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#dextrose, 2011-01-18

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Time Nick Message
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13:34 SMParrish bernie: Ping
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15:03 bernie SMParrish: pong
15:04 SMParrish bernie: Good morning.  You asked me to ping you when I was online.  How's everything in Boston this morning
15:22 dirakx failling to install dextrose2 build on an X0-1,5
15:23 m_anish dirakx, is your md5 checksum of the downloaded image fine?
15:23 bernie SMParrish: snowy :)
15:24 SMParrish: first of all, can you pls help dirakx with the dx + gnome image? see his post to the list
15:25 dirakx m_anish: the download seems o.k i tried twice ..
15:25 SMParrish bernie: Yes I can
15:25 bernie SMParrish: im typing reall y slow, cause i have RSI or worse
15:25 m_anish dirakx, can you check the md5 once to confirm :)
15:26 SMParrish bernie: np I understand.  I have it too
15:26 m_anish: dirakx  If you are trying to load on a 1.5 there is no crc file  just a .zd
15:27 bernie SMParrish: the other question from y'day was:
15:27 <bernie> SMParrish: would you like to work on a dextrose for virtualbox build? shouldn't take much time
15:27 <bernie> SMParrish: a lot of people are asking us...
15:27 dirakx f01b80afa605c99e08967ae27c2dfdab  os437dg.zd
15:27 here is the checksum.
15:28 SMParrish: ^
15:28 SMParrish bernie: Yes I can work on that.  Should just need stock kernel and Sugar with our non-xo specific patches
15:29 dirakx virtualbox builds are necessary ;).
15:31 first i though..this was a downloading error. but..
15:32 bernie SMParrish: our sugar may still work well on non-xo hw
15:33 SMParrish: we also need a bunch of X drivers
15:33 SMParrish: so we could create dextrose2-virt.ini ?
15:34 SMParrish dirakx: md5 I get is 93caadf1e7c12ca61ad00715865dbc38  and file size is  520936787
15:34 dirakx SMParrish: ok ..that seems fine. let me try again.
15:36 SMParrish bernie: which X drivers do we need?  Fedora should have just about everything
15:36 dirakx ok downloading from  http://download.sugarlabs.org/[…]5/intl/os437dg.zd
15:50 bernie SMParrish: testing what's needed for virtualbox
15:55 dirakx ''newbie'' question this dx2 build has sugar 0.9 compatibility ? .
15:56 SMParrish dirakx: dx2 is based on Fedora 14 and Sugar 0.88  but does have some parts of 0.90 backported
15:57 dirakx SMParrish: great thanks.
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16:49 dirakx <dirakx!rafael@> has joined #dextrose
16:50 dirakx having the same issue..
16:50 i suspect is my usb key failling someway.
16:54 SMParrish: can you confirm to me the md5sum ? .
16:56 SMParrish dirakx: 93caadf1e7c12ca61ad00715865dbc38 is what I got with md5sum
16:57 bernie: Ping  did you use a script to generate your changelog for 438 or did you do it by hand?
16:58 dirakx SMParrish: I'm getting 80575b1ec51c347c15ec215529353432 497M  os437dg.zd
16:58 bernie SMParrish: i diffed the packages and activities files manually.
16:58 dirakx this should be fine..isn't it ? .
16:58 suspects off the USB key.
16:58 bernie SMParrish: there's a script too, written by bertf, but I haven't adapted it to dextrose. would you like to do it?
16:59 SMParrish: http://people.sugarlabs.org/be[…]1-announce.tar.gz
17:00 SMParrish bernie: yes I'll work add it to my todo list.  Will make life easier for us when doing builds
17:06 bernie SMParrish: yeah. thanks
17:12 SMParrish bernie: did I hear you say you had gotten a classmate PC?
17:21 bernie SMParrish: i have a CM2 and a CM3.
17:21 SMParrish: i haven't done much with them yet
17:21 SMParrish: i borrowed them from walter
17:27 SMParrish bernie: Ok, let me know what you think of them.  Going to eventually have to get Dextrose onto them
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18:23 SMParrish m_anish: can you send me an email with the names of the additional activites you added to the py build.  Want to see if we should include any of them in the standard build
20:05 dirakx bernie: the  sum is different no matter how many times i've tried.
20:11 SMParrish dirakx: I just uploaded a new build with gnome   http://download.sugarlabs.org/[…]5/intl/os439dg.zd   try that one
20:11 dirakx SMParrish: nice..
20:11 i'll try then.
20:14 downloading
20:23 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
20:23 bernie SMParrish: which days are you staying in tempe?
20:24 dfarning: i'm booking for fudcon
20:24 dfarning bernie excellent
20:24 SMParrish bernie: I'm arriving Friday and leaving Tuesday morning.  It actually starts Saturday morning
20:27 bernie dfarning: $239 ok?
20:27 SMParrish: i've found a cheap and convenient flight landing on Sat 11:10am
20:27 SMParrish: do you plan to go visit the grand canyon?
20:28 dfarning bernie you suck:)  Because I live in a small town the cost of a ticket is over twice as much
20:29 bernie, yes that is fine
20:29 SMParrish bernie: No wont have time for it :(
20:31 bernie: dfarning new build of dextrose going out today.  Inlcudes all of the patches anish recently commited and built into Sugar
20:31 dfarning SMParrish, nice
20:32 bernie SMParrish: cool
20:33 SMParrish: pls rsync all files in build/output
20:33 SMParrish: rsync -aP build/output download.sugarlabs.org:/upload/dextrose/.../
20:33 SMParrish: rsync -aP build/output download.sugarlabs.org:/upload/dextrose/.../
20:33 SMParrish: rsync -aP build/output/ download.sugarlabs.org:/upload/dextrose/.../
20:34 SMParrish: the third one is the good one :-)
20:34 SMParrish bernie: I did, made sure to include all the files.
20:35 bernie: just need to finish the 1.5 minus gnome build and do the changelog
20:37 bernie SMParrish: i think there's no need to do both gnome and non-gnome... it doesn't make that much of a difference for testers
20:38 SMParrish: i'm ok with doing just the gnome builds if you prefer, as long as we don't commit to support it.
20:39 SMParrish bernie: Its no trouble to do them both, and I agree no support for them atm.  I will make sure to include that disclaimer
20:40 bernie SMParrish: hehe, we have good bandwidth in the US. it was a pain the ass back when I was working from paraguay :-)
20:43 SMParrish bernie: I can imagine.  Also helps that the machines are in the same datacenter
20:44 bernie SMParrish: ah, you build on the dextrose vm... i prefer to build on my own laptop so i can test immediately.
20:48 SMParrish bernie: Its a quick download and my build server at home is out of commission atm
20:56 bernie dfarning, SMParrish: ok, booked. I'll arrive on Sat at noon. more or less
20:59 SMParrish bernie: which hotel are you staying at?
20:59 bernie SMParrish: not booked yet
20:59 SMParrish: where should i book?
21:00 SMParrish bernie: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki[…]empe_2011#Lodging  the marriott is where most of us are.  Free airport shuttle and walking distance to the venue
21:02 bernie: Have to run get the wife.  Back later
21:04 bernie SMParrish: bye
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