-2.dx3.fc14.noarch.rpm'
20:04 error: python callback <bound method RPMInstallCallback.callback of <callback.RPMInstallCallback instance at 0xa604bac>> failed, aborting!
20:12 bernie dfarning: +1
20:13 silbe: wtf? who's calling yum from within sugar??
20:14 silbe: oh, never mind. you were *building* dextrose
20:14 silbe: i have seen this sort of crap in the past. disable the code that cleans up the chroot so when the build script dies it leaves it intact.
20:16 SMParrish silbe: I got that error myself earlier.  Just restarted and it worked fine.  Problem with the download from th repo
20:16 alsroot: thanks I'll install it and give it a try
20:17 silbe SMParrish: ok. Shouldn't it fail earlier then, when it can't download the file?
20:19 bernie silbe: yes, it sucks
20:19 SMParrish silbe: It should and usually does.
20:20 bernie silbe: yum is full of bugs of this kind
20:20 silbe so it's yum that isn't aborting, not olpc-os-builder? :-/
20:22 SMParrish dfarning: +1 on dirakx working on tabs list.  Would like to get those issues nailed down and get them a new build to test
20:22 silbe: just a corrupted download I think
20:26 silbe failed again, same error :(
20:26 examples/dextrose3-xo1.ini is the right recipe, isn't it?
20:26 SMParrish silbe  try removing the build directory   that will wipe the cache
20:26 silbe: yes it is
20:29 silbe ok, done. If only olpc-os-builder would honor http_proxy... :(
20:35 SMParrish silbe: bernie  It looks like dx3 is failing because it is unable to find a display. metacity is complaining because it looks like $DISPLAY is not defined
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20:41 silbe SMParrish: yeah, I was trying to get a build running so I could look into that.
20:51 SMParrish silbe: if you cant get it to build you can dl one here http://download.sugarlabs.org/[…]/testing/dx3/xo1/  you will need to .onu and .uim
20:52 silbe SMParrish: I need .tar.lzma instead (external SD card)
20:52 and it failed yet again :(
20:53 SMParrish silbe: the tar.lzma is there as well
20:54 silbe ok, will download. Too bad it's so slow. :(
20:55 hmm, ftp.snt.utwente.nl. Maybe I get lucky this time...
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21:39 silbe SMParrish: os1dg.tree.tar.lzma.md5 contains the full path to os1dg.tree.tar.lzma, including /home/steven/...
21:40 bernie SMParrish: it should be set by olpcdm, i think
21:41 SMParrish: have you tried starting an X session manually with startx + xterm?
21:41 SMParrish: you could also run just X, and then from the console set DISPLAY=:0 and then run an xterm
21:42 SMParrish bernie: I can run startx and it takes me right into a gnome desktop no problems
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23:21 SMParrish alsroot: Just tried the new image viewer and it worked fine
23:22 alsroot SMParrish: good..
23:48 silbe Good night!

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