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#dextrose, 2010-11-18

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Time Nick Message
00:22 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@diabetes-3.media.mit.edu> has joined #dextrose
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00:23 meeting * Translation has started for None
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10:02 alsroot <alsroot!~alsroot@pdpc/supporter/active/antilopa-gnu> has joined #dextrose
13:39 SMParrish_mobile <SMParrish_mobile!~Android@> has joined #dextrose
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14:06 alsroot <alsroot!~alsroot@pdpc/supporter/active/antilopa-gnu> has joined #dextrose
16:53 alsroot dfarning: ping
16:59 SMParrish: ping
17:05 SMParrish_mobile alsroot  pong
17:07 alsroot SMParrish_mobile: I've finished extensive codding for multi-lang support for IRC and can start working on yum updater stuff -- I guess it depends on what is sufficient solution (maybe dfarning can help here), if running `yum update` will be enough, then, as you pointed, it is easy - just having dextorse repo and calling yum from the cron job
17:10 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #dextrose
17:10 tch hiho
17:10 alsroot:concerning this  http://people.sugarlabs.org/~t[…]Screenshot-31.png
17:10 alsroot: as i was mentioning, i have been looking for clean'ish method to remove it
17:11 alsroot tch: is "Wiki batt.." a hyper link?
17:11 tch alsroot: yep
17:12 alsroot tch: I think there is no way to remove round borders then, but you can move-to-other-widget/disable focus, so you won't see this border
17:12 SMParrish_mobile IMO that's all it should take.  all activities get updated through aslo  and fedora will have no more updates so we just have to disable and enable repos to make it work
17:13 tch SMParrish_mobile: not into that topic, but +1 on that,
17:14 alsroot SMParrish_mobile: so we can have a repo with name eg "dextrose-core" (if we don't have activities installed from packages, then just "dextrose"), and run yum update from cron exactly for this repo
17:14 means that there is not need in any coding
17:15 SMParrish_mobile exactly right
17:17 alsroot SMParrish_mobile: so, we just need to ask people who prepare dextrose images to add this cron job :) /me doesn't know much about dextrose procedures
17:17 SMParrish_mobile and we already have a repo that we use when building dextrose, so can either use it or create a new updates repo
17:17 i create the images so i can take care of it
17:40 rralcala <rralcala!~rralcala@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #dextrose
17:40 rralcala Hi everyone
17:45 tch SMParrish_mobile, alsroot: rralcala is the new techology CEO from Paraguay Educa, hes interested in participating on the updater topic :)
17:46 alsroot rralcala: hi
17:46 rralcala tch: SMParrish: alsroot: Yes, very interested actually
17:47 tch alsroot: could you explain to roberto what our plans for the updater so far? :)
17:48 alsroot rralcala: if I got it right, the purpose was about having sugar packages updated implicitly ?
17:48 rralcala: sorry, s/implicitly/explicitly/
17:48 hmm.. implicitly I guess, at the end :)
17:50 rralcala alsroot: What were needing is something that automatically updates any package from a, for example, deployment repo
17:51 alsroot: The main idea is to minimize the mass deployments because is a very hard task to accomplish
17:51 alsroot: Also, my english needs excercise, sorry about that.
17:52 alsroot rralcala: is there a big need in interaction with a user of XO? it might be done w/o any asking/tracking from the user's side
17:53 rralcala alsroot: The only thing that we need is to notify the child about the need to restart the system if required. Everything else is not important
17:53 alsroot rralcala: ok, I guess it might be implemented in rally fast way, we just need to ask SMParrish_mobile :)
17:53 s/rally/really/
17:54 rralcala: he is responsible for dextrose packaging
17:55 rralcala alsroot: The updates will be available in the "deployment repo" if people from Develompent and Education agree, so I don't think that the child should take care of what to choose.
17:56 alsroot rralcala: thanks, I think I got it
17:57 rralcala alsroot: If there is anything that I may help just contact me.
17:58 alsroot rralcala: will do
18:00 tch: I guess we need to listen for system bus messages (here need to reboot sent from cron task)
18:00 tch: since you are taking care about notification, it is your task :)
18:01 ..if we don't have it already, /me looks
18:08 tch alsroot: we already do,
18:09 alsroot: actually i am trying to implement it fully now
18:09 alsroot: well.. not fullt but as much as we can use :)
18:10 alsroot: btw, i fixed the border problem, it was simpler than i thought i was remove the focus from the palette.. and it worked.. (whos gonna give my lost hours back :()
18:11 s/i was/i
18:12 alsroot ok, looks like there is no need in my work in case of "yum updater", I can back to 0sugar work then :)
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19:39 rralcala <rralcala!~rralcala@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #dextrose
20:52 rralcala has left #dextrose
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