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#dextrose, 2011-01-11

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01:03 SMParrish bernie:  If you will have the time on 28jan-31jan would be good to have you at FUDCon.  I am going to be talking with Chris Tyler about Fedora ARM which we will need for the XO-1.75 and having you there would probably be good.  We are going to need to setup an ARM buildsystem for dextrose.
02:09 bernie SMParrish: yes, it would be great
02:09 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
02:09 bernie SMParrish: I can't prepare a talk, but I'd definitely want to participate in the ARM SIG and the Sugar SIG
02:26 SMParrish bernie: well if you have the time David said he would cover it $ wise.
02:28 bernie: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Tempe_2011
02:30 bernie: and we are going to have to get a few guru plugs I think to help our arm work
02:30 bernie: that is what the ARM SIG is using for their build system
02:31 m_anish bernie, SMParrish stupid ques, would you like to have dextrose-2 instead of dextrose splattered on the py builds?
02:32 SMParrish m_anish: IMO yes,  will be helpful especially when we start having Dextrose 3 builds
02:32 m_anish SMParrish,  ok :)
02:33 SMParrish m_anish: and its not a stupid question :)
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02:33 m_anish :)
02:37 dfarning SMParrish, how is PMing/Building going?  I can imagin that when you were working alone you felt like you were drowning:(  now between you, m_anish, and bernie it sounds fun... at least from the IRC logs:)
02:38 SMParrish dfarning: You're right, it is much better not being alone in this endeavor.  Its great to have others to help and bounce ideas off of.  Also nice to be on the forefront of development.
02:40 dfarning SMParrish, I also continue to forget that you can fly for free.  Are there conferences or events that would be useful for AC to be at?
02:44 SMParrish dfarning: thats a good question.  General linux conferences would be good for recruiting and getting the word out about what we are doing.  Will become more important as we add non XO options to our offerings.
02:45 dfarning: did you see the info on the xo-1.75 that came out at CES.  Looks like a nice machine but its going to be a totally different beast to develop for
02:45 dfarning m_anish, are you happy with your todo list and feedback,fix, finished product?  I am going to send a batch of personal emails to all of the developers who have worked on Sugar/OLPC in the past to see if we can re-invigorate them with the quick turn around we are starting to achive.
02:47 SMParrish, I have followed things a bit.  But I don't understand the situation enough.  I depend almost entirely on conversations with Bernie to get us pointed in the right direction.
02:47 SMParrish m_anish: are you still planning on a dextrose-py build tomorrow?
02:48 m_anish dfarning, yep, happy but cautious. i'd be _happier_ if we got around to testing more.
02:48 SMParrish, yep, currently testing out the changes
02:48 SMParrish dfarning: its going to be a 10 inch touchscreen tablet device so Sugar and all its activities will have to be modified to work in a touch based environment, and with the new screen
02:49 dfarning m_anish, ok, I'll start sending out the invites.
02:50 SMParrish, I saw that bit.  We will need to cordinate with OLPC on User Interface development.
02:50 SMParrish m_anish: great, I'll take a look at your patches to the Sugar RPM once you push them.
02:51 m_anish SMParrish, ok
02:51 dfarning, great
02:52 SMParrish dfarning: yes so a good UI person will be a must have.  I a working on a new boot animation for Dextrose that will reflect that it is a World Edition, ie.  for more than just 1 country.  Do you want to include an  ActivityCentral logo on it.  The current one just has SugarDextrose on it.
02:54 dfarning SMParrish, I am the last person to ask about branding:-/ the only thing I worry about is that the developers and decision makers at deployments trust us.
03:19 SMParrish Ok calling it a night.  Having an ice storm here so hoping to still have power when I wake up :)
03:20 SMParrish is now known as SMParrish_away
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12:17 alsroot m_anish: I've CCed to dextrose@ request to include GeoGebtra (java based non-native activity), might be useful to include it to upcomming dx-2
12:19 http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]/sugar/addon/4284
12:21 at least might be useful to include jre to standard dx distribution (there are selveral java based activities on ASL).. and if jre is included, including GeoGebra should not be a problem
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12:34 m_anish alsroot, interesting! I have a list given by the edu team detailing the activities they want installed and those they want removed...
12:36 alsroot heh
12:36 maybe because it is not so fast on XO-1
12:37 m_anish heh
12:37 alsroot, btw, what jre would you recommend, there sun jre, then iced tea (if i got the name right), there might be 1-2 more
12:39 alsroot m_anish: I tried it w/ jre that comes w/ debian, I guess it was openjdk-6
12:40 I think it is the same as IcedTea
12:40 m_anish alsroot, ok, did u also happen to try on an xo?
12:40 alsroot m_anish: yup, it is usable, in some meaning, but of course is not so fast
12:41 m_anish alsroot, okay
12:44 alsroot, ok, i've added to dx2/todo :)
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12:55 dfarning m_anish, is everything on track for today?
12:56 m_anish dfarning, ya :)
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15:35 dfarning basic.
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18:46 bernie I'm going to drop off this channel to reduce the number of irc windows I have to follow. find me on #sugar
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