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#dextrose, 2011-01-10

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13:07 tch anuragc_afk, bernie: did you included the patches 1. killing the NamingAlert (dialog) and 2. globalkeys for to toggle the touchpad mode?
13:07 anuragc_afk: ops, m_anish_afk ^^
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13:36 alsroot m_anish: tch: what about including the patch that prevents downgrading, tch ported to 0.88? I need it to simplify sugar version check implemnetation
13:38 tch tch: oh yeah.. i commited that patch to the list too..
13:38 m_anish, alsroot: ^
13:38 m_anish tch, and it got upstreamed!
13:38 alsroot m_anish: you can grab the patch from dextrose@ (last copy)
13:38 tch m_anish: we need to check with SMParrish if he already included it
13:38 alsroot checked it
13:40 m_anish alsroot, okay, will backport
13:41 will try to do all committing ... backporting today, needs to roll out build tomorrow
13:41 tch m_anish:  I already backported it
13:41 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
13:42 tch alsroot, m_anish: I backported it to 0.88 and sent it to the dextrose list
13:42 m_anish tch, :)
13:43 tch m_anish: and i think SMParrish already added it to the build.. but i am not sure..
13:43 m_anish, alsroot: weeks ago
13:45 m_anish: just make sure you get the last patch in the ml thread
13:46 m_anish tch, you mean that its in dx/mainline and I need to check that it was the latest version on @dextrose?
13:47 tch m_anish: that would be good too, i just not sure if SMParrish did include it or not
13:48 m_anish tch, k
13:48 dfarning is now known as dfarning_afk
13:50 tch m_anish: apparently he did not include it
13:50 m_anish tch, okay
13:50 will test n commit
13:57 tch, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Dextrose/2/Todo added here (you=owner) but (me=committer)
14:00 tch m_anish: great, did you find the patch at the dextrose list?
14:00 m_anish tch, yeah, i did
14:00 tch m_anish: perfect
14:05 SMParrish Good morning all
14:05 m_anish SMParrish, hola!
14:06 SMParrish m_anish: Hiya.  So what have I missed these past weeks?
14:07 m_anish SMParrish, how big's your pending mail count :P?
14:07 SMParrish m_anish: still got a bit to sort through
14:10 m_anish: the last thing I was working on was getting the patch for installing older versions of activites on 0.88
14:11 m_anish SMParrish, in the past few days, we've went over the dx/2 (which py will use) todo-list and dx/3...
14:11 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Dextrose/2/Todo
14:11 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Dextrose/3/Todo
14:12 SMParrish, you should catch silbe et al on IRC sometime to discuss dx/3 TODO's
14:12 SMParrish, for the time being, i'll be committing patches to dx/mainline... I have some in m queue already
14:14 s/m/my/
14:14 SMParrish m_anish: Are you building Sugar locally for py or have your patches been committed to the Dextrose git repo?
14:14 m_anish SMParrish, they haven't been so far, I was planning o do that today, since _all_ of them are dx/upstreamble
14:15 SMParrish m_anish: and is there anything you are doing for py that we should not include in the world Dextrose.
14:15 m_anish SMParrish, not that I know of yet
14:15 SMParrish m_anish: For dx2 I think we are the upstream so I assume what you have been doing was for 0.90 and will need to be backported to 0.88
14:16 tch m_anish, SMParrish: please make sure you add these patches i already commited to the dextrose list: 1) NameAlert being optional, 2) Hotkeys for changing touchpad mode, 3) Downgrade activities
14:16 m_anish needs to add (1) to dx2/todo
14:16 SMParrish m_anish: Ok will add those today, just have to check with bernie 1st to make sure he has committed any pending changes to the build system
14:17 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
14:17 SMParrish bernie: Ping
14:18 m_anish SMParrish, there are a few things (like the above) + yum updater + tch notification, that i'd like to upstream(dx2/mainline), they don't really need backporting, and have been tested with dx2 builds on an xo.
14:19 SMParrish, I was planning to do that today, I need to roll a build for py tomorrow... after that you can take over if you want
14:20 SMParrish m_anish: just did a git pull and looks like 3 patches were added,  simple/improve message notification and yum updater notification
14:21 m_anish: sounds like a good plan.  I'll hold off and updating the build system on my end until I hear from you and you commit your changes
14:21 m_anish SMParrish, bernie committed them.
14:21 SMParrish, yeah, +1
14:23 tch SMParrish, m_anish: there is also an important script you need to add the xo1 build, i wrote it so we can re-disable the mesh after suspend
14:24 the script is also at the dextrose ml
14:24 SMParrish m_anish: By chance have you made a custom olpc-boot-anim for py   If not might be a good idea, Include ParaguayEduca logo maybe
14:24 m_anish SMParrish, not yet, but in dx2/todo list :)
14:25 SMParrish m_anish: can you pull that patch from tch off the ml and include it in your build and updates
14:25 m_anish tch, okay
14:25 SMParrish, okay
14:25 tch :D
14:25 m_anish tch, 'redisable mesh after suspend' is dx2/mainline item as well, right?
14:25 SMParrish, ^
14:26 tch m_anish: we did not mention it, but it is important..
14:26 m_anish: otherwise the mesh will re activate after suspend,
14:27 m_anish tch, okay!
15:24 bernie <tch> anuragc_afk, bernie: did you included the patches 1. killing the NamingAlert (dialog) and 2. globalkeys for to toggle the touchpad mode?
15:25 tch: I don't think so. I included only the patches that anish sent me during the meeting
15:25 tch: pls resend me any patches that you wanted included.
15:27 SMParrish: I've already pushed everything
15:27 SMParrish: I had forgotten to push the tags (git push --tags), now I did
15:34 SMParrish bernie: thanks.
15:37 bernie: are you going to FUDCon?
15:59 bernie SMParrish: not sure... if there's funding
16:01 SMParrish bernie: Think funding is all gone :(
16:01 tch has quit IRC
16:07 bernie SMParrish: well, better luck another time. I'm al ittle too stretched lately
16:08 SMParrish bernie: I understand how that can be
16:09 dfarning SMParrish, bernie is there anything significant that bernie could accomplish in at FUDcon?
16:11 SMParrish dfarning: bernie, talking with peter and sebastian  and maybe with the fedora arm folks
16:17 dfarning SMParrish, bernie is at work -- and needs to stay off IRC.  Can you follow up with him tonight about the value of him going?  AC can pay if necessary.
16:18 SMParrish dfarning: Yes I'll do that
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