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#dextrose, 2011-01-20

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21:48 SMParrish silbe: ping.   Tried applying the dx3 patch set to 0.90.3 and many failures
21:50 silbe SMParrish: which one exactly?
21:58 SMParrish: just tried; there are two patches that don't apply cleanly using "patch -p1". I'll look into it, but you can ignore those failures for now (it only affects text files, not source files).
21:58 SMParrish silbe: So far #'s 11 13-15  thats where I stopped working on it.
21:59 silbe SMParrish: I guess those text files got modified during the tarball creation process.
22:00 SMParrish: FWIW, this is what I used for applying the patches:
22:00 rm -rf sugar-0.90.3 ; tar -xjf sugar-0.90.3.tar.bz2 && ( cd sugar-0.90.3 && for x in ../sugar-dx3-20110117/*.patch ; do echo "$x" ; patch -p1 < "$x" ; done ) 2>&1 |less
22:01 SMParrish: that's odd, 13-15 apply cleanly for me. How do you apply them?
22:02 SMParrish silbe: Well I am trying to build like I would a normal RPM, modifying the spec file and let the build system do the work
22:04 silbe SMParrish: How does rpm apply patches then?
22:05 SMParrish: just to make sure: did it try the patches in exact order?
22:07 SMParrish silbe: I created the spec file to apply then in correct order.  patch sytax it is using is  patch -p1 -s < patch_file
22:08 silbe SMParrish: that should do exactly the same as my shell snippet then. :-/
22:08 SMParrish: can you upload the spec somewhere so I can try to reproduce?
22:08 SMParrish silbe: sure
22:11 silbe SMParrish: or maybe some temporary branch in the dextrose repo
22:14 SMParrish silbe: spec is here http://tuxbrewr.fedorapeople.org/sugar.spec
22:14 silbe: and here is the build log if it helps http://tuxbrewr.fedorapeople.org/build.log
22:15 silbe: I disabled the one patch Fedora had already applied just in case that was the cause.  Going to try it your way and see if it works
22:17 silbe SMParrish: how did you get errors in #13-#15? Did you skip #11 entirely? That would explain it...
22:20 SMParrish silbe: when 11 failed I skipped it to see what else would fail
22:20 silbe SMParrish: ok, that explains why other patches would fail. They are based on the previous patch (an invasive style fix-up).
22:21 SMParrish silbe: ok so its just 11 I need to get working and the others will fall into place
22:22 silbe SMParrish: 11 and one other, yep. I'll compare the failing files from the tarball with the repo and will probably include a patch that undoes the changes in the tarball.
22:25 SMParrish: ah, the files are simply missing from the tarball.
22:31 SMParrish: ok, worked. Will create an updated patch set.
22:31 SMParrish silbe: files missing from the patchset or sugar tarball
22:34 silbe SMParrish: BTW, you'll probably have a better time by applying the entire patch set in a scripted way in the spec (in %prep) rather than adding each individual patch. When I rearrange patches (e.g. because they got merged upstream), the entire order in the patch set will change.
22:34 SMParrish: missing from the tarball. It's internal documentation, deemed uninteresting to "users".
22:37 SMParrish: http://people.sugarlabs.org/~s[…]3-20110120.tar.gz
22:37 SMParrish: 0000-add-missing-files.patch got added, no other changes.
22:38 SMParrish silbe: thanks.  will look into moving the patch work into the %prep.  Have to break myself from always having to do things the Fedora way :)
22:42 silbe SMParrish: :) don't know about Fedora, but back at my Gentoo days (as a user, not a maintainer) I've seen quite a few packages use patch set tarballs.
22:43 SMParrish: you can send me an email if you need anything else. Got to go to bed now, have to get up in less than 6 hours. :-/
22:43 Good night!
22:43 SMParrish Night and thanks again
22:44 silbe yw :)
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