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#dextrose, 2011-01-09

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Time Nick Message
00:00 m_anish wow 125 KB/s, maybe the router knows its downloading anime
00:03 tch haha..
00:16 m_anish bernie, what do you think of the movie 'the holy mountain'?
00:23 tch bernie: just watches the first episode, the creator must have used drugs while creating the visuals.. lol
00:23 bernie: looks good tho lol
00:24 bernie m_anish: this one? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071615/
00:24 tch: yes, it's all out of focus :-)
00:24 tch: I like the musics
00:24 tch: except for the title song in engLish
00:24 tch haha
00:24 bernie: the creatures are pretty weird too
00:25 m_anish bernie, yeah, than one!
00:26 scs says, from the creator of el topo
00:35 starts to watch mushishi_11_the_mountain_sleeps.avi
00:52 bernie tch: which ep are you watching?
00:52 m_anish: el topo was a great movie. which one does he like, the old one or the new one? surely the old one
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01:10 m_anish bernie, that anime was pretty good, do you have the next ep in series :)
01:13 tch, ^^
01:20 tch use my link to watch it online
01:23 m_anish bernie, tch btw, itaipu stiched panorama :) http://people.sugarlabs.org/anish/itaipu.png
01:24 tch, ok
02:00 bernie m_anish: why png?
02:00 tch has quit IRC
02:00 bernie m_anish: is it a composed pic?
02:00 m_anish bernie, stiched multiple jpegs and highly reduced in size... cud be jpeg if u want
02:01 bernie http://codewiz.org/wiki/pictur[…]t/paraguay/itaipu
02:02 m_anish bernie, wow, we didn't actually go inside the facility
02:02 was more like a drive by ... they drove us over and around the thing
02:03 bernie, iguazu was way cooler though :)
02:19 bernie m_anish: can you rename the TODO-temp page to TODO/Dextrose2?
02:20 m_anish: hehe, I have also iquazu:
02:20 http://codewiz.org/wiki/pictur[…]t/paraguay/iguazu
02:20 http://codewiz.org/wiki/pictur[…]/paraguay/iguazu2
02:20 m_anish bernie, i've to make changes to the content as well, will change name with content
02:22 bernie m_anish: ok. I'm writing a release announcement and uploading the image to sunjammer
02:23 m_anish bernie, okay, i'm hooked to mushishi, will update wiki soon
02:23 bernie m_anish: probably, we want to do it backwards:
02:24 Dextrose/2/Todo
02:24 Dextrose/2/Roadmap
02:24 ...
02:24 m_anish bernie, ahh, that looks better
02:24 bernie m_anish: if you want more eps, I could upload them
02:24 m_anish bernie, follwing tch link seeing online
02:25 bernie m_anish: ok, I'll move the changelog
02:35 satellit_ has quit IRC
03:58 bernie m_anish: I moved the page
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